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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Very Nice Landlord

Some people find it very easy and comfortable to live in an apartment than home. Their reason is that they don't need to maintain the lawn themselves, when something is wrong with appliances, plumbing and more, there is maintenance who takes care of it and amenities are within their reach. We just moved out of the apartment where an old man lives across us. He has been living there for the past 19 years. I can tell that he is happy and contented where is lives now. I can't blame him because aside from the above stuffs I mentioned, the Landlord is very nice. She takes care of the apartment complex and its tenants very well. If I were to refer an apartment complex, this would be the one I would refer to. Just recently, the management invited us to check their Facebook. I was very impress that they even have info on some kind of Rental Assistance, which is very helpful with those who has financial issues. Anyway, to those who are looking for a place to live, they need to check websites that are easy to navigate, user-friendly as well as ones with photos pf the rental properties and he location as well.

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