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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Safety First

Ever since  my son had learned to ride his bike without training wheels, he had been crazy with it. He rides his bikes everyday after school! Later on, he asked us if he can ride his bike to school. We told him that it is too early for him to do that, plus there are people who drive fast even on the school zone area. We don't want to get hurt because of those inconsiderate drivers who by the way are mostly parents :-(. Sod, but true! At home, safety first is one of our motto.  Safety bike rules includes wearing bike helmets. But for some reason many parents allow teir kids to ride their bikes without their  riding helmets. My son asked me one time as to why some kids don't wear riding helmets. I told him that because some kids don't it doesn't mean he can ride without helmet, too!  Thank goodness he understood and promised he would never ride his bike without helmet.

A New Mattress for Master Bedroom

It's Thanksgiving Day today; and instead of being busy cooking for dinner, my son and I are both busy playing with DSi and computer. Why? It's because husband has work today. We did our Thanksgiving dinner the together day which was Tuesday. Now, I am bored and got nothing to do, but spend my time in front of my laptop. I might go to a friend's house later this afternoon for their Thanksgiving Day celebration. Anyway, I,ve been online since 8am; been doing a lot of searching on how to fix my inaccessible blog. Thank goodness, I was able to get a hold one of the customer service person and had known why I couldn't open my blog url. I think I need to do some sopping now for the coming Christmas holiday. I need to look for a new mattress. I just wished we live in Los Angeles, CA so I can shop at mattress store los angeles where they sell pretty good mattresses for an affordable price. Hubby would be very pleased to sleep on a new mattress for sure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Biggest Dream!

When I was a child, my second grade teacher asked me of "what I want to be" when I grow up. My answer was a "teacher" just like her. Little I know of, that answer is going to change. After I graduated from high school, I decided to be a nurse, just like my Aunt. But that dream didn't materialize because my parents can not afford me to send me to college. I was disappointed. I then decided to leave the province and move into the city. I've found a job, and went to college at the same time. I was very proud of what I have accomplished. I have finished computer programming by myself. Despite of that, my dream to become a nurse was and still there. That is why when I see nurses at the hospital wearing those pretty  nursing uniforms, I couldn't help but feel sad. I don't even know now if there's still a chance to pursue that biggest dream of mine....only God can answer that question. If is be HIS will, then let it be...if not...I have to accept it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

I can already imagine how hard it can be when you are a pregnant because your body has to undergo a lot of changes such as gaining weight and a new wardrobe to wear during your whole pregnancy period. One of my closest friends from work is pregnant and she is looking for some new apparel that she can wear when her belly started to swell. She is expecting to get gain a few extra pounds during the whole 9 months of pregnancy. I am glad I found a website called One Stop Plus which offers a variety of products such as plus size maternity clothes, shoes, bras and lingerie, coats for men and women, bags and accessories,  men’s big and tall dresses or shoes and much more. What attracts me to investigate about this website is that they offer affordable prices which are really great for anyone out there who is looking to shop while saving some money at the same time. Also they offer so much things that you can give as a gift especially if you have any friends or family members that are pregnant for the holidays. Check this out today and see it for yourself!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Plus Size Apparels on Online Shopping

Big people no longer need to buy textiles and fabrics then bring it to a tailor or a sewer to have it sewn to custom made clothes because large size clothing do not pose a problem nowadays. Unlike before that you really have to allot time and effort is needed to explore and look on different shopping areas just to buy big size clothes. Gone are the days for your hard find, a section of plus size suits can be seen in the Malls, department stores and even in Bazaars.

Plus size apparels are also available in most online shops. There are vast of selections to choose from depending on your clothing needs. To cope up with your busy schedule, you can save time and effort by buying them online, these online shops offer casual to formal wear, lingerie, coats and jackets and even sportswear. Garb yourself with the latest styles and trends and enjoy online shopping by just clicking and adding your choices to your cart.

Better yet is that most signature clothes also offer large sizes. Cheap or expensive clothes do not matter, whatever your size is, the way you carry yourself in clothes you wear is what matters most for what we wear reflects our personality.

Let your Business Take the Lead!

To take the lead in the challenge and stiff competition in running a business nowadays needs more marketing plans and strategies. Direct, effective, productive and gaugeable advertising campaign results are of high necessity. Publicizing a product means more funds to spend to generate sales. Different channels in vending goods should be taken into consideration in order for a business to prosper. To look and engage for a wise and potential publicity investment is always the number one goal of a merchant.

