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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Ties, Not for Me!

Even though we haven't enrolled Jake yet at his new school this fall, I already bought him some school uniforms at Target because they are on sale. His uniform by the way is red polo shirt and blue short or pants. Obviously, am more excited than him :-). I bought larger size since he is growing like a weed. He already outgrown his new Nike sandal we bought him three months ago. My goodness, to think that kids shoe and clothes are more expensive than those for adults ones! Soon he will be needing new ties for his Sunday clothes, I asked him about pink ties and what he thinks about wearing one. He responded right away by saying; but Mommy "pink ties are for girls only :-)." I then reply saying, it okay to wear it every once in awhile, sweety. No, he said; not me! Oh well, I can't force him to agree with me, can I? I just think wearing pink tie is kind of cute.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jake and the Marching Band

While I was making some dinner tonight, my son tried to entertain himself by playing with the musical instruments toy he got from his Aunt for Christmas when he was still three year old. It was very noisy that I couldn't hear hubby talking with me on the phone at the same time. So I asked my son to play in his room for a little while; he did follow what I said and I was very glad for that. Anyway, after talking with hubby, I thought about enrolling my son at a marching band at school this coming fall. He would need at least stainless steel drum for that is what he loves to play with. I was wondering where would I find used stainless steel drum that is in good shape and very affordable. Maybe I need to look online; maybe at Craigslist.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Your Favorite Summer Hot Spots

Say hello to sun, fun and celebration because summer is finally here! And what better way to enjoy the return of warmer weather and clear blue skies than packing up and hitting the road en route to the season’s favorite destinations? But before you hop on those rides or hit the beach, be careful—because if you’re trying to slim down, some summer excursions can seriously threaten to derail your success. We all know it can be challenging to find healthy foods at your local fair or on the cruise buffet line, but we’re here to help you navigate the menu maze with these simple tips for 5 popular summer sites:

1. Sun-Soaked BeachesIt’s okay to treat yourself on vacation, but only in moderation of course, which means declining to dine out for every meal. Make an effort to pack a cooler full of fruit, veggies and some healthy snacks before heading to the beach.

2. Calm, Cool Cruises
What’s a dieter’s worst nightmare? A buffet line! And on a cruise, you’re bound to run into one. But among the fried, breaded and battered fare are still a few bright spots. Just think smart. Take a small salad plate for your main meal to control your portions, and sample some of the lighter seafood options—you’re on the ocean after all! And follow the rule: one and done; too many trips can be asking for trouble.

3. Thrilling Theme Parks
Who doesn’t automatically think of cotton candy, corn dogs and ice cream when amusements parks are mentioned? While it may by hard to avoid these empty-calorie treats lurking in every corner, there are healthier options out there. Go for grilled lean meats or opt for a salad when in doubt.

4. Fun Fairs & Carnivals
In the birthplace of fried Coca-Cola and Oreos, it can be almost impossible to find healthy options. But since the fair is typically a day trip, you can make sure to fill up before you even step foot inside. Or if you just have to have a bite, go for a bag of peanuts, a chicken kabob or even a caramel apple containing healthy fiber underneath the gooeyness.

5. Charming Campgrounds
Depending upon what you consider “roughing it,” your food choices can be pretty limiting out in the open air (hotdogs on a stick anyone?)

Very Nice Landlord

Some people find it very easy and comfortable to live in an apartment than home. Their reason is that they don't need to maintain the lawn themselves, when something is wrong with appliances, plumbing and more, there is maintenance who takes care of it and amenities are within their reach. We just moved out of the apartment where an old man lives across us. He has been living there for the past 19 years. I can tell that he is happy and contented where is lives now. I can't blame him because aside from the above stuffs I mentioned, the Landlord is very nice. She takes care of the apartment complex and its tenants very well. If I were to refer an apartment complex, this would be the one I would refer to. Just recently, the management invited us to check their Facebook. I was very impress that they even have info on some kind of Rental Assistance, which is very helpful with those who has financial issues. Anyway, to those who are looking for a place to live, they need to check websites that are easy to navigate, user-friendly as well as ones with photos pf the rental properties and he location as well.

