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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday at the Park

Today, right after we attended church meeting this morning, we stopped by and had a picnic where we ate fried chicken, with sides of mashed potato and gravy, coleslaw, and red beans and rice; that was a nice lunch though it was a little bit chilly and windy as well. Jacob enjoyed playing in the park with Daddy and Mommy. It was indeed a great bonding moments for us as family. Day like this...priceless!

Sorry folks, I forgot to take pictures of the foods we have eaten for I was really hungry and couldn't wait any longer anymore :-).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anilox is the Best!

One way to make something like printer easier and efficient to use is by keeping it clean, that way when you print a document, the letters and colors would be clear and easy to read. It is frustrating sometimes when you print something and it came out blurred, faded or even too much ink in it. You expect the only problem of the printer is that it run out of ink, but the truth is...the printer is dirty. Thank goodness, there is help you can get from using Anilox products. I am pretty sure that hubby would be very happy when he finds out that there is a product that can help him clean our printer in such an easy, safe and simple way. To the inventor of this great product called anilox, thank you so much!

Makes Job Easier!

One of the great thing that makes work easier for stores, hospitals, and other companies is the use of ls2208 barcode scanner. Yup, you read it right, they also use barcode scanner at most hospitals. I remember when I was working at grocery store once; I really enjoyed using barcode scanner. It is easy to use and makes my job easier; I don't need to type in the prices of the products being purchased by the consumers. I am sure there are still businesses that use the old fashion way when checking out stuffs.

Home Theater Seating for Us

I have a confession to make; it is about hubby and I's type of movies to watch. Contrary to our couple friends at church, we are in to watching old and classic movies such as western, musical, and old fashion movies. We either rent it, record it on our dvr or watch it at the movie house. Aside from home theater, we also dream of having a home theater seating at home so we can better enjoy watching our favorite movies and tv shows. It's like watching it at the theater itself...that would be awesome, don't you think? A friend of mine back to Malaysia works for a rich family who has everything; her employer let us watched movie one time at their home theater and I tell you, the seat was very comfortable.

He Needs to Lose Weight!

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. You can exercise, do some dieting, diet fad, yoga, take some diet pills and so forth and so on. One of these might work for you, but might not to others. My husband tried at least three of these, but none of them worked for him. That is why one time, he thought of having a weight loss surgery to lose weight since her colleague has done this procedure before and it was a success. If in case, he considers weight loss surgery, I will be on his side 100%. We just hope we can get referral from our family doctor.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Call Car Repair Pal Now!

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about car recalls on TV, news and even internet these days. Hubby and I are glad that both cars we recently bought are not included on the recalls, but sad to say that our friend's car is. She is worried and talked to my husband about it...knowing that hubby is good in fixing cars. However, these car recalls thing made me think about being cautious with the condition of our cars...especially now that I don't know anything about car, except driving it.

I think I need to get myself familiar with our car and its condition if something happened and hubby is not there to help me out. I tell you what, my husband does the oil change in our car, thus saving us money and time. He only goes to have our cars tune up when needed. He told me that I need to at least know to check the light engine which can be a big help for me.

Before hubby and I got married he used to drive Acura Integra; and this is the car he is not familiar with. There was a time that it needs a repair and he didn't know what to do with it. Thank goodness there was a place nearby which was Houston auto repair he went to and fix his car. Up to this day, he doesn't know how to fix any car, but Toyota car since for him it is easier to fix and parts are easier to find.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best and Juiciest Burger Ever

If you are bored with dry hamburger, you should try this recipe I got from It is juicy and very tasty burger I have ever eaten! Try it for yourself and you will know what I mean. My husband and son absolutely love it!

2 pounds ground beef
1 egg, beaten
3/4 cup dry bread crumbs
3 tablespoons evaporated milk
2 tablespoons Worcestershire
2 cloves garlic, minced

Preheat grill for high heat.
In a large bowl, mix the ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, evaporated milk, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, and garlic using your hands.
Form the mixture into 8 hamburger patties.
Lightly oil the grill grate.

Grill patties 5 minutes per side, or until well done.

Math, My Least Favorite Subject!

