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Monday, May 31, 2010

Settle Your Debt Once and For All!

Having credit card debt can be stressful especially if you are having hard time paying it. If that is the case, chances are your bills will be filing up in no time, and the interest is even harder to pay! If you want to be debt free in just a year or two, why not contact a debt settlement company that can help you have peace of mind and be Debt Relief? Yes, you heard me right! You will be debt free in as little as 12-36 months. Great news, isn't it?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mall or Mc Donald?

Today is another one of those Saturdays where hubby works, that means we are all stuck at home. It is kind of boring to stay home the whole week. I would like to go out and do something fun for my son. I promised to take him to Mc Donald today for lunch. He is very excited and couldn't wait till it's 12noon :-). I also think of maybe going to the mall where there is a big play place where he could play with many children. I haven't tell him this plan, but am sure he would choose it over Mc Donald :-). The only problem is that, am I willing to drive a long way? I don't mind driving far before the car crash we had last year. I still can't get over the feeling of fear that it might happen again. I am so nervous every time I go out by myself..... I just hope to get over with it and move on. This should not interfere with the things I like to do. It is not's not healthy either.

Benefits of Renting a Rent to Own Homes

When we were looking for a place to live almost a year ago, we have considered renting a house/home for the many reasons. First of all, it will be bigger than an apartment, you don't hear noise from your next door or upstairs neighbors, and you sometimes even have an option to buy it especially if it is a rent - to - own - home/house. And so we went to to see if we will find something that we like in the neighborhood where we wanted to live. I really like their website for it is easy to navigate, and they have a huge list of Homes For Rent! We had fun using the website. In there we also learned about Affordable Housing Options, FHA, Rental Assistance, Government Homes for Sale, Overview on Buying a Home and more. The best thing about the website is that it is a user-friendly search that makes finding rent to own/lease to own homes easier than ever before.

Do Not Procrastinate!

Finally, I am done with all the tasks assigned to me. Whew, it sure is brain draining when you get tasks all at the same time. I am not just one of those people who doesn't stop till everything is done. If I can do it now, why procrastinate, right? Procrastination is not good. It makes your work harder than it's already been. Imagine being overwhelmed with all the chores in front of you. If only they can talk, they'll tell you, "when are you going to touch us?" "We are tired of waiting."

Use Internet to Find Place to Live

When it comes to buying a house/home there are many things to consider like the location, price, amenities and more. It will not be easy finding the house of your dream by just doing the finding yourself. You can ask for a real estate agent to help you, but it will take time especially if you are in a hurry. Why not consider using the internet? Online you will find many options that can help you decide what kind of home you can afford, from Homes By Owner For Rent, lease to own homes, custom build homes and more. You will even get an idea on how to can pay your rent and or mortgage through the program called Rental Assistance. Click the link provided here for the website is easy to navigate and there are also photos of the houses available in the neighborhood where you want to live.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Need Car Repair?

Back when I wasn't driving yet, I used to think of driving as fun and exciting. My husband did all the driving then, and all I have to do is sit, relax and enjoy the ride. As I was him drive, I thought that when I start driving, I can drive like him. Then, comes the time the I finally got my driver's license and my driving begun. I had time driving myself. I finally got the freedom to go anywhere I want to without asking hubby to drive me around. For 5 years I didn't encounter any problem till last year, Thanksgiving day when an impatient driver hit the van I was driving. O will not going to lie...I hated that woman! She just totaled our favorite van who was only a year old then. I was very crushed! Good thing that our car insurance paid us the amount we needed to replace that van. When we got the check, we didn't waste time because we need second vehicle since hubby works at night. In case something happened, we have one to use without asking him to go home from work. There was a dealership near where we live and so went looking and while there I also saw this Honda Accord which was exactly looked like the one my Aunt car. For a moment there, I dreamed of owning one.

Anyway, owning a vehicle comes responsibilities. And if you want your car to last longer, it needs to be ,maintained regularly. We cannot avoid expenses for there’s always something to fix. I still remember when our old van needs a new timing belt . Hubby went ahead and bought one; had he not done it himself, we could have paid more if we asked someone to fix it for us. But if you are not as handy as my husband, then you can go to San Francisco auto repair that can help your car fix. My cousin used this auto repair shop and was very pleased with the result. You might want to give them a try. Who knows you might like their services, too!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nostalgia: Our First House/Home

This picture was taken inside our first home after we attended church service...our first picture in the house we bought 6 months after we are married. Very memorable to us,...that is why when we sold the house, I cried. We were very much attached to it because of the many wonderful memories we shared. This is where I first got pregnant with our first child as well as our second. We did extensive renovation thinking that we would stay here for the rest of our lives, but that didn't happen :-(.



