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Monday, April 16, 2012

Proline, an Important Part of Musician's Life

For the firs time in my life, I was able to see our church leader spoke in person when we attended the Semi - Annual General Conference for LDS church. It was my first time also to see the Mormon Tabernacle choir sung live.  I can not describe my feeling when Pres. Monson enter the conference room, the spirit was very strong and everyone was so quit. And when he spoke, he spoke with spirit and power from on high. The Mormon Tabernacle choir sung angelically. Oh man, it was an amazing experienced for me and my family. When the choir sung I notice they have many musicians in front playing musical instruments. Each uses proline. I wonder where the church bought those prolines; they looks neatly. Also in every chapel we have at least three prolines. Indeed, the church spend a lot of money in terms of musical and stuffs like that.

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