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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lower Electric Bills

When hubby and I went to the showroom for an upgrade to our newly built house, we saw a lot of things we need that the builder didn't put into it. And so, we spent quite a lot of money to get what we want for our house. We have had a covered porch built, fireplace inside, new appliances, upgraded carpet, and more. The one thing we haven't done yet was the reflective insulation. It's not that we didn't need it, we just don't have enough budget left for it; but hubby and I plan on putting one once we have saved enough for it for we know that it will dramatically lower our electric bills, thus saving us more in return.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish Bedroom Furniture

On Monday two weeks ago, was a Parent/Teacher Conference at my son's school. And so, the school decided that it as a student holiday. The conference ended for a day, indeed. Anyway, it was a new setting to me.......for the previous schools my son had attended, kids still had their normal classes only with substitute teachers with them, while their teachers are busy talking to their parents. I was just curious why? It was totally different!

Well, hubby and Jacob were happy because we got the chance to bond and do things we all enjoy doing. First of all, we went to Chuck E Cheese's to play some games, then ate lunch there at the same time. We have had a blast! Then, when it was time for shopping, we visited a furniture shops for a set of bedroom furniture. We've found the one we like but it was very expensive. So we decided that we would look for a modern bedroom furniture online and maybe we would find the one the fits our needs, lifestyle as well as budget :-).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our President's Day Picnic at Lake Tawakoni

As a family, we take every opportunity we can get to bond and do something we all enjoy doing and one of the things we love to do is picnicking on the lakes, parks, beaches, mountain and outdoors. Yesterday was a holiday (President's Day); we took advantage of that day since the weather was nice, too. We went to the lake and grilled some meat for our lunch, went for a hike, walk on the lakeside and played on the sand. Here are the photos I took...nice family bonding time, too!

Talking with my son...
Jake and Daddy enjoying the waves...
Grilling chicken wings after hamburger and steak.
They are busy snacking with chips and dips.
Jake, our little happy helper :-).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cost of Living

Every time I do grocery shopping, I feel like the price of everything are higher that the last time I shopped which was like three days ago. Can you blame if sometimes I don't even want to shop just because I know I would be spending at least 70 bucks for few things we need such as milk, juice. eggs, bread, fruits, veggies, meat and etc...The cost of living is going up but the income of most employees don't. What is going on? I noticed that even car insurance policy are up, too! Is there still such thing as cheap auto insurance? Or is it a part of history now? I wonder what Obama has to say about it.

New Skin Care Product

I have been looking for the best acne treatment in the market lately because I noticed that there are acne that slowly appearing on my skin. Good thing they are not visible for they are on my chest and shoulders. This is the side effect of the medicines I have been taking since my transplant. I wonder if there is a new acne treatment I can try for the acne on my body. I am still waiting for my doctor's appointment where I can ask a prescription. The last prescription I got from him for my acne was very effective. I'd like to know if that medicine is still in the market today.

Strong and Healthy Bodies

I always admire my Aunt and her husband for having a strong and healthy bodies. They are very conscious with how they look from head to toe. I used to live with them back in Malaysia and saw how they took care of their health from eating a healthy balanced diet to being physically active. They play golf and tennis a lot on top of daily exercises. I wonder whether they take a pre- exercise body supplement such as force factor. And if they do, they probably read the articles about force factor side effects before they decided to try it for themselves. If that is the case, then this health product must be very effective for I can see the great results at my Aunt and Uncle's body. I wished I have the same healthy body like them.

At Peace Knowing They are Safe and Secure

This morning, I decided to use my new laptop for it's been a week since hubby last used it. It took him half an hour to work on some updates before he can finally do what he wanted to do with the laptop. I was very apologetic for it was my fault why the updates were filing up! Now to avoid that same problem again, I checked for an updates and only found one, thank goodness otherwise I'll be in trouble with hubby this time, lol. As I waited for the updates to be done, I noticed a small icon flashing; I clicked it and it says that I need to install a back up. Not sure what to do I decided to wait for hubby to decide what to do with it. I remember one time we did use a data backup service to make sure that we would not lose important documents, photos and data in our computers in case something happened with our computers. I really think that having this kind of service, we are at peace knowing that those important documents are safe and secure.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My New Laptop

My youngest brother told me that he wants to get a laptop of his own someday. He keeps telling me that if I could find him a cheaper laptop here would be great. He said he would pay me back as soon as he gets it. But I told him that I will just give him my laptop which is not really old. It is only two year old and still works well. So with that, I decided to buy myself a new one. I found this HP laptop at Walmart and fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I didn't stop bugging my husband till he said 'okay' let's go and buy it. And here it is!

Isn't it cute?
I love it for it has all the features we wanted for a laptop. I can do almost everything with this computer.
Finally, this is how it looks like inside.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Perfect Gift for Her!

