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Monday, May 3, 2010

Owner Financed Homes are Available

About three months ago, my husband and I are on the looked for a house to buy. We have looked in three areas on top on the area we currently live; after months and months of searching, we didn't get any success. The reasons: it's either the house is a HUD one, needs massive renovation or way out of our budget. It was frustrating and that when the time we said: that's it! The time for us to choose our nest option which was to look for new houses being built. Though these houses are 30 minutes away from work and good hospitals, we decided to have our house build s in that neighborhood where all we need is close especially the school, walking trail, fishing pier, playground, swimming pool, and ball games fields and courts.

I remember that most of the house we saw were owned by government or from Government Homes For Sale and some are also owner financed homes. It was very encouraging especially to those who are in need of financial assistance on purchasing a house or to just qualify for those kind of houses. Talking about owner financed homes, I think this kind of help from the sellers are available anywhere you want to purchase a house. And if you search for these houses online, you'll find it in Charlotte, NC.I once saw some Charlotte Owner Financed Homes when we were visiting my brother in-law in that area. Isn't it great? Now, everyone who needs financial assistance can possibly get it from either the owners, government and more. You just need to do some research on how the avail on this kind of assistance. There are also plenty of websites that are easy to navigate and allow you to search for location, amenities and so forth. One more thing you can do is by talking to a Real estate agent.

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