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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Start Making Money from Home Today

Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss and working somewhere that’s most comfortable for you? You really don’t have to be a slave for someone and work 8-hour shifts, sometimes even more, all throughout the week. You can easily earn money from home using the resources that are readily available there like your computer and telephone. You don’t even have to invest money. Indeed, making money from home is not as difficult as it seems. Well, perhaps it is at first. However, as you get the hang of it, you’d realize that it’s just what you’ve always wanted to do.

You can make money online from the comfort of your own home through several ways. For instance, if you have the knack for writing, then blogging can be a lucrative career. You can set up your own website or blog, preferably a self-hosted one in order to maximize its earning potential. There are many advertisers who pay handsome money to have their links placed in blogs or have their online businesses reviewed. You can even sign up for websites that pay publishers for posting reviews in their personal blogs.

If you have the flair for designing, maybe you can try your hands on customized blog layouts or templates. You can purchase a digital scrapbooking kit and use the elements to design a blog template. Then, you can create an online portfolio that displays all your personalized blog templates. You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to pay for such customized templates. Finally, you can write e-books and sell these online. The books can be genre-specific. You could discuss about photography, arts & crafts, copywriting, and Internet marketing.

Indeed, there are so many ways to make money from home with the help of your computer. The above-mentioned are enough to get you started. Identify what your expertise is. Most importantly, take steps to ensure that you carry your plans out.

Eyeglasses for Vision and Protection

A friend and I were talking the other day, and she told me that she went to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked. I corrected her and told her she must be referring to an optometrist, but she said that she really did visit an ophthalmologist.

Apparently, she already consulted with an optometrist a couple of months ago and the doctor gave her prescription glasses. She even showed me the Versace Eyeglasses​ she bought at a discounted price from an online store, which she had the lenses replaced with graded ones prescribed by the optometrist.

Anyway, she’s been wearing her glasses, but lately, she always feels irritation in her eyes. According to her, her eyes are always itchy and read. She works from home as a writer, and it’s getting harder and harder for her to work because her eyes are always tearing up. The only time her eyes get better is when she’s sleeping. That’s why she decided to visit an ophthalmologist to find out what the problem with her eyes is.

Her initial self-diagnosis proved to be correct; she has a severe type of eye allergy triggered by airborne elements. That part is a bit hard, considering that she can’t really pinpoint what causes her allergies, other than the fact that the trigger is in the air. Her ophthalmologist advised her to wear her eyeglasses all the time so her eyes stay protected. She really felt bad because she was hoping she could start wearing contact lenses, as she finds wearing eyeglasses a bit of a hassle. However, the doctor said contact lenses would only aggravate the condition of her eyes even more and might even cause serious damage to the retina of her eyes. Hence, she would have to forego her plans for now lest she wants to put her eyes at risk.

Leave a Lasting Mark on Search Pages

Even if you have such a dynamic website with loads of quality content, it still will not take off the ground if you don’t do anything to make it rank in Google and other search engines. Indeed, learning about  SEO and proper techniques will help you fare well in the web, since it will help people find your site when they browse the Internet.

Aside from optimizing your website for search engines, there is a novel way of making your online presence felt. That is through SMO or social media optimization. Through this method, you would be able to reach a broader audience, which is vital especially if you are campaigning for a particular brand or product.

This method pushes you to utilize Social Media; platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to interact with your clients and gain feedback about your brand, products or recent activities. By resorting to these methods, you’ll be able to establish a strong online presences and leave a lasting mark on search pages.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Act Now Before It's Too Late!

Have you hear about the drug named paxil? If so, you probably heard about the lawsuit called paxil lawsuit that was made due to the side effects of taking it especially on a pregnant woman. One off them are the having an episode of self-harm and suicidal thoughts on top of high risk of withdrawal syndrome, increased risk of birth defects in unborn child. So if you or someone you know is pregnant or planning to get pregnant and wanted to use plaxil for depression purposes, you should consult your physician first to avoid these side effects. But if you already feeling of the side effects of it, you need to talk to a paxil lawyer who can help you file a lawsuit to the company who makes this medicine. Act now before it is too late!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Jacket for Winter

I love Columbia's products so much; in fact, I already have a pair of Columbia's outdoor shoes. It was a gift from my husband last year. He bought it at Bass Pro shop. Since Bass Pro carries some of their products, I wonder if they also sell columbia jacket that I can use this winter. I tell you, it is really cold here in Texas already and I couldn't afford to go outside for a long time. It is 32 degrees already and our heated blanket is being use right now. I just hope that tomorrow will warm up a little bit so my friends and I can do some more shopping. Anyway, according to my brother in-law, it is going to be -4 degrees at my father in-law's place tonight...oh man, that is going to be very cold. I can't imagine myself living in such a cold place!

Late Baby Shower Gifts

Every time I shop at this certain store, I can't help but go to the isle where they display some funny shirts for the babies. It always makes me feel like purchasing some for my friend's baby. As I thought about her baby shower where I didn't get the chance of attending because of our trip to the Philippines, I plan on getting a couple of funny shirts as a late baby shower/Christmas gift. I am sure she would be very surprised and maybe would be laughing to see those shirts. While there, I'll also grab some diapers and wipes to complete the gifts...what do you think?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Safety First

Ever since  my son had learned to ride his bike without training wheels, he had been crazy with it. He rides his bikes everyday after school! Later on, he asked us if he can ride his bike to school. We told him that it is too early for him to do that, plus there are people who drive fast even on the school zone area. We don't want to get hurt because of those inconsiderate drivers who by the way are mostly parents :-(. Sod, but true! At home, safety first is one of our motto.  Safety bike rules includes wearing bike helmets. But for some reason many parents allow teir kids to ride their bikes without their  riding helmets. My son asked me one time as to why some kids don't wear riding helmets. I told him that because some kids don't it doesn't mean he can ride without helmet, too!  Thank goodness he understood and promised he would never ride his bike without helmet.

A New Mattress for Master Bedroom

It's Thanksgiving Day today; and instead of being busy cooking for dinner, my son and I are both busy playing with DSi and computer. Why? It's because husband has work today. We did our Thanksgiving dinner the together day which was Tuesday. Now, I am bored and got nothing to do, but spend my time in front of my laptop. I might go to a friend's house later this afternoon for their Thanksgiving Day celebration. Anyway, I,ve been online since 8am; been doing a lot of searching on how to fix my inaccessible blog. Thank goodness, I was able to get a hold one of the customer service person and had known why I couldn't open my blog url. I think I need to do some sopping now for the coming Christmas holiday. I need to look for a new mattress. I just wished we live in Los Angeles, CA so I can shop at mattress store los angeles where they sell pretty good mattresses for an affordable price. Hubby would be very pleased to sleep on a new mattress for sure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Biggest Dream!