Okay, before I start crying again, head on at Rose's blog or click the badge below for more Nostalgia entries.


Best Diet Supplements

I keep telling myself that I need to lose weight so I can go back to the way my body used to be before I got married. Then, I can wear those small size clothes I have long placed in my closet. But this will never happen if I will not control myself from eating. I need someone to motivate me so I can continue with my goal to stay active and be healthy. I was counting on with my husband, but he can't even keep himself away from eating. I guess, it is time to try this best diet supplement I read on the internet. Many people proved that clinicallix really works! I better talk with my doctor first before taking this diet supplement otherwise it is interfere with the other medications I take.

The List is Finally Complete!

The last time I talked to my brother over the phone, he asked me to find a medicine that can treat his skin tag. I think this skin tag is genetic for my grandmother has it also. My brother told me that it is becoming bothersome to him because they are getting bigger and spread over his face and neck. He found a medication that will treat his skin tag, but it is very expensive. Anyway, I found a natural oil that can help treat it, but it is also expensive. I think I have no choice but buy one anyway.The best thing about this oil is that, it is also a good treatment for blackheads and other skin problems. No wonder why it is very pricey. Now, the Balikbayan box is ready to be sent to the Philippines because natural oil completed the list.

One of My Fave Quote

The family is eternal. Love must be nurtured. It must be spoken. We must put away our pride, our haughtiness, our shyness and misunderstanding, and with humility say "i love you", "Is there something I can help you?" You can never be happy under any circumstances. ~ Marjorie Pay Hinckley ~

I really believe that this is true. Being humble takes away any pride we keep in our hearts....for pride will never make you neither your family happy....instead it breaks relationship, marriages, homes and the future of innocent children. Let us take away our pride so we can express how much love we have for matter what the circumstances are.

Texas Car Insurance

You will not realize how expensive Texas car insurance is until you move to other state. We didn't know that till we moved to Virginia and then moved back to Texas. Car insurance in VA is way cheaper there than here. We shopped for car insurance before we finally chose the insurance we have right now. However, since we will be moving soon to our new house, and it will be a long commute from home to work, hubby and I decided to change our car insurance and transfer it to the insurance company where we will use for home insurance that way, we would save more.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is Funny!

This has been circulating on the web for quite awhile now and it is funny! Whoever is behind this did a great job on making people laugh particularly Filipinos like me :-); however, I am not sure if this is true, hope not! This might just be a joke!

Did this make you laugh?

Matt Uses Acne Cleanser for His Face.

Most women are very conscious on how they look. They do many things from personal hygiene to the look of their bodies. Some undergo procedure such as cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation and such to satisfy their need to look good and please other. I, on the other hand don't really care much about these things. As long as I know that I am clean inside and out ...I feel good about myself. Talking about personal hygiene, if there is one person who is very much conscious about his face, that person would be my husband :-). Although his face is blemish free and stuff, he uses acne cleanser to prevent getting acne. I sometimes tease him and he would just smile at me saying that I am just envious. Then, I will tell him that why would I ? My face is fine.... pimples/acne or anything like that. Then in the end, we would laugh at each other. Oh, the fun of having someone whom you can talk to, be with and laugh with. I am love my life...being married to my wonderful husband it GREAT!

Field Day at Jess Harben

Today was the "Field Day" at my son's school. Hubby and I got the chance to help and participate. We had the fun seeing kids play games, get wet with the aqua balls, and slide at the inflatable slides. My son was very happy and excited, too. The only thing that I wasn't happy about is that I didn't get to take pictures of my son participating....on top breaking my camera when I accidentally dropped it, bummer! Next time, I plan not to volunteer so I can see him plays as well as take pictures. I don't want to miss important moments of my son's school life such as this ever again!