I am telling you now, Math is my least favorite subject back n high school. I just don't know how I made it to the top 10 students when I was in my senior year! Anyhow, now that I plan of going back to college, I am nervous that I might not pass the entrance or admission test. With that in mind, I might find Math tutors online for they can teach me with every single math lesson I would have, that where math help comes in. I like that each online tutor committed themselves into helping every students with their need by giving each one same amount of attention, dedication, time and love. And that alone give the students added confidence to themselves.

With the knowledge math tutor has, makes it easier for the students to learn, and absorb the lessons given. They even make make the whole learning process fun and enjoyable where you seldom find in conventional tutoring classes. For me, I think that online math tutor is an easy job and they can do everything even a math problem solver job. What challenging to me is thinking on how they can provide the proper guidance for struggling math students; it would be hard, but rewarding for this kind of profession, don't you think?

According to what I have read, online tutor and online tutoring is pretty simple and plain...just like counting 1 to 3. All you need to do is log in into a website that offers online math tutor services. The second step is to sign up for an online math tutor or assignment help. After that, you can then get the online math help you need 24 hours a day 7 days a week, amazing isn't it? One thing you need to know before you sign up, almost all of these online tutoring sites is that they offer free online tutoring thus making the whole process works...and you will be familiar, that plain and simple...making tutoring process much easier than you think.

FYI: Cell Phone World

Cell phones are nearly universal these days, with advantages and disadvantages to having a lifeline at all times. How is universal usage affecting for kids? Check out the figures:
  • 20 percent of children ages 6-11 own cell phones (doubled in the past five years), with 36 percent of 10 and 11 years owning one
  • 88 percent of kids use cell phones to talk to their parents
  • 56 percent have phones for “emergencies”
  • 54 percent are texters
  • Teens send or receive an average of 2,272 texts per month; the same number for adults is around 300

Jk Adams Wood Products

My favorite room in our place is the kitchen. Hubby and I love to cook and eat; and during his off from work, we spend most of the time cooking and eating. No wonder why we gained extra weight in our body and our son loves to eat dinner with us. Anyway, one on my husband wish lists is a pot rack by jk adams. Matt likes JK Adams wood products because they are quality made and and the design is best. Right now, they are on sale and order will be shipped to you quickly. I, myself would like to have jk adams cutting board and/or jk adams spice rack. Since my birthday is coming very soon, I would probably ask him any of the three products for a present. Just so you know why many people like Jk Adams products it is because aside from they have been making these wood products for nearly 60 years and manufactured wooden products of exceptional quality in its factory located in Dorset, Vermont. Plus they only use lumber that is selectively harvested from managed forests where the trees are cut to make room for more trees to grow. Anyway, you should check the link provided here to see more of their products.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Surprised Valentine's Day Gifts!

Yesterday morning, hubby and Jake woke me up with a surprise fresh flowers, chocolates, and cards. I didn't think that hubby would buy me flowers again. Oh my, I so love my husband so much! He is so sweet and thoughtful! I had teary eyed after I read the messages written inside it. He knows just what to say that would make me happy. Jake's card was sweet, too! I love these men in my life to pieces! Thanks you so much, Honeypie and Pumpkin Pie :-).
Isn't this last picture pretty? I think so, too! I took this one just this morning.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Allergen, Healthy Dreams Pillow

Many people develop allergies from certain things such as dust, mold, pollen, dust mites and more. Because of these, some become asthmatic. Do you know that most pillow begins growing mold, bacteria and dust mites right after your first use? And before you know it, you are already breathing the moisture into your pillows as you sleep. And your asthma became worse than ever!

Good thing that there are people like doctors who are concern enough to develop a solution to this problem. They exclusively designed a new healthy dreams pillow with the Micrenza bio-filter, the first truly germ-free, mold-free, and allergen-free pillow available. This allergen pillow can help you sleep safely without breathing in harmful biological particles that cause congestion and infection. There is no other pillow in the market today that has a filter to protect you. I am glad to know about this healthy dream pillow, now my son would be able to sleep well without difficulty breathing. I would surely get my son one. This pillow is different than the other pillow you buy in the market today for it is health friendly pillow. So, wait no more, check their website now for more information about this product.

I Need Fat Burner!