When I was a child, my second grade teacher asked me of "what I want to be" when I grow up. My answer was a "teacher" just like her. Little I know of, that answer is going to change. After I graduated from high school, I decided to be a nurse, just like my Aunt. But that dream didn't materialize because my parents can not afford me to send me to college. I was disappointed. I then decided to leave the province and move into the city. I've found a job, and went to college at the same time. I was very proud of what I have accomplished. I have finished computer programming by myself. Despite of that, my dream to become a nurse was and still there. That is why when I see nurses at the hospital wearing those pretty  nursing uniforms, I couldn't help but feel sad. I don't even know now if there's still a chance to pursue that biggest dream of mine....only God can answer that question. If is be HIS will, then let it be...if not...I have to accept it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

I can already imagine how hard it can be when you are a pregnant because your body has to undergo a lot of changes such as gaining weight and a new wardrobe to wear during your whole pregnancy period. One of my closest friends from work is pregnant and she is looking for some new apparel that she can wear when her belly started to swell. She is expecting to get gain a few extra pounds during the whole 9 months of pregnancy. I am glad I found a website called One Stop Plus which offers a variety of products such as plus size maternity clothes, shoes, bras and lingerie, coats for men and women, bags and accessories,  men’s big and tall dresses or shoes and much more. What attracts me to investigate about this website is that they offer affordable prices which are really great for anyone out there who is looking to shop while saving some money at the same time. Also they offer so much things that you can give as a gift especially if you have any friends or family members that are pregnant for the holidays. Check this out today and see it for yourself!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Plus Size Apparels on Online Shopping

Big people no longer need to buy textiles and fabrics then bring it to a tailor or a sewer to have it sewn to custom made clothes because large size clothing do not pose a problem nowadays. Unlike before that you really have to allot time and effort is needed to explore and look on different shopping areas just to buy big size clothes. Gone are the days for your hard find, a section of plus size suits can be seen in the Malls, department stores and even in Bazaars.

Plus size apparels are also available in most online shops. There are vast of selections to choose from depending on your clothing needs. To cope up with your busy schedule, you can save time and effort by buying them online, these online shops offer casual to formal wear, lingerie, coats and jackets and even sportswear. Garb yourself with the latest styles and trends and enjoy online shopping by just clicking and adding your choices to your cart.

Better yet is that most signature clothes also offer large sizes. Cheap or expensive clothes do not matter, whatever your size is, the way you carry yourself in clothes you wear is what matters most for what we wear reflects our personality.

Let your Business Take the Lead!

To take the lead in the challenge and stiff competition in running a business nowadays needs more marketing plans and strategies. Direct, effective, productive and gaugeable advertising campaign results are of high necessity. Publicizing a product means more funds to spend to generate sales. Different channels in vending goods should be taken into consideration in order for a business to prosper. To look and engage for a wise and potential publicity investment is always the number one goal of a merchant.

The World Wide Web is one of the best tools to promote a trade. Digital advertising combined with the tv, radio and print media approach ensures an excellent outcome. Avail of the best Advertising Agency in town who will co-work with you in developing and bringing out a marketing plan that will pay profits and rewards. Combining the old and new media programs into one provides dramatic results in product campaigns. The use of social media networks and other business to business sites can help a business reach its maximum sales forecast.

Advertising agencies employ highly skilled, brilliant, clever and proficient professionals that focus on numerous marketing and advertising industries. Thus, guarantees the best advertising your company needs that will serve revenues. Taking advantage of digital advertising is a wise investment to get money’s worth. A rational and strong advertisement to pace with the tight product and services competition in the market to comply with the consumers demand and satisfaction is a must to cope up with the trend. Through digital publication, a business owner can track their advertising success so as with the returns of investments.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Natural Body Soap

It's been years since I last talked to my long time friend from the Philippines. So much has happened in the passed ten years; she is now a married to a wonderful man and was blessed with five beautiful children. I admire her for being so humble despite of the fact that she is very successful in her career and as a mother and housewife. She loves her kids so much and wants what's best for them. She is very careful on what she feeds them. Their kids are unvaccinated for she believes that her kids don't need them. I respect her for that. Aside from that, she also uses natural stuffs to care for their physical bodies. I am pretty sure she would be very happy to know that there is soap made from natural ingredients like the african black soap. Honestly, I would like to try this body soap, too.

We Need Bike Rack

Riding a bike is one thing my family and I love to do during family time. We would all get up early and drive around the lake for some exercise and sight-seeing. Back when husband and I live in places where great parks are located. We would ride our bikes together until we are both tired. Surely, we had the fun and loss weight at the same time. That is the great thing about having bikes. Anyway, since we moved to countryside, we don't have much parks to ride our bikes with. And so, we expected on going for a drive somewhere bike trails are so much fun! State parks are great place. Since we need three bikes to be hauled, we need an suv bike racks for our van. I thought of getting bike racks where one of our friend works; am sure he could help us and also we would be able to get deal. Oh man, I couldn't wait till we get to ride our bikes again.

Designating Collection Agencies to Deal with Debtors

Businesses lose a lot of money because of delinquent accounts. They do not get to collect from debtors prompting them to lose a major percentage of their assets. Dealing with this problem may also cause them to lose focus on the more important matters concerning their business which is why they usually hire third party collection agencies. These collection agencies have the skills and expertise to collect from debtors, negotiate transactions and resolve disputes between the company and the debtor. They follow an effective and professional approach that is guaranteed to produce a positive outcome that can contribute to the continuous growth of your business.

Mental Health Retreats for Women

Are you or someone you know one of many women who need help with depression, trauma, anxiety, personality disorders, substance dependence or any other type of diagnosis? Well, there is good news because there are many mental health retreats for women that are quite exceptional and offer great services just for women. In the case of substance abuse it is important to choose a health retreat that offers detoxification services with a medical staff that will be there to help in order to ensure safety and comfort. In terms of therapy, having a mental health retreat with plenty of outdoor activities is important in order to relieve stress more effectively. When it comes to therapy as well, not just one type of therapy is the answer, usually having individual therapy combined with group therapy and even family therapy tends to be the most effective types of therapy. Lastly before making any decision it is important to see what others have said about the services offered by particular health retreats, and usually if a website has a blog made by previous customers, that is a good sign. So why not recommend a mental health retreat for women to you or someone else who is in need, you will be glad you did.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Home

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Until I graduated from college last spring I had always lived with my parents. My university was close enough to their house for me to commute so I never saw a reason to spend the money living on my own. Once I graduated and got a job, I felt like it was time for me to experience life in my own home. What an eye-opening experience! I had no idea how much work went in to setting up a new place to live. I guess I always assumed you just bought or rented a place and it was all set up for you. Boy was I wrong! First there was the search for the PERFECT place. Finding it was only the first step in a lengthy process. Once that decision was made I had to shop electric rates, find an internet provider and get the cable set up. Even once I completed those tasks, I was not done. You can’t just sit in an empty house! Next it was off to buy furniture and all the other necessities for setting up housekeeping. Who knew so much went in to setting out on your own.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Plan to Retire in Edmonton

About a year ago, a friend of mine and his family while out for dinner, thieves had broken into their apartment and took all their valuable belongings and didn't leave a thing. They were very frustrated especially my friend who uses computer and her laptop doing her online job. She didn't know what to do and where to start! I would feel the same way if I were in her shoes...and maybe even worst! Good thing she has faith in God and is an active member of the congregation where she and her family belong.