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Every year we make sure that we visit my in-laws at their home in NM and that happens every summer. But this year, we are not sure if we can do our vacation due to our house move. They might see us instead. Talking about vacation, one time during our visit there, we spent one week and had so much fun because it turned out to be like a reunion. We got also met their neighbors and close friends of my husband's parent. One of them was his Godparent who was sick. I noticed that she was using a portable oxygen concentrator that helps her breath. This machine is a great help for her; thanks to the modern technology a lot of people can breath better and helps prolong their lives.

Nostalgia: Childhood Memorabilia

Today, I am joining the newest meme in the blog land and it is called "Nostalgic" hosted by Rose of Obstacles and Glories. This week's there is "Childhood Memorabilia. I keep these because these things for they are my treasures.


Now here they are....

This was a keepsake from my first child Ruth (decease)...a little ring that I wear as a necklace pendant.

A baby shower coursage on Jake's baby shower hosted by a good friend of ours, Linda Ravsten.

A gift from Medical City received right before Jake was discharged from NICU.

Join us and share your Nostalgic Moments at Rose Blog or click the badge above!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We Like Modern Furniture

As the building of our house is about to end (finished), hubby and I are shopping for new furniture particularly modern or contemporary one. So, went looking at a modern furniture store the other week ago because most of their furniture are contemporary. They have plenty of modern sofas to choose from and we couldn't decided which one would be best fit our budget. We really need to budget out money because we still need to buy the hutch that matches our dining set. Can you tell that we love modern furniture? Yes we do! In fact we do have a couch similar to the photos you'll find on the link provided here.

Just Blabbing a Little Bit about Me!

It is my pleasure to be invited to host the BlogParty today. And I would like to thank, RJ's Mama for that. I am sure some of the blogger know me already, but for those who haven't yet...let me introduce myself first. I am Cecilia, but some people call me Ces, Cel, Cecile, Cici, and Celia. I am from the state of Texas; a stay at home mom, mother of a 5 year old boy who enjoys cooking, outdoors, blogging and going out with family and friends. I am an active member of LDS church.


I have been blogging since 2008; thanks to a friend, Juliet who introduced me to the world of blogging. Living overseas away from my parents, siblings and friends is not easy, and my 6 blogs became my outlet....they keep me occupied especially when I am alone. My blogs mostly talk about my personal and family life...the things we love to do and enjoy. The other 2 blogs is all about foods and health.

If you want to get to know me well, visit my blogs: Life is Good and Beautiful, Small and Simple Things, Down Home with The Kenyons, Kitchen the Heart of Our Home, Thoughts of A Pinay SAHM, and Health is Treasure.

Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to seeing you soon back in my blogs :-)!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Your Hut's On Fire...

I got this from a friend who sent it through email. I thought it was very important to share it with you, so here it is....this is a reminder for us that God is Watching Us from Up Above. He loves us...He knows our need...He listens and answers our prayers!

The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him. Every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.

Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect himself from the elements, and to store his few possessions. One day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, with smoke rolling up to the sky. He felt the worst had happened, and everything was lost. He was stunned with disbelief, grief, and anger. He cried out, 'God! How could you do this to me'?

Early the next day, he was awakened by the sound of a ship approaching the island! It had come to rescue him! 'How did you know I was here'? asked the weary man of his rescuers. 'We saw your smoke signal' they replied.

The Moral of This Story: It's easy to get discouraged when things are going bad, but we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of our pain and suffering.

Remember that the next time your little hut seems to be burning to the ground. It just may be a smoke signal that summons the Grace of God.

Monday, May 17, 2010

He Wants an Elliptical Machine

Through internet life is easier to handle. Imagine, you can do almost all you want to do using internet from shopping to watching your fave tv shows online. Since I love to shop, internet makes it easier for me, I don't have to go out and drive my car to go to the shopping mall. All I have to do is turn my computer on and shop. The other day while I was looking for a flip flop at, I found one, but too bad because they don't have the color I like. Good thing they have this thing where they can email me when the color is already available. Anyway, after that, I went on surfing and saw this great deal on fitness equipment. The price is right and thought that hubby would like to get an elliptical machine to be added with the exercise equipment we have at home. Oh well, on the other hand, maybe we don't need it since he hardly use the treadmill, plus there is a walking path we can use to walk and exercise....and that is way fact it's FREE!

It's 7:30am, Are We Late?

