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Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Adult Acne Treatment!

Growing up as a teenager, I was lucky enough to never experienced skin problem like acne. On the other hand my eldest brother wasn't spared for that just like every teenager I know. He felt bad about it and was shy to go out and hang out with his friends. Anyway, I can't remember what he did with it, but it went away before we know it. Maybe he puts some kind of creme like acne treatment. Back then, I thought acne was for teenagers only, but I was wrong. I had the acne after I had my transplant and my doctor prescribed me an adult acne treatment to cure it. Oh my, that medicine was very effective! It didn't take long till I was blemished/acne free again! Thanks to the maker of that acne medicines....acne didn't bother me again after that!

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