The World Wide Web is one of the best tools to promote a trade. Digital advertising combined with the tv, radio and print media approach ensures an excellent outcome. Avail of the best Advertising Agency in town who will co-work with you in developing and bringing out a marketing plan that will pay profits and rewards. Combining the old and new media programs into one provides dramatic results in product campaigns. The use of social media networks and other business to business sites can help a business reach its maximum sales forecast.

Advertising agencies employ highly skilled, brilliant, clever and proficient professionals that focus on numerous marketing and advertising industries. Thus, guarantees the best advertising your company needs that will serve revenues. Taking advantage of digital advertising is a wise investment to get money’s worth. A rational and strong advertisement to pace with the tight product and services competition in the market to comply with the consumers demand and satisfaction is a must to cope up with the trend. Through digital publication, a business owner can track their advertising success so as with the returns of investments.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Natural Body Soap

It's been years since I last talked to my long time friend from the Philippines. So much has happened in the passed ten years; she is now a married to a wonderful man and was blessed with five beautiful children. I admire her for being so humble despite of the fact that she is very successful in her career and as a mother and housewife. She loves her kids so much and wants what's best for them. She is very careful on what she feeds them. Their kids are unvaccinated for she believes that her kids don't need them. I respect her for that. Aside from that, she also uses natural stuffs to care for their physical bodies. I am pretty sure she would be very happy to know that there is soap made from natural ingredients like the african black soap. Honestly, I would like to try this body soap, too.

We Need Bike Rack

Riding a bike is one thing my family and I love to do during family time. We would all get up early and drive around the lake for some exercise and sight-seeing. Back when husband and I live in places where great parks are located. We would ride our bikes together until we are both tired. Surely, we had the fun and loss weight at the same time. That is the great thing about having bikes. Anyway, since we moved to countryside, we don't have much parks to ride our bikes with. And so, we expected on going for a drive somewhere bike trails are so much fun! State parks are great place. Since we need three bikes to be hauled, we need an suv bike racks for our van. I thought of getting bike racks where one of our friend works; am sure he could help us and also we would be able to get deal. Oh man, I couldn't wait till we get to ride our bikes again.

Designating Collection Agencies to Deal with Debtors

Businesses lose a lot of money because of delinquent accounts. They do not get to collect from debtors prompting them to lose a major percentage of their assets. Dealing with this problem may also cause them to lose focus on the more important matters concerning their business which is why they usually hire third party collection agencies. These collection agencies have the skills and expertise to collect from debtors, negotiate transactions and resolve disputes between the company and the debtor. They follow an effective and professional approach that is guaranteed to produce a positive outcome that can contribute to the continuous growth of your business.

Mental Health Retreats for Women

Are you or someone you know one of many women who need help with depression, trauma, anxiety, personality disorders, substance dependence or any other type of diagnosis? Well, there is good news because there are many mental health retreats for women that are quite exceptional and offer great services just for women. In the case of substance abuse it is important to choose a health retreat that offers detoxification services with a medical staff that will be there to help in order to ensure safety and comfort. In terms of therapy, having a mental health retreat with plenty of outdoor activities is important in order to relieve stress more effectively. When it comes to therapy as well, not just one type of therapy is the answer, usually having individual therapy combined with group therapy and even family therapy tends to be the most effective types of therapy. Lastly before making any decision it is important to see what others have said about the services offered by particular health retreats, and usually if a website has a blog made by previous customers, that is a good sign. So why not recommend a mental health retreat for women to you or someone else who is in need, you will be glad you did.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Home

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Until I graduated from college last spring I had always lived with my parents. My university was close enough to their house for me to commute so I never saw a reason to spend the money living on my own. Once I graduated and got a job, I felt like it was time for me to experience life in my own home. What an eye-opening experience! I had no idea how much work went in to setting up a new place to live. I guess I always assumed you just bought or rented a place and it was all set up for you. Boy was I wrong! First there was the search for the PERFECT place. Finding it was only the first step in a lengthy process. Once that decision was made I had to shop electric rates, find an internet provider and get the cable set up. Even once I completed those tasks, I was not done. You can’t just sit in an empty house! Next it was off to buy furniture and all the other necessities for setting up housekeeping. Who knew so much went in to setting out on your own.