This morning when the alarm went off, I turned it off and decided to stay on bed for five minutes. But the five minutes turned into 30 minutes! Yup, me, hubby and Jake all woke up late. I got up right away and woke Jake up. I immediately went to the bathroom and prepared it for Jake quick shower. Good thing I don't have to prepare his lunch. After shower, I helped him get dress to speed up the process and then eat his breakfast. Ten minutes before the final bell ring, they already on their way to school. I prayed for him not to be late. Today is also the day where Jake and his class are going to perform on the so excited! I couldn't wait to see him perform. Before that, we will have lunch with him...and this would probably the last time since the school will soon end.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding Rent To Own Homes Has Never Been Easier!

When we were on the process of finding a home to purchase, hubby and I talked a lot what type of house to buy, how much our budget would be, how much the mortgage would be and so forth and so on. I also brought out about the option of rent to own home/house, but unfortunately, he didn't thin that it was a good idea. He said it would be very complicated which I think is not true. Anyway, after much considerations, we decided to buy a new home build according to our need and want.

For those who consider on buying a rent to own home, there is a website that can help you. is the site that offers an easy to navigate website that pulls in listings from many sources to bring the consumer a substantial selection of nationwide rent to own listings, thus making a rent to own homes search easier with their user friendly site. And if you live in Oakland, Oakland Rent To Own Homes is going to be a great help for you and your family. They even have a Rental Assistance information where you will learn more about buying a house/home. Check this website out and find the house/home of your dream today!

Happy Birthday, Tita Isa!

Today is my Aunt's birthday...and I'd like to thank her for letting me stay at her house in Malaysia 11 years ago. She was one of the reason why I am here today. It was in her house where Matt and I first met, and got engaged. If not from her and her husband's generosity, I wouldn't be here today; and for that "thanks, Tita Isa and Uncle Jeremy....and of course "Happy Bday."

This photo was taken in California where her two sons live. She went there to celebrate her birthday with her hubby and sons and their families. By the way, she is my mother's sister.

Put Away Your Toys First!

Every time I go shopping with my son, he gets excited and starts bugging me about getting him a toy. It can be annoying at times. I can't buy him a toy every time he sees one at the store. So to make him understand why he can't get everything he wanted especially toys, he needs to take care of his toys home first, meaning putting them away when he is done playing. He was having hard time doing that and so I ended doing it myself. This little guy needs to learn that he also needs to earn money so he can buy toys with his own money. He agreed and now he doesn't ask me to buy him one when we go to the store; he asks for a doughnut though :-), and that is fine every once in awhile.

Jake's Field Trip to Petco

On Wednesday, the Kindergartner had their last field trip for this school year. They went to Petco near school with some parents to help out with the kids cross a major intersection. I was glad I helped. We all enjoyed that educational trip...the good thing is that we didn't spend even a single penny and yet the kids had so much fun!

Jake asked me to take a picture of his BFF at school, Caleb before the field trip to Petco....
looking at some guinea pigs....this Petco guy has a snake on his hand explaining what kind of snake it was and so forth and so on...
holding hands (Lance, Jake and Rylie) on the way back to school.

Energy Editing Course/Class

After a couple of lay offs my husband had experienced in the last two years, brought to us a realization that nothing is going to be permanent in the field of his expertise when it comes to work/job. And so if we wanted a secure job, he needs to do some changes and that includes change of work. Though his job now is the same, we are planning to attend classes and take something in the filed of health, or something like energy auditing course. We learn that energy auditor not only makes a lot of money, but also a job that is very secure which is on the top of our priority right now. With a small child home, we need to secure his education and future.

I Need a Day Off!

Okay, after awhile there, I got tired seating in front of my laptop though there are still at least 6 paid tasks that need to be done. I need to kick my butt out and start doing my chores. I tell you even weekends, I never run out of things to do in this small apartment of ours. There are dishes to be cleaned, clothes to be washed and put away, living room to tidy up, kid to be fed and bathed, toys to be put away and the list goes on and on...*sigh*...oh well, this is my job as a mother and wife...but I am still not used to it. I still find myself wondering when these chores are going to be finished...when would I get the chance to relax for at least a day or two? I am not complaining alright!? Just need time for myself, that's all even for a day. I think we...stay at home Moms, need to clock out and days off....what do you think? I am sure you mothers, and wives out there would agree with me :-). Oh well, got to get up for it is almost lunch time...need to prepare a quick meal. Ta, ta for now!

