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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Plan to Retire in Edmonton

About a year ago, a friend of mine and his family while out for dinner, thieves had broken into their apartment and took all their valuable belongings and didn't leave a thing. They were very frustrated especially my friend who uses computer and her laptop doing her online job. She didn't know what to do and where to start! I would feel the same way if I were in her shoes...and maybe even worst! Good thing she has faith in God and is an active member of the congregation where she and her family belong.

After thinking, talking withe her husband, they decided to look a better and safer place to live in Edmonton where many people look for when it comes to a rental places particularly those who planned on moving to Edmonton, Canada. I heard a lot of nice things about this city in Canada and is dreaming to go there or maybe live there someday if God will let us. I'd like to see the largest mall in the world and visit some more interesting places. Honestly, hubby and I have been talking about retiring there. We just need to figure out what to do next or how to get a visa so we can live there permanently.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Plan to Visit the East Coast

Three years ago my husband' work moved us to the East Coast. We've found a place to live in the heart of Virginia called Ashland. We came to love the city where we lived in within a year. In that short span of time, we manage to visit six states namely: Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. We had so much fun visiting my relatives in Florida. Unfortunately, hubby's relatives in Massachusetts were disappointed because we didn't get the chance of visiting them. We planned on visiting them, but once again, hubby's work moved us back to Texas the following year. Our great time in VA ended :-(. 

Hubby and I have talked about it and planned on going back to see his brother next year and hopefully, we would be able to spend more time with them going to the Disney World and the beach. I would like to stay in one the the Cape Cod rentals  there in Massachusetts. It would be great if we could eat my favorite seafood which is lobster. I hear they serve the best seafood in that state. Visiting the Washington monument was fun when we went there during winter time. I wouldn't mind going back there again if time permit us.        

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quitting the Habit Gently

We all know how fatal cigarette smoking can be. It can lead to various diseases. Lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and emphysema are just some of the diseases caused by smoking. Then, female who are smokers have been found to be at a greater risk of developing cervical cancer. Aside from all those, are the following: heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and even high blood pressure. It’s no wonder, then, that family members urge their loved ones who are smokers to quit while there’s still time.

Of course, it goes without saying that quitting smoking is easier said than done. There are those who quite cold-turkey and they are admirable. However, even if one has the determination and the will to quit, if he doesn’t get the right help, then it would be very difficult for him to quit. That is where Blu Electronic Cigarette comes into play. Apart from being over 50% cheaper than real cigarettes, this doesn’t have tar, tobacco, and ash. What’s more, it leaves no bad smell and doesn’t emit second hand smoke.

So if you think you can’t totally quit smoking yet, try this product. A lot of people are already speaking positively about it, and maybe it’s just the thing you need to quit the habit gently.

I Highly Recommend Online Data Storage

Have you ever experienced working on a very important report, saving it in your hard drive after you complete it, and then your computer suddenly crashes? You try to do everything you can, applying everything you know about computers and how to get yours to run again. Your computer does turn on again, but when you searched for your file, it’s no longer there. Hours of hard work have gone down the drain in a snap of the fingers.

That scenario is not far-fetched. It does happen. Actually, it’s happened to me once already. The only difference is that I didn’t lose work. It wasn’t hours of toiling and painstaking effort that came crashing down on me. Yet, I consider what I lost equally important. I lost personal picture files. Those were pictures that were very meaningful to me. I didn’t know much then, so I had to live with the experience and tried to learn from it.

Thankfully, I found a secure data storage online. I highly recommend it because whatever happens to your computer or hard drive, as long as you were able to save your important stuff in you online data storage, you’d be able to retrieve them in full. You can store everything, from family pictures to digital copies of important documents, without fear of ever losing them again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ideas for My Christmas Shopping

Christmas is certainly just around the corner. I can already feel the winter chill when the wind blows. Although I always look forward to this time of the year with excitement and anticipation, I have to admit that most of the time it makes me anxious as well. Why? Well, I guess that because I can be so indecisive when shopping for Christmas gifts. Sometimes, I already have something in mind when I go to the store. But when I get there, I’d suddenly change my mind and look for something else, perhaps a better choice.

Unfortunately, there are times when I don’t see anything that could be better than what I first planned, and when I go back to get it, it’s no longer there in its rack. So, for this year, I’m trying to convince myself that it probably would be better if I just kept to simple but useful gifts, like footwear for example. It’s almost a necessity, and a nice pair would be a great gift to someone whose passion is collecting shoes. I better start looking now to see if there are any good deals on footwear.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help is Out There

With the condition of the U.S. economy right now, a lot of people suffers from financial problems. I am talking mostly about those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. How are they going to survive the ordeal of paying bills when the price of everything is going up? I bet most of them rely on the companies that offer help with the creditor who have bad credit. Yes, there are companies who give  bad credit loans to those who are financially in need. And this is a great news.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Plus Size Clothes

I have been living here in United States for the last ten years now and during those years I have come to love the American people and their way of living. I love their foods, culture and everything. Being married to a Caucasian is an adventure for me. And that makes it easier for me to adjust to a new way of living in a foreign country far from my family, friends and the place where I was borne and raised. Despite of that, I still haven't forgotten where I came from and my roots especially. And I am glad that I still get to see my family overseas every other year. Anyway, as I said, I love American foods so much that for the last ten years, I gained 45 pounds and kept it for years. I tried to hard to go lose weight but to no avail. Now, I couldn't wear my small size clothes.And I am afraid that I'll end up wearing plus size clothes someday soon. I don't want that to happen because it is not good for my health, too. And that is the reason why I try to avoid eating white rice, sweets, and fatty foods. Hubby and I are helping each other lose weight by eating a balance diet and exercise with a hope of reaching our goals to get fit and be healthy for the sake of our son who needs us. We are both crossing our fingers on this one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Affordable Lamps of All Styles

To make our move lighter before we moved out of state a month ago, we sold almost everything in the apartment where we lived, from furniture, clothes, tandem bicycle, small appliances to light fixtures. It was worth it because most of the stuffs we got rid of were replaceable and really need a replacement. So, as soon as we settled in to our new place, my husband and I started shopping for furniture, appliances, and table lamps and desk lamps. We couldn't find any lamps that suit our need which are inexpensive, better design, and quality made.
We decided to look online to see if we can find an online store that offers huge selection of lamps of all styles from famous manufacturers and brand name lamps. Luckily, I've found one online. The great thing about this website is that they also carry other products aside from lighting; they have bath products such as bathroom sinks and faucets, accessories; ventilation products like bathroom fans, attic fans, humidifiers, range hood and more; ceiling fans, and door wear products. So for all your lighting need, visit their website or click the link provided here for more selections from traditional lighting to contemporary lighting they got you covered.