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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Dream Helicopter Swing Chairs

Even though we live in the area when it is very hot on summer time, we still want to live her or even retire her someday. It is hot on summer, but the rest of the year, it is really very nice in this part of Texas. We love gardening, spend time in the backyard with our little boy and our dog named, Pumpkin. Our yard is big enough for vegetables garden, a picnic table (made by my very own handyman, my husband), a fire pit, and maybe a couple of Helicopter Swing Chair. I really like this chair because it is kind of cool and very unique. And it is very easy to assemble, too. We don't need to hire someone to assemble it for us.

Once we have these helicopter swing chairs, I am pretty sure, we would spend more time in our backyard reading our favorite books, talking, enjoying the pretty sky and the moon at night. Waiting for the food grilling, sitting on the unique chair would be a treat! Our son would really get a kick on it....and maybe the dog, too!

Anyway. As I browse the website who sell this helicopter swing chair, I noticed they also sell helicopter swing seat cover to protect the chair from sun and rain when not in use. How cool is that? It's a one stop shop! I love it. I couldn't wait to see this chair in our backyard someday soon.

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