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Monday, April 16, 2012

I Love Our Honeycomd Shades

Almost three years ago, we purchase a newly built house in the East part of Dallas. We had the chance of choosing our own floor, windows treatments, and did a lot of updates before the builder finally built it. Husband and I were overwhelmed with many choices to make. Not to mention the appliances and mortgage company as well as home insurance. But it was all worth it now when we think back of all the things we went through. We are now happy and satisfied homeowners of a new house. As we all know, summer here in Texas is crazy. Anyway,the temperature goes up to 3 digits and it can be very, very hot. Good thing even though it was kind of expensive, hubby and I decided to install honeycomb shades on almost all the windows in our home because we wanted to save money from electric bill. So far, our electric bills is always lower than we used to pay when we were still living in the north part of Texas. I am glad we are enjoying the cool temperature in the comfort of our own home without getting broke.

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