After thinking, talking withe her husband, they decided to look a better and safer place to live in Edmonton where many people look for when it comes to a rental places particularly those who planned on moving to Edmonton, Canada. I heard a lot of nice things about this city in Canada and is dreaming to go there or maybe live there someday if God will let us. I'd like to see the largest mall in the world and visit some more interesting places. Honestly, hubby and I have been talking about retiring there. We just need to figure out what to do next or how to get a visa so we can live there permanently.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Plan to Visit the East Coast

Three years ago my husband' work moved us to the East Coast. We've found a place to live in the heart of Virginia called Ashland. We came to love the city where we lived in within a year. In that short span of time, we manage to visit six states namely: Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. We had so much fun visiting my relatives in Florida. Unfortunately, hubby's relatives in Massachusetts were disappointed because we didn't get the chance of visiting them. We planned on visiting them, but once again, hubby's work moved us back to Texas the following year. Our great time in VA ended :-(. 

Hubby and I have talked about it and planned on going back to see his brother next year and hopefully, we would be able to spend more time with them going to the Disney World and the beach. I would like to stay in one the the Cape Cod rentals  there in Massachusetts. It would be great if we could eat my favorite seafood which is lobster. I hear they serve the best seafood in that state. Visiting the Washington monument was fun when we went there during winter time. I wouldn't mind going back there again if time permit us.        

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quitting the Habit Gently

We all know how fatal cigarette smoking can be. It can lead to various diseases. Lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and emphysema are just some of the diseases caused by smoking. Then, female who are smokers have been found to be at a greater risk of developing cervical cancer. Aside from all those, are the following: heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and even high blood pressure. It’s no wonder, then, that family members urge their loved ones who are smokers to quit while there’s still time.

Of course, it goes without saying that quitting smoking is easier said than done. There are those who quite cold-turkey and they are admirable. However, even if one has the determination and the will to quit, if he doesn’t get the right help, then it would be very difficult for him to quit. That is where Blu Electronic Cigarette comes into play. Apart from being over 50% cheaper than real cigarettes, this doesn’t have tar, tobacco, and ash. What’s more, it leaves no bad smell and doesn’t emit second hand smoke.

So if you think you can’t totally quit smoking yet, try this product. A lot of people are already speaking positively about it, and maybe it’s just the thing you need to quit the habit gently.

I Highly Recommend Online Data Storage

Have you ever experienced working on a very important report, saving it in your hard drive after you complete it, and then your computer suddenly crashes? You try to do everything you can, applying everything you know about computers and how to get yours to run again. Your computer does turn on again, but when you searched for your file, it’s no longer there. Hours of hard work have gone down the drain in a snap of the fingers.

That scenario is not far-fetched. It does happen. Actually, it’s happened to me once already. The only difference is that I didn’t lose work. It wasn’t hours of toiling and painstaking effort that came crashing down on me. Yet, I consider what I lost equally important. I lost personal picture files. Those were pictures that were very meaningful to me. I didn’t know much then, so I had to live with the experience and tried to learn from it.

Thankfully, I found a secure data storage online. I highly recommend it because whatever happens to your computer or hard drive, as long as you were able to save your important stuff in you online data storage, you’d be able to retrieve them in full. You can store everything, from family pictures to digital copies of important documents, without fear of ever losing them again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ideas for My Christmas Shopping

Christmas is certainly just around the corner. I can already feel the winter chill when the wind blows. Although I always look forward to this time of the year with excitement and anticipation, I have to admit that most of the time it makes me anxious as well. Why? Well, I guess that because I can be so indecisive when shopping for Christmas gifts. Sometimes, I already have something in mind when I go to the store. But when I get there, I’d suddenly change my mind and look for something else, perhaps a better choice.

Unfortunately, there are times when I don’t see anything that could be better than what I first planned, and when I go back to get it, it’s no longer there in its rack. So, for this year, I’m trying to convince myself that it probably would be better if I just kept to simple but useful gifts, like footwear for example. It’s almost a necessity, and a nice pair would be a great gift to someone whose passion is collecting shoes. I better start looking now to see if there are any good deals on footwear.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help is Out There

With the condition of the U.S. economy right now, a lot of people suffers from financial problems. I am talking mostly about those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. How are they going to survive the ordeal of paying bills when the price of everything is going up? I bet most of them rely on the companies that offer help with the creditor who have bad credit. Yes, there are companies who give  bad credit loans to those who are financially in need. And this is a great news.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Plus Size Clothes

I have been living here in United States for the last ten years now and during those years I have come to love the American people and their way of living. I love their foods, culture and everything. Being married to a Caucasian is an adventure for me. And that makes it easier for me to adjust to a new way of living in a foreign country far from my family, friends and the place where I was borne and raised. Despite of that, I still haven't forgotten where I came from and my roots especially. And I am glad that I still get to see my family overseas every other year. Anyway, as I said, I love American foods so much that for the last ten years, I gained 45 pounds and kept it for years. I tried to hard to go lose weight but to no avail. Now, I couldn't wear my small size clothes.And I am afraid that I'll end up wearing plus size clothes someday soon. I don't want that to happen because it is not good for my health, too. And that is the reason why I try to avoid eating white rice, sweets, and fatty foods. Hubby and I are helping each other lose weight by eating a balance diet and exercise with a hope of reaching our goals to get fit and be healthy for the sake of our son who needs us. We are both crossing our fingers on this one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Affordable Lamps of All Styles