Before I got here in the U.S., I wear small size clothing and I love my slim body. I had no problem buying clothes because I can easily find the right size for me. But not anymore. A week before my husband and I got married, I already gained weight. My wedding dress became a little bit tight, that is why my mother in-law altered it. I tell you, that was the beginning of it. My small sizes clothes were never been touch since then. I accumulated extra fats in my belly and I am now wearing medium size clothes! It is amazing how eating out added extra weight on my body. I miss wearing my clothes so much! Now, I think of taking fat burner to take away the fats in my belly. I just don't know which one is effective and safe for my health since I am taking many medications to avoid rejection of kidney. The fat burner should never interfere with my medications. For that matter, I need to consult my doctor first!

He Took Joint Supplement

Back in the neighborhood where we used to lived, we met few neighbors who are very kind enough to look for each other's need. There is a guy whom we called Uncle Bill whom every once in awhile mows our lawn when Matt is busy. And there's this couple who watches our house when we are away for few days or so. That is why, we miss them and that neighborhood which is just less than ten minutes away from where we live now. We became very close that up to now, we still are in touch with one another. Before we sold our house and moved to Virginia, Uncle Bill has gone to knee surgery. He had difficulty walking after the procedure. One day, I had the chance of talking with him; he mentioned about how hard it was and that he needed to take medications. Hee needed joint supplement to help his knee from healing. It's been nearly two years now and he is now well, and his knee is better.

Best Diet Pills

Almost every diet pills in the market today claim that they are the best diet pills that can help people lose weight. I don't to take pills to reduce my weight and neither my husband is, but we are confused ourselves. I wonder how much more confusing it is with those who rely on these diet pills. They are convinced that one or the other is effective and safe. I think that consumers need to really do some research regarding these diet pills before trying it, that way they know which one is really best diet pill for them and their budget. They can even consult their physicians for advice, just like my husband did.

A Valentine Tag

This very cute tag was shared with me by Rose of Obstacles and Glories. Thanks dear for thinking of me :-)

Here are some simple mechanics:
1. Post this tag in your blog (multiple blogs allowed) with these mechanics.
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"If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack.If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough."
--Ann Landers

Now, I am tagging: Shydub, Juliet, Dhemz, Rose, Sweetiepie, Liza, Amy, Niko, Umma, Clarissa, Lulu, Chie, Cacai, Race, Redge, Tetcha, Rossel, RJ's Mama, Khim, Claire and Nancy.

Alli Side Effects

Every time I go to the grocery stores and pharmacy, I couldn't help but see those diet pill displays and one of these pills are the Alli. I have seen commercials on television about it and how convincing the testimonies coming from consumers themselves. How effective it is when it comes to losing weight. Isn't it confusing because other diet pills claim the same thing. I heard about side effects of certain pills and I am pretty sure that Alli has some, too. So, if you are using this diet pill, you better be careful for alli side effects can be bad for your health. I use to tell my husband to try the Alli pill, but he kept telling me that sometimes diet pill is not the only way to lose weight quickly, what is effective to others not necessarily mean good for you, too! The best thing to do is consult your physician first.

Reduce Your Belly Fat!

Part of my plan to lose weight is to exercise, eat a healthy balance diet, and self control. Unlike others, I am not that big as people think. The only part of my body that needs attention is my belly. I know exercise can be a big factor to reduce belly fat; and I intend to work hard on it. I don't need diet pill or any fancy exercise equipment, just a desire and a motivation coming from my husband and doctor would be enough to achieve my health goal. Sooner or later those small sizes clothes I have been keeping inside my closet for years will finally be out and use. I couldn't wait for that day to finally come

Convex Mirror for Stores

Two weeks ago when I went to to drop off my prescriptions at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that it would take at least 15 minutes before they can complete the refills. So, I went ahead and did some grocery shopping. It took me half an hour or so before I finally went back to pick my medicines up. When I got there, there was a long line, so I needed to wait for my turn. While I was waiting, behind was a shelf full of items on a clearance sale. I decided to check on it to see if there is something that I need on the shelf. Sure enough, I have found a mirror that I can use to pluck my eyebrow. It was cheap, so I bought it. Anyway, talking about mirror, have you guys noticed that in almost every business establishments, particularly grocery stores, pharmacies, home improvement, and even convenient stores have convex mirror installed in it. That mirror is very useful especially for a worker to easily get things or items that are hard to reach, and also for the workers and store owners security purposes. With that mirror, you can also see the activities going on inside the store, thus making it easier for the security guard to catch shoplifters if there's any.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ice Crusher Machine for My Brother

