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Saturday, April 28, 2012

European Car, My Kind of Car!

I sure like European cars like Audi and BMW. I think they are kind of cute and really well made and reliable. Buying a  “Used Audi" or  “Used BMW" is the best way to buy a car for it is less expensive and you get what you want for it is still runs like a new car. Anyway, if you live in U.K. and would like to purchase Used Cars, you should click the links provided here. On this website you'll find the car you are looking for. Finding the car is easy for they have plenty of models and make to choose from, from Audi to BMW they've got you cover. How I wished I live there so I can buy the European car I want like the BMW. O well, maybe someday when I have the means to buy it and have it ship here in United States :-).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Productive Day

Today, I made myself busy doing things that I have neglected doing for years. First I did walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill, and exercising using ball for 10 minutes, plus I have been busy cooking meals for dinner. I felt good not spending too much time in front of my computer. Being a couch potato added as much weight I could add in my body. Now, I decided to make my everyday productive from now on. I am so glad my husband has been understanding and supportive of me. I love him and loves me more by letting me do the things I want to do without questions and I feel very lucky for that. I hope and pray that I can continue doing what is right for my health and well being. I know I can do it for I have done this before.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Need to Lose Weight Safely

When it comes to weight loss, I always like to lose weight safely. On the other hand, my husband is the opposite of me. He thinks skipping meals is one way to lose weight fat! And I don't agree with that. I just think skipping meals is wrong. It is dangerous to ones health; Oh well, I did my part to tell him he is wrong, but still he continue to skip at least a meal a day. No wonder why he has hard time losing weight because his way is not only right but ineffective. 

I joined this biggest loser competition that started two days ago and I was hoping to lose at least 8% of my current body weight. And If I loss that 8% or more, then I would win a $1,000! Yes, what a great way to lose weight. My husband is all over me saying that I need to win this. So he kept cheering me up to go and go more exercise and eat sensible meals. I hope and pray to win, not because of the money, but because it would be good for my over all health and well being. If I win, good...and if not it's fine, too at least I loss a lot of weight.

I Love Our Honeycomd Shades

Almost three years ago, we purchase a newly built house in the East part of Dallas. We had the chance of choosing our own floor, windows treatments, and did a lot of updates before the builder finally built it. Husband and I were overwhelmed with many choices to make. Not to mention the appliances and mortgage company as well as home insurance. But it was all worth it now when we think back of all the things we went through. We are now happy and satisfied homeowners of a new house. As we all know, summer here in Texas is crazy. Anyway,the temperature goes up to 3 digits and it can be very, very hot. Good thing even though it was kind of expensive, hubby and I decided to install honeycomb shades on almost all the windows in our home because we wanted to save money from electric bill. So far, our electric bills is always lower than we used to pay when we were still living in the north part of Texas. I am glad we are enjoying the cool temperature in the comfort of our own home without getting broke.

Proline, an Important Part of Musician's Life

For the firs time in my life, I was able to see our church leader spoke in person when we attended the Semi - Annual General Conference for LDS church. It was my first time also to see the Mormon Tabernacle choir sung live.  I can not describe my feeling when Pres. Monson enter the conference room, the spirit was very strong and everyone was so quit. And when he spoke, he spoke with spirit and power from on high. The Mormon Tabernacle choir sung angelically. Oh man, it was an amazing experienced for me and my family. When the choir sung I notice they have many musicians in front playing musical instruments. Each uses proline. I wonder where the church bought those prolines; they looks neatly. Also in every chapel we have at least three prolines. Indeed, the church spend a lot of money in terms of musical and stuffs like that.

He Needs A New Car

My husband's car which is Toyota Avalon is already old but is still running well, except lately, he told me has has been hard time starting it. Probably it needs a spark plug replacement which is by the way very expensive to be replaced. I joke about him that he needs a new car for his car is like 12 year old! He said he will try to replace the spark plug himself, all he needs to do is figure out how to do it himself just so we can save money. I trust my husband that he can do it. He is a handyman and we hardly hire someone to do a lot of house repair, and car job for he does everything. He is a genius, too! I hope we can get an affordable car loan when it is time for us to trade that old car into a new one. I heard that car title loans Massachusetts is great. If only we live there, then we would be able afford to buy a new car now without second thoughts. Oh well, I think we just needs to be patient and pretty sure we would have some saving when the right time comes.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cufflinks for Hubby

During our trip to Utah last week, I almost bought my husband cufflinks, but he couldn't find the ones he likes. So, I bought him a tie tack instead. My son got one as well a baseball with the "ctr" on curved on it. Actually both tie tacks are kind of cute. I purchased few things for myself, too. I got myself a couple of necklaces, and a bell for my bell collections :-). Anyway, I would look for cufflinks at redenvelope's cufflinks page, and I am pretty sure I'd be able to find the one he likes. I have been to their website before and I remembered seeing cufflinks, tie tacks and etc...there.