To make our move lighter before we moved out of state a month ago, we sold almost everything in the apartment where we lived, from furniture, clothes, tandem bicycle, small appliances to light fixtures. It was worth it because most of the stuffs we got rid of were replaceable and really need a replacement. So, as soon as we settled in to our new place, my husband and I started shopping for furniture, appliances, and table lamps and desk lamps. We couldn't find any lamps that suit our need which are inexpensive, better design, and quality made.
We decided to look online to see if we can find an online store that offers huge selection of lamps of all styles from famous manufacturers and brand name lamps. Luckily, I've found one online. The great thing about this website is that they also carry other products aside from lighting; they have bath products such as bathroom sinks and faucets, accessories; ventilation products like bathroom fans, attic fans, humidifiers, range hood and more; ceiling fans, and door wear products. So for all your lighting need, visit their website or click the link provided here for more selections from traditional lighting to contemporary lighting they got you covered.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Fave Thai Tea Drink

The other day after my doctor's appointment, hubby and I decided to eat at our fave restaurant called Bistro down Audelia in Richardson. Since we were both craving for Vietnamese soup called Pho, we went to Pho 95 restaurant, but didn't get serve. The waitress serve the other customer who came after us. We waited and waited for her to come and serve us but she didn't come. After awhile, hubby and I decided to leave. Just as soon as we got up, she showed up. Too late, you already wasted tow customers. What was this waitress thinking? She thinks we will wait there for hour? No way! If she is concerned about getting more customers, she wouldn't let us wait there waiting to be served in her own time. Disappointed, we left.

Anyway, we went to Bistro and got our Pho which was very yummy, plus we got to take one more soup because it was buy two get one free soup. What a deal plus their soup is cheaper than Pho 95. Here is my fave Thai Tea with Pearl or Tapioca, yummy. This served as my desert because it is a bit sweeter.

Pails and Buckets for Our Food Storage

At the church where we belong (LDS) we are all advised to be prepared, so when the calamity comes we are not going to be afraid. A food storage is one thing we need to prepare. It is very important that we have at least 72 hour kit for each member of the family. Obedient to our church leader, we build a food storage at home. We store those foods in buckets that are clean and reusable. Sometimes the food we order are packed in pail, buckets and sometimes barrels. Sometimes, I wonder where the manufacturers buy those pails and buckets; am thinking maybe they bought it at steel drum, an online company that sells metal pails, buckets, barrels and more.

Tons of Bearings

Watching my husband cleaning and organizing his garage, I can't help but notice the tools he accumulated for years. I am glad he uses them and not just for decorations. One thing that surprise me was the many bearings he keeps in his drawers. I wonder where those are for. It is just a lot! Good thing our garage has enough space to store them otherwise one of our cars would be parked on the driveway which we both don't want to do. We like our vehicles inside the garage for that is what the garage for anyway :-). I notice a lot of people parked their car either on the curve or the driveway though they have space for their cars in their garages. Honestly, it is bugging me. Come on people, park your car where they belong. I am sure you don't have much bearings in your garage as my husband do.

Safety First

Safety first is the motto we try to instill with our son's at his very young age. Practicing safety will save his life and the life of those people he come in contact with. Jacob has just learn to ride his bike and he is loving it. Everyday after he is done with his homework, he is allowed to ride his bike with his friend, Hector who is fond of riding bike and scooter. Ever since Jacob learned to ride his bike, he asks us every morning if he could ride his bike to school. Being a our only child and a protective parents, we told him that he couldn't ride his bike yet for he needs more practice not to mention the safety rules on riding a bike. He was disappointed, but understood what we were trying to teach him. And he can ride his bike when we think he is ready.

Hubby is also very protective of us. He doesn't want me to drive on Interstate because he thinks it is very dangerous. I understand him for his reasons. I can still drive running errands, going to church, and shop at the nearby outlet mall when I want to. Part of him being protective is making sure that our cars are running well and both are well maintained. He always check them making sure everything is working well. He check the rzr power steering, break, break pads and everything. I am glad for having such a good husband who looks after our needs and safety. Tell me am I a lucky wife or what?

To Play In or Outside the House

This afternoon, a friend of mine son's phone me asking if he could come to our house to play with Jacob since it is the last day of school this week and there is no school tomorrow (Friday) due to teacher's training day. I told him he could come anytime and that J is home watching his fave tv show. About half an hour later, Aaron came and played with Jacob with wii. After few minutes, J decided to ride his bike and Aaron with J's scooter. They we having fun till Hector, J's friend across the street came to join the boys. They played soccer a little bit but Aaron decided he didn't want to play outside anymore. My son was torn between his two friends; one who wants to play outside and the other inside. It is hard to decide, so my son went with Aaron to watch tv. He invited Hector to watch with them inside, but his parents don't want him to go inside our house, and so the poor little boy Hector went home sad. I told him to go back, but he sadly say that he would go home and watch tv himself. Jacob really wanted to ride his bike with Hector but since Aaron doesn't play with J's often...he chose to play with Aaron and then tomorrow he would play again with Hector just like they always do everyday. I am glad Hector is very understanding and patient with my son.

A Car Lift for Hubby

I am lucky to marry a guy who loves me for who I am. Someone who is very patient and understanding. And not to mention that my ex-boyfriend now is a good provider and a handyman, too! He can fix everything around the house from electrical, plumbing to car repair. Having a handyman at home saves us a lot of money. We don't need to hire a professional to fix things for us. Last week, he changed the break pad of his Toyota Camry. I can tell that he really needed a car lift to make his job easier. Too bad he gave away his car lift to a friend when we moved to Virginia three years ago. Next time he needs to fix his car, he better borrow that car lift or buy himself a new one. Now, I am wondering which one he would do, borrow or buy...hmmm let see :-).

The Perfect Wedding Gift Anniversary

The other day, my dear husband and I went to the mall to return the white and gold necklace he bought for me on our 10th wedding anniversary. He didn't want to return it, but I told him that I already have a gold necklace and that I don't need expensive gifts. The dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant with him and our son was enough to make our wedding anniversary celebration memorable. I suggested that instead of expensive jewelry (if he really wants to get me a gift) that we buy a new bedding for our bedroom, and he agreed since it's been awhile since I last bought the bedding we have now. I asked him to pick the color and the thread count. And walla, he found the color that exactly matches the color of the window curtains in our bedroom. He told me he was torn between the peacock alley bedding versus the country living brands. Thanks goodness he made the right choice :-). I love our new bedding. Thanks Honey for the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

Indeed I am A Contented

It is amazing how this blogthing says about me. It is actually me who this post is talking about. It describes all about me as a person in general.Yes, I am a serious and quiet person that is why a lot of people misunderstood me. They think hat I am a snob and intimidating person.Oh well, whatever they think of thing for sure I don't really care as long as I am not stepping on somebody else's shoes I am fine. I love simplicity for it is a beauty and contentment for me. I am an organize freak person who loves my family so much!

You Are Content

Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.

You like to have a place that centers you and grounds you. Nothing is more comforting than feeling at home.