Summer in the Philippines is fast approaching that is why my brother is planning to sell Halo Halo, a cold dessert perfect on hot summer days. Knowing how hot the weather during sunny days, I ma sure many people love to quench their thirst. I can still remember when I was a little girl, my mother sell this food and it is a big hit next to coconut juice, Sago, Melon juice and ice cream. I, myself love Halo Halo; too bad I can't eat it anymore due to diabetes. Anyway, my brother told me that he is going to buy the Ice Crusher machine (photo above). This is made specially for halo halo seller like my mother and brother. It would be nice if I could have one of this at home so I can make halo halo for my husband or even friends when we get together on summer time, that way we can satisfy our craving for this Filipino dessert.

On Cheap Insurance

I was talking to my eldest brother awhile ago about her daughter's graduation this coming April. He told me that they need money to pay for her graduation. And so, I sent him money for it. My niece is a very smart student who was chosen to graduate out of 300 accounting students. She also passed the Civil Service exam that is why I am very proud of her :-). She is one of her parents priceless possessions. Talking about possessions, for them to be safe and secure, we need to secure it to a safe place or insured them. There are many insurance company that offers cheap insurance for your valuable items, auto insurance, health insurance and more. You just need to look for them and choose which one fits your budget and need. That is how we get the insurance company where we insured our cars.

In Need of Mopar Parts?

About six months ago, we bought a used car for our second car. Its a 1998 Toyota Avalon, white. We love it, until we encountered problem with the struts. It needs new replacement and I tell you, that parts is very expensive. So, my husband looked online to find a great deal for that parts. Thank goodness, he found one. Now, we not only saved money but also hubby will be the one to install it since he has knowledge and experienced fixing cars. Now, we just need to wait till the weather warms up so he can start working on our car. Talking about car parts, many people need Mopar parts for their car. They went looking for this parts but to no avail. My husband's friend is looking for one, I need to tell my husband that there is a website he can check on to see if the mopar parts he's been looking for is available on the said website.

On Cold Weather And Snow

The snow fall has stopped finally. My son and I got to play snowball fight outside and had so much fun :-). Tomorrow will be different for the temperature is going to drop as the snows melt. Dang it, it would be hard for me to go out and drive; good thing my husband is off from work tomorrow, he can drive me to the grocery store so I can get something for our Valentine's Day dinner the next day. Right now, am here chilling with my son. He watches his Nick Jr. shows and I am of course, blogging and finishing some tasks assigned with me.

Want To Save More?

These days, the price of everything goes up and we cannot do anything about it but save in any possible way we can. With the unstable economy we still have, being frugal in every purchases we make. If we don't, who will, right? Talking about saving, we can use coupons from stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, and many more that we can get at the flyer they send by mail or at the stores.

Now, do you know that we can get coupons, coupons codes online, too? Yup, at, they offer them. Coupons from Kohls coupons, Savings Lowes coupons and many more, got you covered. I really like this website so much! Lowes has been a great help with us when we renovate our first house; it saved us lots of money.

Right now, you can even save buying a dozen of flowers for your sweetheart because the vase is free as well as you get a $50 gift card for the restaurant of your choice. If I were you, I would go to their website now and avail yourself of this great savings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unstoppable Coughs and Colds

I don't know about you, guys, but I am so ready for the Springtime. I don't really like cold season and couldn't wait for winter to be over. This is really driving us nuts especially me. My son still has cold and his coughing is unstoppable! We tried few cough medicines already, but none of them seems to be working. You know how woman feels sometimes...I worry to much for my son's health and how I wished that I could take that cough away from him. This has already affected his health. He lost some weight because of lack of sleep and throwing up. That is why we don't feed him much otherwise he would throw up when he coughs. Nope, he doesn't have stomach flu as what the school staff always assume when kids are throwing up, thus sending kids home...missing classes for few days or so. They should understand that it is just a normal coughs and colds because of the weather! The doctor himself told us so, that it is just a normal cough and cold due to cold season. Well, he is back to school now, and finally they don't send him home because of that. All in all, we just want Jake to sleep like a baby again without interruption from coughing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Small Talk Six

6 of your favorite things that are pink

Blog Layout/template
Jake's face when it turns pink when he is under the sun

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

a heart we go!

