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Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Blabbing a Little Bit about Me!

It is my pleasure to be invited to host the BlogParty today. And I would like to thank, RJ's Mama for that. I am sure some of the blogger know me already, but for those who haven't yet...let me introduce myself first. I am Cecilia, but some people call me Ces, Cel, Cecile, Cici, and Celia. I am from the state of Texas; a stay at home mom, mother of a 5 year old boy who enjoys cooking, outdoors, blogging and going out with family and friends. I am an active member of LDS church.


I have been blogging since 2008; thanks to a friend, Juliet who introduced me to the world of blogging. Living overseas away from my parents, siblings and friends is not easy, and my 6 blogs became my outlet....they keep me occupied especially when I am alone. My blogs mostly talk about my personal and family life...the things we love to do and enjoy. The other 2 blogs is all about foods and health.

If you want to get to know me well, visit my blogs: Life is Good and Beautiful, Small and Simple Things, Down Home with The Kenyons, Kitchen the Heart of Our Home, Thoughts of A Pinay SAHM, and Health is Treasure.

Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to seeing you soon back in my blogs :-)!


Alice Law said...

LOL... happy blogging to you, it's nice to know you via blogger world!

Please have a nice day!

Cecile said...

thanks, Alice :-); you have a nice Monday, too!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

wow! 2008 ka pala nag start,and dami mo agad blogs. :D

Cecile said...

@Willa, oo nga eh, ewan ko ba...what was i thinking? now di na ko maka agwanta hehehe...but i promise to myself last na yung pang anim :-)...hirap dami blogs.

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing teCes....:)

Rossel said...

dropped by blogger's party host and left a comment there. i love all your blogs. God bless!

Cecile said...

thanks, dhemz and rossel :-); love your blogs, too!