Old Books, Manuals, Textbooks and More!

Last night, I kept myself busy unpacking more boxes that belong to the living room. I was so surprised with how much books, magazines, textbooks we have accumulated and don't need anymore. These stuffs are outdated and need to be replaced or can be read online, thus saving us some bucks. Not sure whether hubby needs these manuals and textbooks, I phoned him at work last night and asked which one he needs to keep and the ones that need to be given away to donated at the library. He told me that I can decided which one to keep; I was so glad! I can't stand looking at these boxes and storing them at the closet or garage. Finally, he is ready to bid farewell to his old books he hardly touch in years.

Friend On Vacation to Philippines

A friend of mine is on vacation to the Philippines, and will be coming home first week of July. She said that it is so hot in there that her son got heat rash. But Charles didn't mind the heat and continued playing. He loves being with his grandpa and cousins there. Anyway, my friend's Lolo (grandpa) passed away one week ago and that is a sad visit for her. Then, Fiesta came, she couldn't decided what to do. I told her, it's her decision whether to prepare foods or not; she decided to make people happy and here are the yummy foods they have prepared and eaten.

There sinuglaw, adobo, kinilaw, kare-kare and of course, the rice. It made me drool and miss Pinoy foods so much. Too bad the Asian store is far where we live now. I make sure next week to get some fish when we run errands, and get one more load of boxes from apartment.

Wishing for Baby Girl

I cannot believe it! It seems like yesterday when I was holding my newborn baby; soon he is turning six. So sad that I can't stop the time. My baby is now a sweet little boy who will be attending first grade this fall. I tell you, he is very excited ad couldn't wait to go back to school again. Anyway, talking about his coming birthday, I plan of sending our/his friends birthday invitations at least one week before his day; and so when I was at the store I looked for invitations. He said he would like to have is Toy Story 3. While there, I also saw cute birth announcements that a friend at church can use for the coming birth of her baby boy/girl. At times like this, I couldn't help but wish that I can have one more child. I really miss being pregnant and having new baby at home....that can keep me occupied. It would be nice if we have a baby girl at home...that is one wished our son will never ever get unless we decide to adopt one.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Review For A Cause

I have re posted this for little Bella hoping she'll get some help for her hernia operation. Please join us and donate any amount you can give to make the surgery happens or......

A hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated. When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas. Although Hernia happen to boys mostly, girls can also experience it.

We can help raise the expenses needed for Bella's operation by purchasing a blog review from her Mom, Mommy Rubz. A blog review from her PR3 blog. The review is consist of 150 words (all positive) with 2 links (home page link) and an image of the header or screen shot of the blog to be reviewed. One link with the blog title as the anchor text and the other link is on the image.

Please send me an email ( with the url of the blog you want Ruby to review.. and will reply with the url of the post and the paypal id where you can send the payment and if you are generous enough, you can even add more to the $10 price... will be waiting for your email!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding Lease To Own Homes Has Never Been Easier!

I have a friend who has been living in a rental house for as long as I can remember ( least 10 years now. They planned of building a house on a piece of land they own at the countryside but never materialized since they are living in a city where everything they need is very accessible such as church, school, shopping center and a community college where her son is attending right now. I thought of suggesting her to move in to a rent to own properties that way their dream of owning a house will be pursued. I the area where they currently live has many Homes for Lease To Own that are very affordable and closer to where they live now. I don't think that money is the issue why their plan didn't go through, and if that's the case, I really think that there is an option they can consider like the Affordable Housing Options, a government program that can help people who need help in pursuing their American dream which is to own a house. There is a website they can go to which is very easy to navigate as well as user - friendly. This website makes finding lease to own homes easier and less stressful.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Things We Don't Want to Buy Used

Most people wants to save money as much as they could; to do that they choose to buy things that are second hand or used. These things are sold at thrift stores like Goodwill, online like Craigslist, and other like garage/yard sales and more. I used to buy used things myself, but lately I have been getting great deals at the store itself that I decided not to buy used stuffs like on the list below. Let us use our common sense why we don't need to buy these things.