You are good at formulating and carrying out plans. You thrive when you're able to organize.

You are very family-minded. For you, family always comes first.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy and Birth in the US

I don't know about you guys, but Infographic always catches my attention. And this one really fascinates me. I got pregnant twice; one had to be induced due to stillbirth while the other one was born premature due to hypertension. It is amazing to know that in US alone, a baby is born every 7.4 seconds. Amazing isn't it? Believe it or not US spends $50 billion on childbirth than any other nation in the world; and that is a lot!

The Human Body

At school we studied about human body; and yet there are still interesting fact about our bodies that we don't really know well. As I look at the data below closely, I can't help but be amazed. Indeed, it is really true that we cannot tickle ourselves :-). I like infographic for it gives me more information I have never known before.

Saving for My Fave Watch

It's been awhile since I last bought myself a watch. I think it is time for me to get myself a new one; and I know which one I would like to get. A couple of weeks ago when Emely and I were out at the mall shopping, I saw a purse and fell in love with it, but it was quite expensive since it is a Michael Kors brand. I told myself that I'll purchase that purse as soon as it goes on sale. Actually, I really didn't like the color of it and so I decided to pass on that one. The michael kors watch that I spotted while looking around was really cute! I wished I have had a budget for a watch that day so I could buy that watch. Oh well, there is always next time and I am pretty sure that that watch is going to be there when I have enough money to get it :-).

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freschetta Pizza, Our Fave Brand of Frozen Pizza

My son and I are having pizza for dinner tonight. Nope, I didn't make it if you ask. This is a frozen pizza, Freschetta brand. This brand is our favorite because it is very yummy. A Little bit expensive compared to other frozen pizza available, but it is worth the money for it is not salty and greasy, and the crust is to die for (if you know what I mean). The fire baked artisan crust is my new favorite among all their pizza :-). Intrigue? Try it, they are available in any grocery store near you.

Oh and by the way, this is not a paid post entry...I just want to brag about it for we love, love, love this pizza so much! I can even eat the whole pizza if I want to. Unfortunately, I am diabetic and this is rich in carbs that can increase my blood sugar level.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Need of Additional Capital

In the community where we currently live there is no store nearby. In order to get groceries, gas, eat at restaurant, we need to travel at least 20 to 25 minutes one way...even longer if the traffic is heavy. It would be nice if there are nearby shops, but there's none. Hubby and I always talk about putting up a small business or maybe a franchise store or fast food chains like pizza restaurant or hamburger house. A barber shop, salon and convenient store would be nice. But since we don't have enough money to open up a business, we would need help to get unsecured small business loans for our plan to materialize. We are hoping we would get the loan we needed. We are so tired on working with a not very nice boss or employer. It is time for us to change. Hubby especially needs to switch career into a better and not stressful working environment.

Women Love Flowers

Every woman loves flowers. Some like Roses, some prefer carnations, some Lilies and I prefer Tulips. Don't get me wrong but I love Orchids and African Violet, too. As a matter of fact, I do have African violets at home. I have purple, pink, and red African violets. Flowers makes me happy; it lightens my days. One more thing about flower is that I can send it to friends and family anywhere nationwide. At Seattle flowers by ProFlowers, you can send fresh flowers, gift baskets and many more to anyone you like. Their flowers are fresh all the time. I wish I have a friend at Seattle so I can surprise her/him with fresh flowers or even gift baskets. My mother in-law is very lucky because she always receive her favorite flowers on Mother's Day and her birthdays, too! Unfortunately, my Mom lives thousands of miles away from me that is why I couldn't send her one. Oh well, I am sure he is always happy with the gifts we give her every time. Hubby bought me fresh flowers for our anniversary aside from taking me to my favorite seafood restaurant (Red Lobster) and his surprise gift (necklace).

Surprise Gifts for Both of US

Before our 10th year wedding anniversary this week, I thought of giving hubby a gift. What I have in mind was to buy him some kind of  a gift basket for men that would please him or he will actually use or eat. But knowing him, he doesn't want gifts even on his birthday. So, I decided not to buy him this time for I am pretty sure he would not be very happy. He always say that he doesn't need any gifts. But guess what? He would be getting this gift basket for men whether he likes it or not. It is Christmas after all. Talking about the gifts, he was generous enough to give me a surprise gift the other for our anniversary. I got a new while and yellow gold necklace. I love it, but it was very expensive though it was marked 75% off. A two hundred dollar necklace it the last thing I needed for I already have one. I told him that we need to return it or at least exchange it to a cheaper one if he really want to get me something....and he agreed. So, next week after my doctors appointment, we will stop by at the mall to makes some changes.

A Perfect Lunch Box that is Personalized

I love personalized stuffs. If I can only personalized all my stuffs, I would do it. But there is no way I could do that. It is not possible.However, I think I can still do it with my son's stuffs especially those he uses at school such as backpack,  and personalized lunch boxes for my dear husband and son. My son would surely love that idea for he likes to put his name on everything that belongs to him. A personalized lunch box for my son is perfect because it would stand up of all the rest of lunch boxes at school, plus if he lost it...we would find it easily for it is different and unique from the rest.

Meeting My Long Lost Cousin

After eight years, I was finally reunited with my cousin in California whom I last saw before my wedding in 2001. He has grown so matured considering I was older than him. But with regards to his personality...he didn't change a bit. Too bad that the reason we met once again was because of our grandmother's passing away. We both loved her so much because we both grew up with her. She was like our mother since our parents lived far away from us during those time. It's been two years since she passed away, but we still feel the pain of losing her. But we have to move on with our lives. Richard is a very successful guy. He works at Bank of America and every once in awhile attend to some conference calls. He does that because he works at home now. What an easy job he has. I wish my husband would work at home, too so we would spend more time together with our son who growing so fast. We both don't want to miss ever important events in his life....and that is the reason why we make quality time with him as much as we can.

Shopping Early for Christmas

Fall season is almost here and before we know it, it's Christmas already. Oh how time flies so fast. Where did the summer go? I think it is time to prepare for the holiday. Buying gift can be done starting now so we would save ourselves from stress due to last minute shopping. I don't like rush shopping and crowds that is why I started shopping for gifts already; now I have plenty of time to fill the Balikbayan box for my family in the Philippines for Christmas. I plan on buying stationery, and Christmas cards at personalized stationery from for they are not available yet. Anyway, I love putting personalized stationery, pens, notepads and little things in stockings and also giving them away to friends. I am pretty sure that the personalized stationery will be loved by the receivers :-). Personally, I would be happy to receive one myself. How about you? What do you want for Christmas?