1. I know
God Lives and loves each one of us.
2. For me, February the longest month.
3. You can't help but trust that whatever will happen; it happened for a reason.
Good foods and fun; bring it on!
5. Where have you looked
for snacks Jacob ;is it in the kitchen?
6. Advanced treatment for few life threatening disease is now available.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rest and relax more, tomorrow my plans includes
do some light chores in the house/apartment and Sunday, I want to teach the beehive class!

Website for Acne Scar Removal

If you don't care enough to care for your skin specially your face, chances are you will not like the consequences of it in the long run. You can get acne and other skin blemishes; you don't want that to happen, do you? So, if I were you, I'll start paying more attention with my personal hygiene including my face and skin. Acne itself is an embarrassment and if left untreated, it will leave scar. Part of treating acne is also the removal of scar associated with acne. Good to know that there is a website that can help you with acne scar removal which is This site also tells you some products that cleanse you skin that are effective, safe and very affordable. Is this a great news for you or what?

Best Weight Loss Supplements

This world we live in is very confusing. There are things we can control and some that we don't have control over because of the many choices we have to face each day of our live. Do you agree with me? Choices between good or bad and right and wrong when it comes to health, finances, faith, even people we want to be associated with. These choices is ours to make...and will affect our destiny. Talking about health, let, say on losing weight, it is always on top of our lists. Some of us chose to do it in slow or quick way, I, for one want the slow, but sure and effective which is diet and exercise. Many chose the other way. They take best weight loss supplements for a quick one. Whichever choice you made, be sure that it is safe, effective and even economical for it will make you happy and healthy.

On Weight Loss

My stay at the hospital taught me a big lesson which is medicines can only do so much in our health. We also need to exercise and eat a healthy balance diet to be healthy and strong and eventually avoid sickness. I was on a diabetic diet during my stay at the hospital because I am diabetic. Although, they gave me insulin shot before every meal on top of oral medicine, my blood sugar level was still high, but not as high as before. I still need to continue to follow that diet strictly. I know that by so doing my health will improve as well as shed extra pounds in my body. I know there are quick weight loss products available in the market, but I decided to chose the slow, but sure and effective way. I need to exercise and eat healthy foods. I need to follow a low sugar, low fats and low sodium diet for that is my doctor's advices.

Tretinoin Cream for Acne

Don't you hate skin problem? I do, too, that is why I clean my face in the morning and before bedtime. There are some people don't really worry about their skin, no wonder why they suffer from acne and other kinds of skin blemishes. Whatever types of skin you have, it needs certain skin care products. Let say you have oily skin (like I do), dry, and delicate, you must use the right products for it otherwise your skin will still have acne. Anyway, caring for my face includes: applying tretinoin cream after washing and putting/applying toner on it. I am glad that my skin doesn't have acne. So, if you have acne, I suggest try tretinoin cream.

Read Hydrolyze Reviews First!

Wow, thank goodness I had not try any eye cream to treat the dark circles under my eyes or else I could have scammed by some company who say their eye cream products are effective. I read online about some kind of scam going on particularly the eye cream called hydrolyze. I need to study more about this product to make sure I will not ruin my skin instead of treating the dark circles under my eyes. One thing I need is to read hydrolyze reviews to make sure which eye cream is best for me and my budget...and it must be effective!

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Being a busy mother, wife and part time blogger, I always get up early in the morning to prepare my son for school, do chores, then blog. With my hectic schedule, I always go to bed late, thus making me exhausted not to mention the ugly deark circles under eyes which is hard to eliminate. I wonder whether the dark circles under eyes caused by anemia can be treated with some kind of treatments like those that are advertised on the television shows. There is no harm in trying, so I think I will try using eye cream. Let see what will happen.

