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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Oganize Garage

Trying to organize thing is not an easy task especially if you have limited storage. A good organization skill is the key.  Looking at my husband's garage makes me mad sometimes. His stuffs are everywhere. And if I need something in the garage, I couldn't find it or took sometime before I finally found it. He needs to buy  spacers for his drawers and cabinets so that his stuffs especially the small ones that we always use such us screws, nails, thumb tasks, and etc. These small but necessary things are driving me nuts when I need to sort them out every time I need one of them. It will make our life a little bit easier if only husband organize his things inside the garage or do we need to call someone to do it for us. No way, I'd pay someone to organize our garage; and it isn't my job either :-(.

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