Cooking, My Kind of Thing

When I was still single, I don't really know how to cook. My Mom did all the cooking when I was still young. She told me then that I need to watch her cook so when I grow up I will know how to and that I can cook for my husband once I am married. And that is what I did. I watch her every time she cooks. She really cooks yummy foods and healthy foods for us. Back then, she serves us mostly veggies and fish and occasionally meat (white and red). I am glad I listen to her and followed her advised. Now, I am proud to say that I can cook yummy foods that even my in-laws love the dishes I make for them when they come visit us. I feel like I can even put up a restaurant where I'll be the cook and hubby would be the cashier and server :-). Every once in a while, I tell him how much I want to have a restaurant of my own. And when we  are driving up on the way to our favorite restarant, we always see this building that sells restaurant supplies. We always say we need to check it. I bet they have variety of cooking utensils, pots and pans and more.

A Tire Chain?

Six months ago, one of our vehicle needed tire replacement; we didn't know where to purchase tires that are not very expensive. My husband kept looking and looking till he found a shop that sells tire that is quality made, and at the same time very affordable....we even looked online. But no luck! Then we remember to check Costco. We went and found the tires our car needed. We even save $75 for the four tires! What a deal!

Anyway, talking about tire, I never know that there is such thing as tire chain till I saw it on the internet. Honestly, I don't know why tires need chains Is it for case somebody tries to steal the tires? Or there is more about tire chain that I didn't know yet? Oh well, I better ask hubby about that :-)!

Friday, September 16, 2011

On Being on Shape

Losing weight is very hard for me and my husband. We have been trying to be on shape again and be healthy for our son's sake for years but no success. But we are not giving up; we will do our best for our son. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes few weeks after the transplant, and that was nearly four years ago. Since then, it dramatically worsen it. Now I am on medication, both insulin and oral medication. I think  I don't have a choice but to do the hGC weight loss program a chance. I found out that there is hcg Austin.There they can help us lose weight without concentrating on drugs. I like that their program includes utilizing bioidentical hormones and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and are striving to keep any pharmaceutical treatment as targeted, with the shortest duration possible. I think it is great!

Their Favorite Thing to Do

Two of my favorite men in the world love to swim, scuba dive and snorkels. When we were in the Philippines this summer, we went to Hundred Island in the northern part of the country. There we enjoyed the ocean with my parents and siblings and have had so much fun! We even went to the Pacific ocean where we swam and rode a motor boat on the way to the white sand.

My son didn't have a snorkels that time and wished he had one. Had we thought about buying him a couple of scuba dive mask like the 3.1MP camera goggles, he would have had so much fun. As soon as we got home from our two weeks trip, hubby bought our son one, but it doesn't have camera in it. It would be nice to get one so we can video ourselves using this hands-free goggles with camera. It would be cool, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Football Widow

Author: Elias Massey

Any advice for a lady who can’t seem to pull her husband off the couch this time of year? I jokingly call myself a football widow but to be honest with you, I’m not really kidding since I hardly get to see my husband once the games start. We both work long weeks every week and when the weekends come I like to have some one on one time but that doesn’t really happen when it’s football season. I guess it’s my fault because I got him DIRECT TV a few years back and ever since it’s been a downward spiral. He was bragging about how he’s in four fantasy football leagues this year and he’s even more into college ball than the NFL so I guess that should give you some indication of how into the sport he is! I guess it’s good he doesn’t really like basketball or I would literally never get to see him but to be honest, I need to find a hobby so I don’t miss him so much!

Finding Ways to Save Money

 The US economy is not in good condition right now. People are having difficulty managing their finances and we are not exempted. Hubby is the only breadwinner in our home and since I just stay home, I am constantly searching for ways to help him pay bills and save at the same time. I do online job, and get paid for it without much hardship compared to hubby's job. I must say that I am able to help him if not a lot, but at least am bringing bacon at the table, too every so often. Lately,  I have been hearing a lot about using coupons and savings. Some of m friends are good at using coupons and I think I better ask them how they do it and where they find these coupons. I know there are coupons that are available online. I love perfumes; I wonder if I can find armani exchange coupons at dropdowndeals. And if I they do, then I would be able to get hubby the perfume I am plan to give him for our wedding anniversary. I am pretty sure he would love it. Anyway, I better find out where else can I find coupons for groceries and even clothes, too!

Izusu Custom Floor Mats

Before I got married, I used to lived with my grandmother at my Aunt's house in Manila, Philippines. My Aunt has a big house enough to accommodate at least two families. That is why, most of my grandmother's grandchildren lived with her. My cousins and I took turns taking care of our granny her needs. We love being with her because she loves each one of us fairly. Sh cares for us as well. My grandmother has a small business to keep her occupied and sane. My Aunt was generous enough to buy her a car she can use to buy the stuffs she needs at her convenient store. Since, we drove the car a lot, she suggested that isuzu custom floor mats can help maintain the cleanliness of the car's floor. And so, my Aunt bought floor mats for the car; and the car floor looks cleaner and the mats are easier to clean. It's been 20 years, but the car is still running well, thank to my Uncle who is he owner of it now...he really takes care of the car that is why it is still in good condition.

Tired and Exhausted

At the beginning of summer, my husband, son and I went to visit my family in the Philippines. It was a two weeks vacation where we enjoyed the company of my parents, siblings and their families. We were all busy going from place to place swimming, sight-seeing , talking and eating our fave foods. Almost everyday, we are all tired and exhausted, but had a blast every time.

This photo of Jacob is a sure proof how tired he was. He didn't even make it to bed. He fell asleep while waiting for me to help him take a shower. So, I took the liberty of taking this shot. Hubby and I was giggling when we saw him laying like this on the edge of the bed,lol :-).

In Demand Job

Talking about friends. I am a firm believer of the saying that "no man is an island." I have my own family (husband and son), parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandparents and relatives, but I still need friends. I don't know why, but to me, friends are different than family, friends even relatives. Friends are the people I don't think I can live without, just like my families. They are part of my life and are playing an important role in my life, too. That is why, I enjoy having friends whom I can talk to be with, laugh with and cry with. I am glad that God gave me true friends like, Emely, Lyn, Juliet, Marivic, Jubie and Ate Delia. They are my confidants. Anyway, last week, I had the chance of spending time with one of them (Emely) who is a nurse in one of the hospitals in Dallas. She and her husband work as a nurse, but in two different hospital. They don't have kids yet, but they are happy. They are hardworking people who know how to save their income. Their work are not easy as most job are, but they love it. I bet I'll be happy, too if I work like them with the job that I love. It is one of my dream to become a nurse myself someday. Then, she told me that there are plenty of  Licensed Nurse Jobs anywhere and that I don't need to worry landing a job in medical fields particularly as a nurse....for this job is really in demand. I was worried, but when she mentioned it to me...I was relieved. Now, all I need is to pursue my study.

