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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's 7:30am, Are We Late?

This morning when the alarm went off, I turned it off and decided to stay on bed for five minutes. But the five minutes turned into 30 minutes! Yup, me, hubby and Jake all woke up late. I got up right away and woke Jake up. I immediately went to the bathroom and prepared it for Jake quick shower. Good thing I don't have to prepare his lunch. After shower, I helped him get dress to speed up the process and then eat his breakfast. Ten minutes before the final bell ring, they already on their way to school. I prayed for him not to be late. Today is also the day where Jake and his class are going to perform on the so excited! I couldn't wait to see him perform. Before that, we will have lunch with him...and this would probably the last time since the school will soon end.


Mama Ko said...

Ang aga nyo palang gumugisingces ano. ako nag rereklamo na ako nitong mga bulilit ko, naggigising nga alas 6, tapos i tried to go back to sleep gising ng 7 or 8 waaa

Look froward for jake's pictures.

Dhemz said... uroy me usahay te....hahahha....kani laging kulang ug!

wow, musta man ang performance ni jake teCes?