Great Deals on Foreclosed Homes!

Based on our experienced while looking for a house to buy six months ago, I say, it wasn't easy especially if you do the searching yourself. We drove every area where we wanted to live, but every time we found one that we like, it is either way above our budget or needs extensive renovation. It was very stressful! So one day, we stopped by at a real estate office and asked if they have a realtor agent who could help us find the house of our dream. And so we got a realtor who is experienced enough to explain to us first about the Overview on Buying a Home. We learned a lot from the discussion e had with him. A week later, we were on our way to viewing houses that meet our budget and needs. Along the way, he told us to look online also. The website he gave us was very neat. We really like that it was easy to navigate, there are plenty of photos as well; and most of all the enough listings in the neighborhood we wanted.

Back on house hunting and viewing, the real estate agent showed us houses after house and most of them were foreclosed ones. Hubby and I didn't want to do thorough renovation despite of the fact that this kind of house are not that pricey compared to houses that are not foreclosed or government own. We don't want to purchase a house again that needs a lot of works. And so we say, no! But to those who don't mind renovations and stuffs, foreclosed houses are great deal! The good thing about foreclosed homes is that you can find them anywhere you want to live. I remember a friend who bought a foreclosed home in the state of Oklahoma with the helped of Oklahoma City Foreclosed Homes. They sold their other house due to her husband changed of work. Sometimes it is hard to live a home you lived in for years because of the emotional attachment you had, but you have to move out and leave don't have any choice especially when it comes to job and sustaining you family financially.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My New Life

This is a true of a woman, and mother whom despite of the trials she has gone through still see life as a blessing. Her challenges made her stronger and her faith in God is stronger than ever. Sometimes in our lives, we experienced difficulties and asked God; Why me? What did I do wrong? I don't deserved this kind of trial! Instead of asking these questions to God, why not take it positively just like Stephanie Neilson. I will try to do what she did and hope to be happy and feel blessed even when trials and challenges arise.

It is very inspiring...I watched it over and over again and I felt good inside. My faith In God was renewed.I love this video for it motivates me to do what is right, to love my family more and most of life...for it is a blessing from my Heavenly Father

Are You Looking for Land Contract Homes in Your Neighborhood?

Finding a real estate property is not an easy thing to do. It is a big decision a couple should make. There are plenty of options out there, from rent to own house, land contract homes to multiple lease to buy houses. It depends on how much you can afford to pay and of course the amount of loan you are going to get or qualified for. When hubby and I were looking for a house a little over a year ago, we both have different opinions. I wanted to buy a rent to own house since that was the only available in the area where we want to live. On the other hand, that time, the economy was down and he wasn't sure whether he would stay long in his job or not, and so he wanted us to buy a mobile home of which I strongly opposed.

Yeah, it is hard to agree on same thing if finances and job security is not really stable. Thank goodness we didn't pursue any of the two options because after a year working, he got laid off! I really believed that things happened for a reason. After three months, he found a job again back to Texas; and this time he was rehired again by the company he worked for years. Now that he has a permanent job again, our plan to own a house is back. We contacted a real estate agent who helped us find the house of our dream. In the process, he gave us tips and information on buying a home smartly. He also shares with us FHA Information and other help we can get from the government.

Anyway, we brought out our plan to purchase a land contract homes with but ended buying a new custom build home, instead. Despite of that, to me, land contract home is one of the best option to consider when planning to purchase a lease to own house or land. These option can be found anywhere you want to live, and if you want to live in Oakland, CA, and want to buy a land contract home, the Oakland Land Contract Homes can help you. I like their website for it is easy to navigate and there are enough listings in the neighborhood I wanted. My favorite was the photos of the houses available as well as the price and the location. Indeed, finding land contract home has never been easier.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No More Promises....

Since the election is over, and the new Philippine president and vice president were elected, people expect so much from them. Their promises need to be kept so they will not lose the trust they earned during the campaign days. I like to believe that the new leaders would make a big more corruption, broken promises, and selfishness. This is the time to change the Philippines for the better. I like to think that they are different than the last president.