Tool for Multitasking

Few months ago, a fellow blogger posted a photo of business desktops in one of her blogs. At first, I didn't realized she wants to buy one for her to be used while multitasking at home. Until one day, when he posted on her FB wall that her order has arrived. Curios as I am, I asked her where he bought the business desktop and how much she paid for it. She said that she bought it online at and the price was very affordable. She said she loves it for she can do her online work even when she is working at the kitchen. Being a busy Mom, I think it is a good idea since I do a lot of multitasking myself. I plan on getting myself one, one of these days. Am pretty sure it would help me a lot, too!

His Funny Responsed

My son used to like going out with us. He enjoyed running errands with us or wherever hubby and I went. But not anymore. He loves to stay home now unless he wanted to buys something for himself such as toys, his fave food or playing with friends or going for a swimming. 

One time hubby and I were craving for an ice cream for dessert after dinner. We told him to get dress so we can go to Braums for some ice cream and also to get some milk since were running out of it. Hubby and I just laughed when we saw him came out of his bedroom. He was wearing his pajamas. And when we asked way was he wearing his jammy, his answer was: because I don't want to go out...just want to stay home; you guys can go! Yup, that is his way of telling us that he wanted to stay home, lol! Good one, my son!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Effortless Shopping for Tall Mens Clothing

Did you know that it isn’t only women who have a hard time deciding which dress or shoes to buy when they go out shopping? Yes, as opposed to the belief that men can shop without hassle, finding the right clothes for most men can be quite challenging. That’s because not all men have the same height. Unlike women who can wear short dresses and get away with it, you can’t expect a very tall man to wear a pair of pants with a hem that falls only to his knees. That would be very awkward.

Oftentimes, you have to take both the height and built of a man into consideration when shopping for men’s clothes. The built of a man’s body may sometimes have a bearing on the actual length of the clothes he should be buying. Online shopping for men is a tad too risky. Basically, the quickest and easiest way to shop for men is to actually visit stores.

Tall Mens Clothing stores always carry items that would perfectly fit men who are much gifted when it comes to the height department. Of course, when you shop for clothing for tall men, always make sure that the measurements you have on hand are current. You can never use outdated measurements when buying clothes or rely on your better judgment. Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. At any rate, if you can’t find anything suitable in stores, then resort to the next best thing which is to have the clothes tailor-made.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Never Heard Such Life Insurance Before

Honestly, I never heard of  high risk life insurance till today. I didn't know that kind of life insurance exists. Oh well, I think I didn't know such thing because I am not the one who takes care of our insurance stuffs. Maybe if hubby told me all about it, then I wouldn't feel ignorant :-(. I should have involved myself more when it comes to life insurance and all. Well, guess what/ It isn't too late for me, right? From now on, I will stick my nose closely when it comes to our financial management and insurances.

Waiting Can Be Very Frustrating

Just like every Mom, I get to be very busy at times even though I only have one kid. But unlike many of them, I am busy with doctors appointments and lab works. It isn't easy being Mom especially if you are a stay at home mother with health conditions like myself.  So, when hubby is at work, I get to do a lot of stuffs like household shores, tending to our son's need and my needs as well. One thing I have doing is grocery shopping especially when it is time for check out and loading and unloading the groceries. Sometimes I would have to wait long at the check out counter because the receipt printer is not working. Honestly;y, it is annoying since I still have to deal with the traffic going home from shopping. I just wished they would finish fixing the roads for I really hate driving on detour road or way. I heard that it would take at least one month to finish the road works :-(.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Labor Day in Tyler, TX

Yesterday was Labor Day and of course there was no school. A day like this is always spent in our household doing things we all enjoy doing. And so, we went to Tyler, TX which is about an hour and a half drive from our place. First thing we do as soon as we got there was went to the Caldwell Zoo. It was a small but neat zoo; perfect place to walk around, sight see and exercise at the same time, yes we did have so much fun especially when we fed the wild birds :-). Before we know it, it was already lunch time, and so we drove to the closest McDonald and bought ourselves chicken nuggets, burger and drinks. Then, headed to a nearby state park (Tyler National Park where we ate lunch, watched people swam and then afterward rode on a pedal boat. Oh man, it was fun riding that boat. Our boat ride lasted for almost an hour. Ten dollars an hour is not bad for the three of us :-). Anyway, here are some photos we took that day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

He Needs a Cell Booster Badly!

I wished that we have a  wireless cell booster, that way it will be easier to communicate with our family and friends wherever we are or they are. Unclear reception and not getting signal is one thing we hate when we are traveling. We couldn't get a signal when we want to talk to our family, or sometimes our communication because of bad reception. I am glad that my husband bought me and iPhone with great plan, now he can call me without problem. Now, all he needs to do for his own cellphone is a wireless cell our conversation would be enjoyable.

Saving And Enjoying Our Fave Movies

Some of the things the my family and I do during our free time is to go on nature hike, camping, playing sports, going out with family friends and watching movies. Speaking about movies, part of cutting down expenses, we canceled our cable tv and just kept the local channels. And in order to save money and still enjoy watching our fave family movies, my  husband and I decided to use our guestroom as an exercise room, we also bought a new Blu Ray player.  It makes working out easier and fun for both of us. Now, I feel like we have a  blu ray home theatre system for we also watch movie there as a family occasionally.Our lonely guestroom is not a boring room anymore, yay!

My Fun "Me" Time with Emely

Today, my friend and I went to the mall to do some shopping. And I tell you, we had so much fun! Why? Because we not only save money for getting great deals using our coupons, but also we enjoyed just talking and to each other. Our lunch were very yummy. The Asian Buffet was incredible! They have hibachi, too which is one of my fave Japanese foods aside from Sushi whcih they also serve as part of the buffet. We both enjoyed our meal, and decided to come back there again with our families :-). I am also glad that Matt was off today and he allow me to have some "me" time :-)! When I got home, there was even a dinner waiting for me :-); thanks Honey for the yummy BLT sandwich...I love it! And most of all, I love you!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Where To Buy Scrubs Online

There are hundreds of online stores selling Medical Scrubs. I must say finding the best one can be very overwhelming. But Blue Sky Co. and their page at is here to save your day.

I personally know few medical practitioners in the family and had to ask them what their top 3 requirements are when purchasing scrubs. Surprisingly most of their answers came out in unison:

2.Affordable Price (branded scrubs that are on sale preferably)
3.Comfort and style

I of course need not to scour the web for shops that meet all these requirements. Blue sky does not only bring a high level of fashion and classiness to medical professionals but they guarantee quality and flexibility of their products as well whether it’s premade or custom medical scrubsnot only for adults of both sexes but for children as well. Sounds strange? Yea, but you’ve heard it right!