I know, I is not even Christmas yet and yet I am already looking for something I could give to my sister in-law and her boyfriend for presents. Okay, since it is way too far, I would just give her a birthday gift since it will be coming before summer. These guys love outdoor and adventures. In fact right now, they are on a month vacation at Colorado to ski and have fun with snow. They also in to mountain climbing, kayaking and diving. I've found perfect gifts for them which are the Julbo Explorer Glacier Glasses. These Glacier glasses will help protect their eyes from sun and even wind. I bet they will enjoy their outdoor adventures more with the use of these glasses. I think hubby and I needs pair, too!

GPS for My Car

Three weeks ago a friend of our picked up the television at my house with his brother. The television was huge and heavy and I felt bad that after carrying that heavy television, Daniel's was strained that he needs to go to the emergency room only to find out that he has aneurysm. He was very surprised and stunned! Now is very careful with what he does, eat and everything. I can't blame him. Anyway, on the way to our house he used gps because he has never been to our place before though Gary was with him who had been in my house few times. They got at my house without any problem with the use of gps. I always want to get a gps for our van because I am not yet familiar yet with the city we are in now. So, every time I go to the electronic aisle of the store I make sure I look for gps that is affordable and accurate. I heard that tom tom gps are great! My cousin has one in her van, too and she even suggested that I get myself one! But hubby is very skeptical about it. Oh well, one of these days, I'll buy one whether he likes it or not!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Now, That's What I Call Winter...Snow!

To me winter is not a winter until there's a snow. And here it is....snow! I love snow but hate the cold feeling that comes from it. After the ice, comes the snow and the school for 4 days! My son went to school yesterday and it was miserably cold in outside....though we are bundled up, we couldn't stand the cold. If it wasn't for some milk and veggies and other necessities, I wouldn't brave the weather....and so I went out for some grocery shopping yesterday after dropping my son off to school.

This is what we saw when we woke up this morning...snow! Isn't it pretty? It is so quiet outside, too!
My son was too cold...he didn't even bother to go outside and play! Now he is in his room playing video games after watching tv and playing.

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. We are on this earth because
God wants us to learn and grow spiritually.

I am a firm believer that experience is one of the best teacher.

3. One of the hardest things for me to learn is to not trust easily.

4. I am glad to be connected.

5. I remember him
holding and cheering me up while I was busy crying.

6. My family is one of the best part of my life.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my son, tomorrow my plans include attend Saturday session of the Stake Conference and do my chores and Sunday attend the Sunday session of the Stake Conference, I want to !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Unfulfilled Dream!

Looking at those bridesmaid dresses at the mall the other day reminds me of my unfulfilled dream which was to become a bridesmaid at one of my best friends's wedding. It wasn't that they don't want me to become one, but it was because we don't really do bridesmaid thing a the church were we belong. Don't get us wrong, but I was chosen to be a special witness which is a privilege since not all relatives and friends can witness it for it is a solemn ceremony. I felt very special that time. I can't remember why my sister in-law didn't choose me to be her bridesmaid when she and my eldest brother got married; it would have been nice had she chose me. Oh well, all of us in one way or the other would have at least one unfulfilled dream, wouldn't we?

Was It a Wrong Decision?

Looking back when we were still looking for a house, I never like having in the kitchen bar stools. I felt like it over crowding the kitchen, and so we didn't put bar stools in the lists of the furniture we needed for our new house. Lately, while I was looking to the kitchen, I realized that I was wrong when I chose a bar instead of an island. The island would help make our kitchen more functional especially with bar stools...that way, we have a formal dining area as well as a nook (kind of). Oh well, there is nothing I can do now but lament. There was no on to blame but me because hubby let me choose whatever I want/need in our kitchen during our update meeting with the builder.

Crowd Control is Very Important

Have you ever experienced waiting for hours for your turn at the bank, the grocery or at concerts? That can be quite annoying. But what’s even more annoying and frustrating at the same time is when some of the people in the line with you are very unruly. You’ll see people who are trying to cut through the line, and then there are those who are just plain disorganized. At such a time, you need someone who’ll take care of crowd control.

But aside from crowd controllers, it’s a wise idea to make use of stanchions. These are crowd control ropes which are often used to guide patrons or even direct them to where they should go so that a line would look organized. There are stanchion posts which are ideal for any type of setting including banks, lobbies, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, museums, & a lot more. Stanchion posts can come in the form of velvet ropes. Basically, these velvet rope stanchions are made of a soft foam core and wrapped with nylon velour. There are snap type rope ends on each end which are usually attached to the posts.

There are other forms of stanchion posts. On the whole, it depends on the establishment how they want the stanchions made. They may even opt to have their company name printed on the stanchion. There are also what we call barricades and these are ideal for controlling traffic and providing security and privacy. These are ideal for crowded places where people have to contend with vehicular traffic as well. Indeed, there are many different ways to control a crowd and keep them organized. People need to know that these products being used to organize lines and queues are not meant to bother them but are merely used to put a crowd in order and to ensure the protection of everyone as well.