Don't make any promises. Because when a man takes an oath... he's holding his own self in his own water. And if he opens his fingers then - he needn't hope to find himself again. ~ Robert Bolt ~

Weight Loss Diets

Eating is one thing hubby and I enjoy doing together. Aside from eating we also love adventures. We like to try new things, and new foods from different countries aside from American and Filipino foods. No wonder why are having difficulty losing weight. We have tried many things from exercise, diet, planned meals, and low carb diet bu to no avail. I wonder if there are weight loss diets that would really work for us. Right now, we are eating plenty of fruits and veggies, on top of read and white meat and less foods that are high in carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, potatoes, flour tortilla, pizza and etc. These foods are not only bad for you if consume more than you should, but also they turn into sugar, thus making your blood sugar level high.

Enforce and Obey Laws

As a citizen of the United States of America, one of the thing I am allowed to do s to voice out my opinions. I don't normally do this but I cannot help but have my say. Every time I pick my son up at school, I see people driving fast than the speed limit especially on the school zone, driving and talking on the phone at the same time and not buckling their kids up. Some of them are parents and some are policemen. Yes, policemen drive more than the speed limit. The thing is that, how would they expect people to obey traffic rules, if they themselves are not obeying/following them. I think that being a policeman doesn't excuse them from obeying such laws. They should not abuse their authority or exercise unrighteous dominion. Sad to say, but it is true. They should not enforce a law that they cannot obey. What do you think?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cure for Eczema

The other day which was Saturday, we attended a birthday party of our friend's son who had just turned six year old. Freddie is a smart little boy who loves toys like Transformers, Walle and Iron Man2. He also has twins sisters of whom we adore so much; they are so cute and very opposite in all ways. When you see these girls, you wouldn't think they are twins. Anyway, one of the twins has skin allergy or should I say eczema. My friend talked to the pediatrician on how to treat it; and prescribed some kind of cream for eczema cure. So far, the eczema is under control and will eventually be gone as she grows up. Watching my friend changing her daughter's diaper made me feel sad because I can see the eczema on her daughter's skin. However, her little girl seems fine and looks like she wasn't hurting at all.

They Made Me Feel Special!

Yesterday morning, we all woke up early because we wanted to catch up the 9am church service at Mesquite. After breakfast, we immediately prepared ourselves and left the apartment exactly 8:45am and got there on time. Whew, thank goodness we weren't late! But before that, while I was getting myself ready, hubby and son went outside and I had no idea where they went. After few minutes, they came back and my son handed me a Mother's Day card with hugs and kisses from both of them. Aren't these guys are sweet and thoughtful or what? Anyway, that alone made my day at church, they gave all the mothers strand of roses after the service. I felt very special that day! I am glad that I was given a chance to mother one of Heavenly Father's Children!

Mother's Day card from hubby and son...
Red rose from church.And last but not the least, a new cellphone from hubby :-)!? Thanks, Honey you so much, muahhh!

Time to Lose Weight!

Yesterday was my friend's son birthday and we were invited to attend. Her son is the same age as my son and so every year we attend our son's respective birthday party. We actually have one more friend who also happened to have a son and together we celebrate our sons special day. The fun thing about attending party is that we also get to talk and catch up with each other's whereabouts and same thing with our husbands. Anyway, as always, we tend to eat a lot and thus we kind of gain weight afterward. Those sweets and carbohydrates are bad for you if you eat a lot; oh well I couldn't resist those foods can you? I rally need to lose weight as my doctor said. But I want to shed those extra pounds fast! And the only thing I could think of that would do is the diet pill called alli. I heard that it is safe and also very effective. The only way to find out is to try it myself. Who know, this might be the right diet pill for me and even for hubby.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother, I Love You!

Mother (Inang), though you won't be able to read this, I still want to write it here, who knows your grand kids might visit my blogs and read this, they can tell or show it to you. Anyway, though I am not good on saying "i love you" in words, I know you know how much you mean to me. Thanks for everything you did for me :-)! I am forever grateful for you love, and for bringing me into this world. Without you, I won't be where I am today. You're great, Mom! myspace graphic comments

Friday, May 7, 2010

We Need Office Supplies

My son is growing so fast; I cannot believe that my baby is almost six year old. Soon I will have a first grader. My son loves to read, color and draw. He is now into Transformers and Star War toys now and like to draw a lot of them. Everyday when he comes home from school, he would draw any of the two toys I mentioned here. No wonder why we are running out of our office supplies because he uses many bond papers, markers and pencils and pens :-). Since tomorrow is Saturday, we have time to go shop for office supplies to replenish them. We need to shop for birthday gifts that we would take to his friend's birthday party tomorrow afternoon, too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gifts for Our Moms!

