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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Nieces are Geat Musicians

We have a barely used guitar here in our house. I don't really know what we were thinking when we bought this guitar because none f us know how to play it. Now,  nobody uses it, but the bedroom of our 8 year old boy who likes to strum it every once in a while. Since we don't use it anymore, I decided to give it to my nieces who love to play guitar. But before I give it to them, I think of replacing the string with  elixir strings. I am pretty they would be ecstatic just the thought, lol. I love my talented musician nieces. And I would never regret giving the guitar to them because it will be worth ever penny.

We Love Living in a Semi Country Neighborhood

The good thing about building your own house is that you get to pick everything you want for your house. I love that we have upgraded all the standard stuffs the builder put and installed inside our house. We get to pick the carpet, appliances, insulation,window panel, and even the whole house hepa filter system was installed. Yes, we do care about our health, too that is why we have this filter installed. It's been 4 years and we still love our new house. It's got everything we want and need. Built in a quiet, friendly and safe environment, we could never ask for more. We love living in a semi country neighborhood!

Never to Travel Again with a Toddler

During one of our visits to my folks in the Philippines, my son and I had a bad experienced at the airport. I was traveling alone with a then 2 year old toddler. With all the hand carries and stroller not to mention the luggage the we checked in, I was overwhelmed and tired. The crying toddler who was almost got on the airport conveyor! I was so nervous. Good thing there were kind people who helped me pull my son out of the luggage conveyor. After that incident, I told myself that I will never travel overseas again without my husband. It was like a nightmare!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A New Magazine for Smokers

My father has been smoking for as long as I can remember. We know smoking is not good for your health, but still many people smoke still just like my father. We did the best we could to talk him into "don't smoke anymore" but to no avail. Even his doctor advised him to stop otherwise he will have problem with his lung. Maybe reading about the damage smoking can do for his health on  cigar magazine ipad would finally open his eyes, and eventually quit smoking. I would be happy to buy him one if that's the only way we can convince him how bad smoking it is for his lung.

A New Business Venture

My brother just informed us of his wife's new business, and I am so excited about it. I just hope that this time, her small business will succeed. Before, they lost a lot of money because of her unsuccessful business and we don't want that to happen again. I have a good feeling that this one will going to be different from the other businesses she have had. Her new business is selling homemade snacks. I think that if she uses flyers or brochure for her business and its menus, then many people will know what exactly she is selling. Buying wholesale brochure printing is another way to advertise her business and the products she will be selling.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Electric Guitar for Our Son

We have a regular old fashioned guitar that my son plays with every once in awhile. Sometimes, he plays his toy electric guitar, but my husband wanted to get rid of it because it is very loud! I told him that it's a toy; what would you expect? I just wish that there is gibson les paul studio here in Texas, that way we can buy one for our son. If the toy one is gone, then it needs a replacement, don't you think? I don't understand why he bought it for our son in the fist place, if he's the first one to get rid of it. On my husband, you are lucky, I love you, lol.