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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Website that Makes Our Life Easier

Almost a year ago, my laptop/computer just crashed big time. The monitor or screen was totally black. It wouldn't do whatever we need to do. We clicked everything, but it  remained black. I was so worried that we will going to lose important documents and photos. I asked my husband to fix it for, an he did. Unfortunately we were able to transfer them on the cd. When it is time for us to check the photos, it would let us. Our hard worked fixing the computer and saving important stuff were useless. We spoke to some people at appliance and electronic stores, but all of them told us that it will be impossible for us to photos back to our computer. Despite of that, we didn't lose hope. We know it can be fixed. And so, we looked online and found  a website where service center can be located near the city or within the city where we live. It's great to have found this website because they have listed all service center locator of various companies in U.S.A., and are subdivided alphabetically. How cool is that? Make our life easier.

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