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Friday, May 28, 2010

Need Car Repair?

Back when I wasn't driving yet, I used to think of driving as fun and exciting. My husband did all the driving then, and all I have to do is sit, relax and enjoy the ride. As I was him drive, I thought that when I start driving, I can drive like him. Then, comes the time the I finally got my driver's license and my driving begun. I had time driving myself. I finally got the freedom to go anywhere I want to without asking hubby to drive me around. For 5 years I didn't encounter any problem till last year, Thanksgiving day when an impatient driver hit the van I was driving. O will not going to lie...I hated that woman! She just totaled our favorite van who was only a year old then. I was very crushed! Good thing that our car insurance paid us the amount we needed to replace that van. When we got the check, we didn't waste time because we need second vehicle since hubby works at night. In case something happened, we have one to use without asking him to go home from work. There was a dealership near where we live and so went looking and while there I also saw this Honda Accord which was exactly looked like the one my Aunt car. For a moment there, I dreamed of owning one.

Anyway, owning a vehicle comes responsibilities. And if you want your car to last longer, it needs to be ,maintained regularly. We cannot avoid expenses for there’s always something to fix. I still remember when our old van needs a new timing belt . Hubby went ahead and bought one; had he not done it himself, we could have paid more if we asked someone to fix it for us. But if you are not as handy as my husband, then you can go to San Francisco auto repair that can help your car fix. My cousin used this auto repair shop and was very pleased with the result. You might want to give them a try. Who knows you might like their services, too!

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