This is exactly the flowers I sent to my Mother In-Law for mother's day this coming Sunday, with a box of chocolates. It will be delivered to her by Pro on Friday. MD card is also included. After all the fees and other charges this $19.99 gift cost me $39.95; it's okay for she deserved it because she is a great MIL and Grandma I have ever known.

On the other hand, my mother has already gotten her present the other day though I didn't send her a mothers day card for I'll send it on her birthday this May. We will just give her a call on Sunday.

These mothers are great influences in me and my husband's life that is why we love them so much. And just like I always say, there is no amount of wealth can equal the great love and sacrifices these women have done for us just to bring us for where we are and who we are today.

Inang and Mom, Happy Mother's Day to you both. We love and thank you so much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Owner Financed Homes are Available

About three months ago, my husband and I are on the looked for a house to buy. We have looked in three areas on top on the area we currently live; after months and months of searching, we didn't get any success. The reasons: it's either the house is a HUD one, needs massive renovation or way out of our budget. It was frustrating and that when the time we said: that's it! The time for us to choose our nest option which was to look for new houses being built. Though these houses are 30 minutes away from work and good hospitals, we decided to have our house build s in that neighborhood where all we need is close especially the school, walking trail, fishing pier, playground, swimming pool, and ball games fields and courts.

I remember that most of the house we saw were owned by government or from Government Homes For Sale and some are also owner financed homes. It was very encouraging especially to those who are in need of financial assistance on purchasing a house or to just qualify for those kind of houses. Talking about owner financed homes, I think this kind of help from the sellers are available anywhere you want to purchase a house. And if you search for these houses online, you'll find it in Charlotte, NC.I once saw some Charlotte Owner Financed Homes when we were visiting my brother in-law in that area. Isn't it great? Now, everyone who needs financial assistance can possibly get it from either the owners, government and more. You just need to do some research on how the avail on this kind of assistance. There are also plenty of websites that are easy to navigate and allow you to search for location, amenities and so forth. One more thing you can do is by talking to a Real estate agent.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nature's Walk on Sunday Afternoon

My family and I loves outdoors; we like to go for a hike, bike ride, camp, picnic, swim, nature's walk and going to historical places, museums, zoos, arboretums and more. We always take advantage of the time where we can go together as family to bond and enjoy life. In here we took a walk on a Sunday afternoon at Lake Tawakoni State Park. Though it was windy, we still had fun walking, watching people swim, play ball games, picnicking, and those that are boating.

Here is the beginning of the walk we did last week....
we passed by the trail where people are fishing...
...these two guys regreted of not taking their fishing poles....
oh well, we didn't bring swimsuits either...
so we just walked.... here is a little swamp where they threw sprigs.
More was a fun and cheap way to relax and enjoy God's creations.
Going back...where we started....
and finally, I get one picture taken by hubby :-)!
Taking some rest after a long walk...
while snacking with cheese crackers, and juice/water. That was a fun walk, indeed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Studio Apartments in Louisville

Two years ago, my husband got lay off from his job of seven years. The company he worked for decided to shut the building where he was working. It was sad because many people loss their job. More or less at least 500 employee are forced to find a job somewhere else. We were forced to sell our house we loved and worked hard for. That reason led us to moving to other state; we were relocated by the company who hired him which unfortunately went kaput exactly one year after he was hired. Thank goodness, God watches over us and never let us suffer from economic crisis. My husband was rehired by the same company and got his years of work back.

And so, we are back to the same state and city where we used to lived. We tried to find a house again; the funny thing was that the house we sold to a lady was for sale again. We cannot believe it! She bought that house to us and lived there for one only year and then selling it for much more than she paid us! What a bummer! Oh well, though we loved that house so much, we didn't buy it back because the house didn't look like the same when we sold it to her. I mean, she didn't take care of it! Her reason was, she wanted to live in a studio apartment instead. Talking about studio apartments, you can find it anywhere now....wherever state you want to live. In fact there are plenty of it in Louisville. Louisville Studio Apartments has all the amenities you are looking for. And if you are having problem financially, you can get help from Rental Assistance program. This is a program created by the government to help those who can afford to buy a home of your dream. If you have questions on how to avail this program, you should visit their site.