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Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Your Favorite Summer Hot Spots

Say hello to sun, fun and celebration because summer is finally here! And what better way to enjoy the return of warmer weather and clear blue skies than packing up and hitting the road en route to the season’s favorite destinations? But before you hop on those rides or hit the beach, be careful—because if you’re trying to slim down, some summer excursions can seriously threaten to derail your success. We all know it can be challenging to find healthy foods at your local fair or on the cruise buffet line, but we’re here to help you navigate the menu maze with these simple tips for 5 popular summer sites:

1. Sun-Soaked BeachesIt’s okay to treat yourself on vacation, but only in moderation of course, which means declining to dine out for every meal. Make an effort to pack a cooler full of fruit, veggies and some healthy snacks before heading to the beach.

2. Calm, Cool Cruises
What’s a dieter’s worst nightmare? A buffet line! And on a cruise, you’re bound to run into one. But among the fried, breaded and battered fare are still a few bright spots. Just think smart. Take a small salad plate for your main meal to control your portions, and sample some of the lighter seafood options—you’re on the ocean after all! And follow the rule: one and done; too many trips can be asking for trouble.

3. Thrilling Theme Parks
Who doesn’t automatically think of cotton candy, corn dogs and ice cream when amusements parks are mentioned? While it may by hard to avoid these empty-calorie treats lurking in every corner, there are healthier options out there. Go for grilled lean meats or opt for a salad when in doubt.

4. Fun Fairs & Carnivals
In the birthplace of fried Coca-Cola and Oreos, it can be almost impossible to find healthy options. But since the fair is typically a day trip, you can make sure to fill up before you even step foot inside. Or if you just have to have a bite, go for a bag of peanuts, a chicken kabob or even a caramel apple containing healthy fiber underneath the gooeyness.

5. Charming Campgrounds
Depending upon what you consider “roughing it,” your food choices can be pretty limiting out in the open air (hotdogs on a stick anyone?)

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