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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Dream Log House

It is my dream that one day to own a log house up in the mountain. Maybe when we retire that dream will finally materialize. I would like to retire on a quiet and peaceful place away from busy city life. That house should have at least three bedroom, two baths and a big kitchen with stainless steel sink. Talking about kitchen sink, I know a place that sell quality made and yet affordable stainless steel sinks. They offer different style of sinks that would cater everyone's need. I for one couldn't wait to install one of their sinks in our new house for I don't really like the sink installed by the contractor, but since it is standard and we don't need to pay extra for it, we decided to keep it for now, then replace it later.

How to Get Rid of Pimples

Last week while talking to my niece online, she mentioned about her colleague who was selling a certain multivitamins that is made in United States. I asked her what brand it was, but when she said it...I didn't even recognize that name. When I checked it online, I realized that it was very expensive; no wonder why it is not popular at all! According to the website, it is very effective and safe. And so, I told her that I'll just buy it here...for it is cheaper here than in the Philippines. Since her webcam is available, I can see that she can use a cream to get rid of her pimples. I was waiting for her to ask me how to get rid of pimples, but she didn't say a thing. I would like to offer help, but I don't want to offend her. So I didn't say anything. Maybe she was embarrass or was shy to ask.

We Miss that Car!

Three years ago back in VA, we own a Honda Element which we liked so much. We drove it wherever we go, from camping, running errands, work, church and a long drive to visit my brother in-law and his family. We really enjoyed it a lot. We even thought of getting honda portable generators because we plan on keeping the car for a long time. But due to hubby's work, we have to moved back to TX and sell some of our belongings and that includes the Honda Element. We didn't want to sell it, but we have no choice, but to keep the van instead. To this day, every time I see a Honda Element passing by, I can't help but miss that old car. I wished we can buy one again someday.

First Grade Musical Presentation

Two weeks ago, we have witnessed our son's first musical presentation at school. His class presented a song "Safari So Goody." They talked about animals in the jungle. Each one of them has something to say about animals, facts and etc... Jacob's part was about Zebra. Anyway, I say that they they a good job! They all sang well and recited their parts well. I took few photos of them, but since we couldn't get in front...this was the closest I got. Next time, I will try to go in front so I can capture better pictures than these.

During the presentation....they are all so cute!
After the presentation with his friends, Ryan and Zack.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cool Playground Equipment

This morning, hubby and I decided to walk in the park after grocery shopping. We went to a nearby park and walked for 30 minutes. It was a good walk for the weather was really nice. On the way home, we talked about taking our son to the park so he could play at the playground. Jacob loves that park and playground for it's got cool commercial playground equipment. Even hubby and I played there before. I wished the playground in the community where we live has this cool playground equipment, too! I am pretty sure the kids in our neighborhood would really enjoy playing at the playground. No wonder why a lot of parents and kids goes to the nearby park instead the ones that is within our community.

The Employee Came Late

About two weeks ago, my in-laws were here for their annual visit with us. Normally when they are here with us, they like to go out visiting museums, arboretum, lakes and malls. But lately, they just want to stay home and hang out with us. They will just read books and newspapers; that's all! This visit, they just went out with us when it is time to buy a new computer to replace their old ones. And so, we went to Office Depot and got great deals on computer. We then afterward, went to Costco to get some groceries. When we were checking out using the self check out counter, it happened that there was no employee to assists us. The barcode scanners are not working for the barcode of the muffins couldn't read by the scanner itself; we need a barcode scanner that needs to be clicked. And since there was nobody to assists us, we decided to leave the muffins out. Just when we were done paying, the employee came to help us out, too bad she was already too late. That muffin though looks yummy!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jake MIsses His Grandparents

Well, it has been a busy week for us. My in-laws were here visiting us for four days. Prior to that, I was in so much stress. With all the things going on, it was so hard to clean the house and plan meals that they will love. Yup, they are one of those people who are not a fan of Asian foods, and so I can not cook Filipino or Chinese foods for that matter. Good thing I was able to served them foods that they love like the brussel sprout which my father in-law favorite and some collard greens that they craved. My mother in-law on the other hand loved the braised beef I made; she even asked for a recipe! Indeed, I made their stay enjoyable. I love to see my MIL read to Jacob and my FIL plays with Jacob. It was a treat for Jacob when they come visit us....for he misses them so much! This summer, Jacob will have a chance of visiting my parents and I am so excited. I couldn't wait till it's June so we can fly back to my native land.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Search for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Last year hubby and I thought about changing the outdoor lighting fixtures of our house. We both didn't like the one we chose at the showroom during our visit there for some upgrade to our newly built house. We went looking for an outdoor lighting fixtures at the home improvements store but we didn't find anything that suit our taste and at the same time that will fit the light that is already installed. It's been 6 months now, and we still haven't replaced them. I guessed it was because we have forgotten it due to the busyness of our life especially during holiday season :-/. Anyway, I better talk to hubby about it again, so we can start looking for some lighting fixtures for our outdoor lighting.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peace of MInd and Security

Yesterday while hubby and I were working in our garden, our neighbor, Jim came and talked to us. He told us that his wife, Ruth would be very jealous because of the roses we planted in our front yard for she would like that, too! We told him that we purchased them at Kroger. Anyway, I have been very busy, and so I didn't hear Jim talking about the guy who sits in his truck in front of our house every morning with his laptop on. This stranger sits in his truck everyday at 6:30am! What is he doing? Is he trying to hack our computer? We don't know, but I tell scared the heck out of me. Next time we see him, we will report him at the police for this is not good. With this incident, I am hoping that my husband would take the initiative on getting us a home automation from ADT, that way we will have peace of mind when something like this happened again. We want security for everything in our house especially for our son and his safety. It would be nice also if we can turn the lights on automatically at night when we are away or simply open the door when our son gets home from school.

The Patriotic Me

Don't get me wrong, I love the country where I was borne and raised, but I never been as patriotic as I am now ever since I migrated here in United States almost 10 years ago. I love this country and its people and the way they patronize their own country and everything. The respect for each other opinions as well as their flag thought me a good lesson in life. In honor of this country and it's fallen men and women who died for the freedom we now have, hubby and I display the USA flag every 4th of July. In three months time, Independence Day will be celebrated again, and I need to buy new advertising flags to be displayed in front of our house and also in our front yard. I really like to have the garden flag I saw online and I think I will order a couple of flags later.