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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Invention!

Modern technology reaches out on the adults, too especially those who are handicapped. I love that they can go anywhere and do whatever they want to using scooter, as well as stairway lifts. I have seen this on television and I think this is very useful. Whoever invented this is a genius! The only thing I am sad about this is that, only people with good medical insurance can afford to buy this. My parents will not be able to avail of this because they do not have medical insurance. But pretty sure my in - laws and even me and my husband will enjoy this when we get old and gray, lol.  Seriously,  my grandmother could have used it when she was still alive. She could have enjoyed her old age going places instead of being tied up on her bed. Oh well, she is in a safe and happy place now together with her husband.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My One Hungry Little Boy!

While I was wrapping egg rolls for a friend at church tomorrow, Jacob was watching me while he was doing his workbook. He couldn't help but drool, lol. It was making him hungry. So I made him a turon instead for I don't have extra egg roll to give him. He gobbled it in no time. Such a silly and hungry boy. Love him to pieces though :-).

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Musical Presentation at Baptismal Service

During one of our friend's daughter baptism, the program included some musical presentation from both sides of their families. Four lovely and talented women used their own musical instruments as they perform at that especial event of Allison's life. I really like the sound of  flugelhorn, piano, flute and harp. I just wished that I could play at least one musical instruments when I was still young. Oh well, maybe m son would learn to play piano and flugelhorn. Who know, right?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looking for A New Home

A family  friend from church are moving soon in Ohio. All in the church are very sad. They have lived in TX for almost least five years now and we will sure miss them all. Anyway, her husband is already working in Ohio working for Boeing company. Their house is on the market, and they are hoping it will be sold soon. I wonder if they've looked for a
home from I heard that this team can find your dream home in almost all states. Plus they were recommended. How cool is that!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Friend Who Loves Music

A friend of mine back home is a real good musician. He can play piano, guitar, and most band musical instruments. He can also sing, too! Because of his love for music, he formed a band together with his friends with him as a lead singer. They do well as a group, and so they perform on stage most of the time. I realized that the band also stand out when the stage lighting is right just. You can watch them perform well. I would like to see them perform again when I go visit my folks in the near future. I am pretty sure their band still performs awesome.