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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Singing Karaoke

When we visited my folks in the Philippines last month we had so much fun! We did a lot of traveling, swimming and visiting historical places in the central part of the P.I. Our first destination was at the Hundred Island in Pangasinan where we rode a boat and toured the 100 islands and then swam afterward. The next day, we went to the province of Aurora where the Pacific ocean is located. Oh man, that was a cool place; once again we swam and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Anyway, the night before hubby's flight back to United States, we spent our time with my family...talking, enjoying yummy foods, visiting friends and sang karaoke. Matt and I loves to sing as you can see in the photos :-). Oh how I miss my family in the Philippines so much!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Auto Body Estimating Software

Just recently my car had broken down and after many costly repairs I finally was able to get it fixed. Well, soon after that I came across a website that offers auto body estimating software. What this software does is to help you find out exactly how much repairs are going to cost and what is needed. What is so great and revolutionary about this software is that it provides you with vehicle frame dimensions so you can see for yourself exactly what your car needs. Some of this software can be purchased with a small monthly fee. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this powerful software.

Horseback Riding is Fun!

I really enjoyed horseback riding when I was younger, and I hope that I can do it again. I really think that horseback riding is fun, but where do you go to get horse riding apparel? Well, just recently I found out that you can actually purchase all of the apparel you will need for horseback riding online; this includes pants, shirts, helmets, gloves, and much more, both for men and women. I really thought that it was great that also has apparel and equipment for your horse as well, such as saddles, bridles, and grooming supplies for your horse as well. So why not start shopping online, and start enjoying horseback riding.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enjoying Our Desserts at Braums

After having Filipino foods for dinner tonight (fried tilapia, tortang eggplant and ginisang gulay), we headed at Braums (our favorite fastfoods/dairy store)to have desserts. I chose frozen yougurt, hubby had a tuxedo/sundae and Jacob enjoyed his double dipped chocolate ice cream. As you can see on the photos seen here. We love Braums! We love their ince cream, and milk. Their burgers, sandwiches are pretty good, too!

and my dear husband :-)

Fun on Playing Binocular

I don't know why all of a sudden my son is into playing his binoculars inside our house. He would call me saying how close or far I am to him. I told him this morning that he needs for play with his binocular outside to make it more fun. Looking for small insects or bugs would be interesting. How I wished I can buy him spotting scopes that way it will be easy for him to handle it because it is smaller and more advance compared to old fashioned binoculars. Spotting Scopes is best for bird hunting, bird watching, and even for surveillance, shooting with pistol or rifles. I am sure hubby would want to get one for himself!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Surprise Anniversary Gift!

My hubby is a self proclaimed handyman; he can fix almost everything in the house and we are both happy for that. Why? Because we save a lot of money by doing the repairs and renovations in the house. Being a handyman, he buys brochure and manual he uses thus accumulating lots of these stuffs at home. Now, I think of buying him brochure displays where he can placed his collections of the said stuffs. It would be an anniversary gift for him since he doesn't want to buy himself one because he thinks it would be very expensive. Now, he doesn't have any choice; whether he likes it or not...he would be getting the brochure dispalys he so desire :-).

New IPOD Nano

When we visited my family overseas last month, we made sure that everyone in my family had something they really like /want that they couldn't afford to buy due to tight budget. I bought my eldest brother a dslr camera, niece with mobile phone, other brother with a digital camera, my father with seiko 5 (automatic), and younger niece with an ipod shuffle. Had I thought about 8gb ipod nano, I could have bought it instead. I am glad she was very happy for the ipod shuffle I got for her :-). On the other hand, hubby has an old version of ipod nano, but would like to update his with the 8gb ipod nano....oh well, I think he needs to save for that, lol!

Had I Not Forgotten

Would you believe me when I say that even though it is already summer, some store still have cheap Easter gifts for sale? Yup, just this afternoon while doing grocery shopping with my son after we've watched movie, I saw few ofhteir shelves still have easter gifts displayed. I could have bought some of the easter gifts for next year had I not forget to go back at the isle where they placed them. Oh well, maybe next week they still have it (crossing my fingers)...that would be great! I'd save a lot for buying cheap easter gifts that are on sale right now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is It a Broken Dream?

Independence day celebration for us this year was quite different; instead of having barbeque party and watching fireworks with friends, we opted to go to the mall to treat our son at his favorite shop and playplace of all which is the Legoland. I tell you, he had so much fun...and so were we. Hubby and I particularly loved the movies we've watched! It was so cool! After our trip to Legoland, we had late lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, them did some shopping. While shopping, I notice a place where you can buy pretty neat nursing scrubs. It made me think of my broken dream which was to become a nurse someday. I know it isn't too late for my dream to be realized, but having a child who will be going to college someday, I will once again set aside my dream to save for his education. With God's help, I maybe be to school in the future! Still crossing my fingers on this one :-)!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Functional Outdoor Fire Pit

It is summer once again, time to enjoy the outdoor. Gardening and beautifying garden is one thing I like to do. On top of making my garden look nice is adding garden decor that is functional. So I chose an outdoor fire pit. This fire pit can be used on winter time as well as on summer time. Hubby use it to barbeque believe it or not....talking about funtionality of a certain thing like the fire pit! It works for us...guys you might want to try it, too :-)! Anyway, the other night hubby made a very yummy chicken wings bbq and I tell you I plan on making that bbq again on my son's birthday :-)! You are invited if you can come.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing My Parents

At last, we are back from our two weeks vacation to the Philippines. We had so much fun despite it was shortened for two weeks. Hubby and I suffered from very bad diarrhea that even today I am not feeling better still. Diarrhea has turned into a constipation which is worst! Thank goodness, my son didn't get sick at all otherwise I would have been so worried and panicky! We are also adjusted from jet lag and have been sleeping well at night... in fact my son and I are being pampered with so much sleep and rest :-)!

I am missing my parents so much and wishing I am there to take care of them. They are not getting any younger and I wanted them to enjoy their life while there is still a chance. I plan on visiting them often...probably every other year...that is why I am saving for our next trip in 2013.