1. Cribs and children's furniture: If there's any chance that you'll put your children at risk by buying used, just buy new. Used children's furniture, especially cribs, can be a safety hazard because you can't be certain of a potential recall or if the crib was installed correctly. (See also 7 Baby Items You Don't Need to Buy.)

2. Car seats: Even if a used car seat looks OK, damaged car seats aren't uncommon. Considering that safety technology improves every year -- and the fact that car seats can go for as little as $50 -- buying new is usually the better option.

3. Bicycle helmets: Usually, a crash would only crush the foam inside the helmet casing, so the damage to the helmet may not be visible. However, since helmets are meant to protect against one accident only, buying new would be a safer bet.

4. Tires: Sometimes it's hard to tell if used tires were once part of a totaled wreck. If they have been in an accident, they're bound to be unstable and unreliable. Putting your safety at risk for the sake of saving a few bucks just doesn't add up.

5. Laptops: Because of their portability, laptops are prone to all sorts of abuse and problems. When you buy a used laptop, unless it's refurbished, you have no idea what it's been through or when important parts will die on you. You also don't get the warranties and tech support that come with buying new.

6. Software: Most software comes with a serial number that you register with the company when you activate the software on your computer. If the serial number on your use software has already been registered, you can't use it again.

7. Plasma and HDTVs: The cost for fixing or replacing the parts on plasma or HDTVs is high. Sometimes, it costs as much as buying a new TV. Considering the repair costs, you'd want to get an extended warranty, but that isn't an option if you buy your TV used.

8. DVD players: While it's smart to buy used DVDs, this doesn't apply to DVD players. DVD players have lasers that will eventually wear out. The cost to repair or replace may cost more than the player is worth.

9. Digital and video cameras: Like laptops, used digital and video cameras are likely to have been dropped and banged around. It may not be obvious, but once the damage kicks in, it'll be expensive to repair. If you know what to look for in a digital camera, you can get a great new camera without breaking the bank.

10. Speakers and microphones: Speakers and microphones are sensitive audio equipment that don't stand up well to blasting and mishandling. Like laptops and cameras, the damage may not be obvious, but their performance would be severely compromised.

11. Camera lenses: An SLR camera lens is the most expensive part of a camera. It also directly affects the quality of your images. Any damage to the lens, however slight, will show up in your photos.

12. Photo light bulbs: Not the ordinary light bulbs you use at home. We're talking about the light bulbs used with photography equipment. They're relatively expensive, but their life span is short enough that you likely won't get much use out of them if you buy second-hand.

13. Mattresses and bedding: Just think: You may be sleeping with other people's mold, mites, bacteria, and bodily fluids. Besides, even the really good mattresses are only supposed to last eight to 10 years, and it's hard know for sure how old a used mattress may be.

14. Swimsuits and undergarments: This is probably a no-brainer, but it needs to be said: Do not, do not, do not buy used swimsuits or undergarments. They're worn too close to the body -- someone else's body -- to consider buying used.

15. Wet suits: Wet suits lose the ability to keep you warm over time. If you're a scuba diver, or the last owner was one, the constant change in water pressure will eventually wear out the wet suit and make it more likely to tear.

16. Shoes: If you get used footwear, it's likely they're already molded to the last owner's feet. Poor-fitting shoes are not only uncomfortable but can cause all sorts of health problems, as well.

17. Hats: Hats are likely not cleaned before they're resold or donated. If you buy a used hat, you don't know if you're also getting skin infections, old sweat stains, hair products, and other cringe-worthy remnants. Now that's a deal you don't want.

