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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Oganize Garage

Trying to organize thing is not an easy task especially if you have limited storage. A good organization skill is the key.  Looking at my husband's garage makes me mad sometimes. His stuffs are everywhere. And if I need something in the garage, I couldn't find it or took sometime before I finally found it. He needs to buy  spacers for his drawers and cabinets so that his stuffs especially the small ones that we always use such us screws, nails, thumb tasks, and etc. These small but necessary things are driving me nuts when I need to sort them out every time I need one of them. It will make our life a little bit easier if only husband organize his things inside the garage or do we need to call someone to do it for us. No way, I'd pay someone to organize our garage; and it isn't my job either :-(.

Maximizing Our Storage Space

Preparing for emergency is one thing my family and I give so much importance when it come short and long time investments on top of our physical and spiritual well - being. That is why when you come to my house, you will notice that our pantry/utility room is full of canned foods and none perishable items. We always make sure that when a calamity arises, we are prepared and are at peace knowing that we have everything on hand. By so doing, we are now running out of space. I need to start do the  racking technique to insure that we have plenty space to move around the utility room/pantry. We need to buy at least two racks for our pantry and garage. I just need to do some research on where to find a store that offers great deals or discount on racks.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Dream Helicopter Swing Chairs

Even though we live in the area when it is very hot on summer time, we still want to live her or even retire her someday. It is hot on summer, but the rest of the year, it is really very nice in this part of Texas. We love gardening, spend time in the backyard with our little boy and our dog named, Pumpkin. Our yard is big enough for vegetables garden, a picnic table (made by my very own handyman, my husband), a fire pit, and maybe a couple of Helicopter Swing Chair. I really like this chair because it is kind of cool and very unique. And it is very easy to assemble, too. We don't need to hire someone to assemble it for us.

Once we have these helicopter swing chairs, I am pretty sure, we would spend more time in our backyard reading our favorite books, talking, enjoying the pretty sky and the moon at night. Waiting for the food grilling, sitting on the unique chair would be a treat! Our son would really get a kick on it....and maybe the dog, too!

Anyway. As I browse the website who sell this helicopter swing chair, I noticed they also sell helicopter swing seat cover to protect the chair from sun and rain when not in use. How cool is that? It's a one stop shop! I love it. I couldn't wait to see this chair in our backyard someday soon.

Website that Makes Our Life Easier

Almost a year ago, my laptop/computer just crashed big time. The monitor or screen was totally black. It wouldn't do whatever we need to do. We clicked everything, but it  remained black. I was so worried that we will going to lose important documents and photos. I asked my husband to fix it for, an he did. Unfortunately we were able to transfer them on the cd. When it is time for us to check the photos, it would let us. Our hard worked fixing the computer and saving important stuff were useless. We spoke to some people at appliance and electronic stores, but all of them told us that it will be impossible for us to photos back to our computer. Despite of that, we didn't lose hope. We know it can be fixed. And so, we looked online and found  a website where service center can be located near the city or within the city where we live. It's great to have found this website because they have listed all service center locator of various companies in U.S.A., and are subdivided alphabetically. How cool is that? Make our life easier.

Too Many Gifts!

My son's birthday is coming very soon. He want s to have a birthday party again. He likes his friends to be there, and of course, some gifts. He kept telling us what he wants and it's a lot! His lists include: aquarium, new bike, a set of scriptures, pet (dog), nerf gun, and who knows what else in his mind, lol. Man, if we will buy all these, our wallet would be broken. One thing for sure, the aquarium is the most expensive if them all. I can only imagine the thing we will need to buy when we do. Just the fish alone is quite expensive, not to mention the accessories such as hayward salt cell, rocks, plats and etc. he maintenance is another...whew, just thinking about this one particular gift made me dizzy. I wish I have enough money to buy them all. Maybe if I win a lotto...oh wait! I will never win since I don't buy a ticket, lol. Oh well, he needs to learn that he can't have all he wants, period.

A Guitar, Perfect Enough for Us

Last weekend, our family friend and us went to a flea market in Canton, TX. We like this particular flea market for it is huge. Huge enough that you need to spend at least a day to really see all of it. Anyway, we have brought our kids with us and you know what happens next. They will ask us to but them 'this and that.' Okay, I wasn't going to give in to my son's pleading to buy him the collectors item which is the Star Trek character. But as soon as I turned around, husband bought it! I don't really like it when he buys thing our son doesn't really need especially when he would only play with it once and then, gone. Anyway, when my friend's boy saw it, the boy started to bug his Mom and Dad to get him something, too. The boy didn't stop till he gets what he wanted. But, the parents didn't buy the little guitar he so desire. His parents said that a big guitar like martin d 28 would be the perfect guitar for him because he can even use it when he is old enough to play with it. I agree wit his parents. We have a Martin D 28 and my son plays it when he wants to.  I like it for it is big enough to be played by both young and adults alike....and the sound is great!

Switching Insurance Company

My husband and I have been talking about switching insurance company for awhile now. For whatever reason, the insurance company we have right now decided that they would increase our monthly mortgage payment to $50 more. That is too much and I don't think we would be able to pay more than we are paying right now. So, we started looking for an insurance company. With many insurance companies around, it is not easy for us to find the one we were looking for. It's like finding a company that will help with annuity payments; the harder, the more choices to choose from. So, we need to be careful in selecting a company that will surely meet our needs. We really need to find one soon for they already charging us more for a couple of months now, ugggh!