Acne Treatment Reviews

Growing up as a teenager, I was one of those who are lucky enough not suffer from acne. Back then, I saw friends and relatives having suffered from getting rid of this skin problem. I just wished that they tried some kind of acne treatment to help them solve their skin problems. Talking about acne treatments, there are many treatments available in the market today, therefore, we need to be careful not to get into those that are not effective and safe. You need to make sure that before deciding which one is best for you, acne treatment reviews on tops of seeing a specialist like the dermatologist. I suffer from acne when my kidney failed. My doctor prescribed me a treatment that helped eliminate skin blemishes such as acne.

Term Health Insurance NC

My doctor just finally arrived with my fave nurse, Sandy. They told me I get to go home from my three days stay at the hospital due to renal biopsy, and blood transfusion for my blood count was very low. Now that it is finally fixed and all that, I am excited to go home see my son. I miss him so much! He was here for a real quick visit last night, but that wasn't enough; you know what I mean. Anyway, talking about health insurance, I read that short term health insurance NC offers great benefits. I better tell it to my brother in-law and his family who live in NC. They really need it since they have two small kids who might need it in the future.

We Want PS3!

Life can be boring at times as a stay at home mom; I need something to keep me busy every once in awhile during my spare time. Yes, I do blog after my chores, but after that, no more. I think ps3 is one thing we need at home. My son would love it, hubby would love it and everybody will be happy. Now, I think I know now what I want for an anniversary present this year. What about you? Would you like play station 3, too?

Home Affordable Mortgage Program Effect on Your Credit Score

This is a sponsored guest post written by Joel Jacobi on behalf of American Residential Law Group. Post powered by Sponzai.

Home Affordable Mortgage Program Effect on Your Credit Score

Borrowers who are opting for a mortgage modification pursuant to The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) must go through a three month trial period before the lender will approve the modification lowering their mortgage payments to 31% of their gross monthly income. While this sounds great, if you were in default before you entered the program, your lender can continue to report you as delinquent until the trial period is completed. This means that you would have several months of delinquent mortgage payments on your credit report which would negatively affect your credit score.

Your lender could still continue to report negative items after your modification is approved such as reporting only a partial payment. Be sure to find out exactly what the terms of your modification plan entail before you sign anything.

How Mortgage Modifications Work

A mortgage modification basically modifies the terms of your existing mortgage by lowering the interest rate and changing your loan term. Your lender generally adds the arrearages on to the back end of your loan. Mortgage modifications are short term and are used to help borrowers who are facing a temporary financial crisis. So if you don’t have enough income to pay the reduced mortgage payment, you won’t qualify or a mortgage modification.

“Homeowners need to understand the difference between the trial and permanent modification. At my office, we have a department that follows up on the paperwork that is needed to complete the trial modification. Banks always want documentation after the trial period is up to make sure the borrower will be able to make payments in the future,” says, Joel Jacobi, loan modification attorney at American Residential Law Group.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

A real estate attorney is an expert in mortgage and real estate laws. The attorney may be able to negotiate with the lender that they refrain from reporting any negative items or delinquencies to the credit bureaus so you don’t damage your credit further. The attorney can also help negotiate the rate and other terms of your mortgage modification. In addition, the attorney can review your loan documents to make sure your lender complied with truth and lending and disclosure laws. Any violations can be used as a negotiating tool against your lender to get them to cooperate in approving your mortgage modification. They could face stiff fines and penalties if the violations are reported to federal agencies. You could even rescind the loan in some instances. So it is to the lender’s benefit to cooperate with you and your attorney.

Improving Your Credit

It takes time to improve your credit score so it is best if you pay your bills on time and dispute any negative items that have been reported or paid. Keep in mind that a mortgage modification or short sale is not as damaging to your credit as losing your home to foreclosure.

Before you decide to participate in any mortgage modification program, you should make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your loan, and have your real estate attorney review the document to make sure it is okay. The attorney can also advise you about other options that may be available.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Linky LoveYear 3

I remember participating on this Linky love last year and I had fun sharing it to my friends. Now, I'd just to thank, Shy of Simple Happy Life for including me this year. Thanks, Tsang :-)!

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‘For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.’John 3:16

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Now, I am passing it to the following friends I've met through blogging:

Juliet, Sweetipie, Dhemz, Umma, Shy, Rose, Liza, Amy, Niko, Tetcha, Cacai, Lulu, Jane, Claire, Race, Geraldine, Chie, and all on my list! Grab it guys and share the love!