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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Studio Apartments in Louisville

Two years ago, my husband got lay off from his job of seven years. The company he worked for decided to shut the building where he was working. It was sad because many people loss their job. More or less at least 500 employee are forced to find a job somewhere else. We were forced to sell our house we loved and worked hard for. That reason led us to moving to other state; we were relocated by the company who hired him which unfortunately went kaput exactly one year after he was hired. Thank goodness, God watches over us and never let us suffer from economic crisis. My husband was rehired by the same company and got his years of work back.

And so, we are back to the same state and city where we used to lived. We tried to find a house again; the funny thing was that the house we sold to a lady was for sale again. We cannot believe it! She bought that house to us and lived there for one only year and then selling it for much more than she paid us! What a bummer! Oh well, though we loved that house so much, we didn't buy it back because the house didn't look like the same when we sold it to her. I mean, she didn't take care of it! Her reason was, she wanted to live in a studio apartment instead. Talking about studio apartments, you can find it anywhere now....wherever state you want to live. In fact there are plenty of it in Louisville. Louisville Studio Apartments has all the amenities you are looking for. And if you are having problem financially, you can get help from Rental Assistance program. This is a program created by the government to help those who can afford to buy a home of your dream. If you have questions on how to avail this program, you should visit their site.

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