18. Makeup: A good thing to remember about used makeup is that it's a breeding ground for bacteria and a number of contagious diseases. The great deal you found may come with pink eye and cold sores. Instead of buying used, consider making your own beauty products (it's easier than you think) or skip makeup altogether.

19. Pet supplies: Old stains and odors continue to ferment even if used pet supplies are sitting around in storage. If cleanliness is ever an issue, just say no.

20. Vacuum cleaners: Vacuums are among the heavy-duty household appliances that tend to get a lot of use and abuse. They can also cost more to fix than if you bought them new right from the start.

Source: Yahoo Shopping

Homes For Sale

As I always say and based on our experiences, buying a house/home can be very difficult nowadays, unless you use computer for help. We used a real estate agent first for help, then when we couldn't find the house we need and like, we opt to looking for house online. Thank goodness, we found the community where they sell newly constructed homes in a very nice location for a very low price. In that area, we also saw many Houses For Sale By Owner. I love the website for it is easy to navigate, user-friendly, thus making house hunting easier. The website also has info about Overview on Buying a Home. So, If you are looking for the house of your dream, why not search using internet. You will be glad you did for it will be less stressful and easier to handle.

Friday Fill Ins we go!

Doing good deeds always feels great.
2. The solution is
not always the best or the right one.
Lately I fall asleep when in front of T.V. watching my fave show while blogging.
4. How about
going to a cool place this summer?
5. Keeping yourself fit is something I highly recommend!
6. Imagine going to a cruise with your family this summer.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to
sleeping early, tomorrow my plans include take my son out at McDonald to eat and play, and do more packing afterward, and Sunday, I want to continue packing.

Since hubby is working this weekend, we don't really have any plans, but to stay home and do more packing. However, Jake and I are going out to get some fresh air and then eat and play at McDonald afterward. We don't have any special plans this weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend, friends!

Best Adult Acne Treatment!

Growing up as a teenager, I was lucky enough to never experienced skin problem like acne. On the other hand my eldest brother wasn't spared for that just like every teenager I know. He felt bad about it and was shy to go out and hang out with his friends. Anyway, I can't remember what he did with it, but it went away before we know it. Maybe he puts some kind of creme like acne treatment. Back then, I thought acne was for teenagers only, but I was wrong. I had the acne after I had my transplant and my doctor prescribed me an adult acne treatment to cure it. Oh my, that medicine was very effective! It didn't take long till I was blemished/acne free again! Thanks to the maker of that acne medicines....acne didn't bother me again after that!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rose and Rossel

I would like to greet two good friends in the Blog Land, Rose and Rossel a Happy, Happy Birthday! My wished is for both of you to be blessed with love and happiness continually. Have fun on your special day, guys.... wherever you go and whatever you do. Love You, ladies...muahhh! myspace graphic comments

May All Your Wishes come true!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love Blogging!

Blogging has change my life a lot. I gained new friends and acquaintances, sharpened my ability to speak and write English. My vocabulary expanded, learned many things from friends and they blogs. I really enjoy using computer better. Call me a blog addict...I don't care...for it became my outlet and eases my boredom and homesickness. One more thing is that I also earn money by doing sponsored posts. 3P's, 2S's, and Payu2 gives me money I can spend with what I want and helps with our finances as well. Right now, I have at least $97 pending payout. If only I can withdraw that money right now, it would be very nice. I can send money to my family, buy things we need and even pay bills. Last year, my earning from 3P's alone paid my plane tickets and expenses for my trip to the Philippines when I attended my Grandmother's funeral. Isn't blogging great or what? Because I love blogging, I have created six (6) blogs within 2 years of blogging. Thanks to a good friend who persuaded me to try it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All Natural Product to Treat Acne

Acne is the most hated skin problem anyone could ever have. I had acne once and believe me it was very embarrassing to have it on your face, and not easy to treat. Good thing my doctor prescribed me a liquid medicine that cured my acne so easily. I tell you, it was very effective and safe...just like the pronexin, which is an all natural cream that is safe, effective and no side effect. Amazing isn't it? Many customers have already used this product and testify that this is effective. If I have an acne right now, I wouldn't hesitate to try this acne products.