We know how little ones often look up to their parents and what they do. So Blue Sky also designed scrubs especially for kids who love to play pretend and dress up like mommy or daddy. Their uniforms for kids are also fashionably made just as those of the adults and are available in different colors as well. How cool is that!

There is simply nothing like Blue Sky label on the market. Our nurses wear them and so can you. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Document Imaging Software, a Great Help!

My eldest brother own a small business in the country where I was born and raised. Many of his customers are business owners and students. These people constantly need his help and sometimes he couldn't keep up with their needs, especially when it comes to important documents. Printing and scanning it. If he only has a document imaging software, it would be easier for him to met the needs of his clients. Maybe I need to tell him that the next time I phone him. Much better if I have enough savings to buy one for him as a gift. Yeah, maybe that would be my gift for him this coming Christmas :-).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jacob's Birthday Celebration at Chuck E Cheese

This was a pre birthday celebration of my son, Jacob at chuck e cheese two days prior to his actual birthday which was Wednesday, July the 27th. It was celebrated with his friends, Freddy, Charles and the twins (Beth and Bella). And they have so much fun especially my son.

After the fun at chuck e cheese, we went to a friend's house for some ice cream cake and Filipino dish like Pancit and friend chicken :-). Thanks guys for joining us again celebrating Jake's 7th birthday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

6 Tips for DIY Pet Grooming

With today’s economy putting the pinch on everyone’s budget, people are looking to cut costs wherever they can.  Bringing your pet to the groomer can cost you $50 or more in addition to the time and cost of traveling there.  If you are thinking about grooming your pet yourself here are a few tips on how to make it a satisfying experience.

Six Top Tips for DIY Pet-Groomers

* Make sure you have everything you need to be successful.  If you don’t have a bath tub you’ll need a tub of some sort to bathe them in.  For a small dog, a baby tub on the counter should work fine.  Safety is important; make sure there is no chance your pet will fall off of the counter.  Other tools you will find necessary will be nail clippers, brushes, rake, shampoo, conditioner, towel, and clippers. 
* When you are choosing a dog shampoo it should not contain harsh chemicals.  Chemicals will dry out your pet’s skin and make them itchy and irritated.  You will want to choose one that will not strip the animal’s natural oils. 
* Before you bathe your pet it is a good idea to comb out any mats or knots they may have in their fur.  Once you wet the animal it will be nearly impossible to remove these by combing.  A good way to make this a little easier is to use a spray conditioner on the knot as you are trying to comb it out.
* You should invest in a good set of clippers made for trimming animals.  A set not made for animals will not do a great job and will create a bad experience for your animal.  You should begin clipping your pet at their arm pits and back and move your way down to the tail.  The length of their fur will be what your preference is for your pet.  The fur on their legs and paws should be a shorter length than the rest of their body. 
* Don’t forget teeth cleaning!  Your pet’s oral health is an important indicator of their overall health.  Red, swollen, or bleeding gums deserve a visit to the vet. 
* Be very careful when trimming their nails.  You will need to locate the quick on their nails.  The quick is where the nail turns a darker color.  It is hard to find on dark colored nails.  If you trim the quick you will cause your pet some pain and bleeding, so use extra care. 

Animals should be groomed right from when they are small.  It becomes a familiar habit and they learn to like it.  It is a perfect way to bond with your pet.

L. Lubel is extremely interested in veterinarian medicine and offering information for students who want to become veterinarian technicians.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Stress Free Road Trip

Since we travel a lot during summer, spring and winter breaks, my husband make sure that our car is drivable and is properly checked before we leave home aside from filling it with a full tank gas. By doing these things, we save some money from calling   emergency roadside assistance if the insurance company doesn't cover it. But since emergency roadside assistance is covered with the plan we chose, we don't need to worry when something bad happened to our car while on a long road trip. They'll be there to assist us...and will make our trip stress free and enjoyable. So far, we never encounter any roadside problems; we were lucky to have a safe and peaceful trip all the time. Thanks to God who always protect and guide us during our long trips anywhere :-).

A Surprise Anniversary Gift for my In-Laws

Five days from now and it would be my in-laws 48th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I already sent them a card with gift card in it the other day. But since they love surprises, I was thinking of sending them a gift basket. A gourmet dipped berry gift basket would be perfect for they love to eat, but are very frugal when it comes to spending money for themselves, lol. Don't get me wrong, but my in-laws are very generous when it comes to their children. They wouldn't mind sending us expensive gifts or even money, that is why we always feel happy. Anyway, I would like to try this gourmet dipped berry, too. Sound good and yummy for me. How about you? What do you think?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Singing Karaoke

When we visited my folks in the Philippines last month we had so much fun! We did a lot of traveling, swimming and visiting historical places in the central part of the P.I. Our first destination was at the Hundred Island in Pangasinan where we rode a boat and toured the 100 islands and then swam afterward. The next day, we went to the province of Aurora where the Pacific ocean is located. Oh man, that was a cool place; once again we swam and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Anyway, the night before hubby's flight back to United States, we spent our time with my family...talking, enjoying yummy foods, visiting friends and sang karaoke. Matt and I loves to sing as you can see in the photos :-). Oh how I miss my family in the Philippines so much!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Auto Body Estimating Software

Just recently my car had broken down and after many costly repairs I finally was able to get it fixed. Well, soon after that I came across a website that offers auto body estimating software. What this software does is to help you find out exactly how much repairs are going to cost and what is needed. What is so great and revolutionary about this software is that it provides you with vehicle frame dimensions so you can see for yourself exactly what your car needs. Some of this software can be purchased with a small monthly fee. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this powerful software.

Horseback Riding is Fun!

I really enjoyed horseback riding when I was younger, and I hope that I can do it again. I really think that horseback riding is fun, but where do you go to get horse riding apparel? Well, just recently I found out that you can actually purchase all of the apparel you will need for horseback riding online; this includes pants, shirts, helmets, gloves, and much more, both for men and women. I really thought that it was great that also has apparel and equipment for your horse as well, such as saddles, bridles, and grooming supplies for your horse as well. So why not start shopping online, and start enjoying horseback riding.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enjoying Our Desserts at Braums

After having Filipino foods for dinner tonight (fried tilapia, tortang eggplant and ginisang gulay), we headed at Braums (our favorite fastfoods/dairy store)to have desserts. I chose frozen yougurt, hubby had a tuxedo/sundae and Jacob enjoyed his double dipped chocolate ice cream. As you can see on the photos seen here. We love Braums! We love their ince cream, and milk. Their burgers, sandwiches are pretty good, too!

and my dear husband :-)