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Monday, May 17, 2010

He Wants an Elliptical Machine

Through internet life is easier to handle. Imagine, you can do almost all you want to do using internet from shopping to watching your fave tv shows online. Since I love to shop, internet makes it easier for me, I don't have to go out and drive my car to go to the shopping mall. All I have to do is turn my computer on and shop. The other day while I was looking for a flip flop at, I found one, but too bad because they don't have the color I like. Good thing they have this thing where they can email me when the color is already available. Anyway, after that, I went on surfing and saw this great deal on fitness equipment. The price is right and thought that hubby would like to get an elliptical machine to be added with the exercise equipment we have at home. Oh well, on the other hand, maybe we don't need it since he hardly use the treadmill, plus there is a walking path we can use to walk and exercise....and that is way fact it's FREE!

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