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school and my son's last day as a Kindergartner. This fall he will be a first grader. Oh, how time seems like it was yesterday...our baby boy has grown so fast! I cannot believe it! Hubby woke up and went with me when I picked Jacob up at school for the last time. He said: he wouldn't miss it for the world. Tomorrow we will be getting up a little bit late....for waking up early is over (at least for a while). I can also use my son hand packing our stuffs up. Oh what an exciting and tiring days ahead of us. I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can accomplish more. I have been feeling weak lately due to my anemia....and I get so tired easily. But I know little by little things will be done before our move.

Furnished Apartments for Rent

Looking for a place to live now is even easier than before. With the use of internet, we found the apartment we need that is close to everything including his work, hospital and school. We've been living here for one year now and is very pleased and satisfied, but . now, we are all excited to move our new home. Anyway, my brother told me that he needs a place to live together with my niece who will take refresher class for four months. They are having hard time for find apartment in the area where it is safe and so I mentioned with him to get a furnished apartment so that they don't need to worry buying furniture and appliances. Finally they found one and all they need now is give the landlord two months deposit and two months advance to reserve it. I don't want to lose that apartment so I sent him the amount he needs to get it. He didn't use internet, but am sure if he did, he will surely find one there, too! Using internet, also helps when finding Corporate Rentals as well as Apartment Market Overview that provides basic info regarding renting apartment whether residential or corporate. I really think that knowing more about apartment rent and stuffs can make apartment search easier and less stressful.

Avandia's Serious Side Effects

This morning while I was checking my emails, I got one with a subject about warning to all diabetic. I immediately opened it and the message talked about the medicine called "Avandia." I have no idea what that medicine for but, was glad I am not into it. This medicine just like any other medicines has a very bad side effect. It can cause heart failure, heart attack and liver failure. So, if you or someone you know is taking this medication, you better contact your doctor and ask about it. Whether this is true or not, it is better to be safe than never.

Bank Homes

These days, buying a house is made easier. Whether you are looking for a rent to own home or house owned by banks (bank homes) internet can help you. There are websites that are easy to navigate as well as user-friendly. You don't need to go out and look for the house of your dream. When hubby and I were looking for a house we used every possible way to find it, we even consider buying Bank Homes. After months and months of searching and nothing happened, we started o look online and found a custom build homes. This is perfect because we can design the house according to our need. Now that the house is almost done, we couldn't wait to move in. Glad we use internet and learned the Overview on Buying a Home as well as the basic and important things to consider. Try using internet next time you look for house to purchase.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Acne Treatment is Available!

With all the things going on in the world today, we can really attest that the only permanent in this wold is change. Modern technology has come along way, from computer to internet we can do almost everything easier than before. Everyday a lot of products are introduced in the market and it can be very confusing. For instance, new acne treatments are introduced; how can we be so sure that they are going to work? The only thing we can do is try it. These maybe effective to some and not to others. If I were to try new product, I need to consult with a dermatologist first just to be safe.I truly believe that it is better to be safe than try and regret afterward.

Site for Best Fat Burning Supplements

We just has a dinner at our friends house where they served us a yummy and flavorful hamburger, with chips and coleslaw on the side. Darn, that is so filing and very delicious! Ate Delia really is a good cook that is why every time we go see her, we always come home full. Aside from them, her cooking is also one thing we would surely miss once we move to our new house. We will be living 30 minutes away from them and that means we will not be seeing each other very often....maybe once a month we will drop by at her house after shopping at Asian store. Anyway, talking about good foods, it is really hard not to eat a lot and not gain weight; so we need to lose weight. I wonder if there is a fat burner supplement that can really help burn some of our unwanted fats :-)? Really need to check the, the site a friend recommended to us, I bet there is at least one fat burner supplement that is going to work for me/us.