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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school and my son's last day as a Kindergartner. This fall he will be a first grader. Oh, how time seems like it was yesterday...our baby boy has grown so fast! I cannot believe it! Hubby woke up and went with me when I picked Jacob up at school for the last time. He said: he wouldn't miss it for the world. Tomorrow we will be getting up a little bit late....for waking up early is over (at least for a while). I can also use my son hand packing our stuffs up. Oh what an exciting and tiring days ahead of us. I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can accomplish more. I have been feeling weak lately due to my anemia....and I get so tired easily. But I know little by little things will be done before our move.


Dhemz said...

wohooo....wala na diay skul si jake teCes...that's good kay para sad makapahuway ka...nya makatog naka ug mau....eehhehe! asa man mo mag summer te?

ayay! my gosh...first grade na dayon si jake...waaaa...kadali sa panahon te no? d jud matagdan....:)

*♥Shydub♥* said...

More fun is awaits for you kenyons fam, Now you don't have to get up early and you can go anywhere na ky wala na klase. hehe

nuts said...

time flies so fast talaga.. before we knew it, graduate na sila grade school.