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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Web Design Cost Calculator

Having multiples website, it is very costly for me to have it redesign all at the same time. I can only do maybe one or two at a time. Good thing I've found a website that can cater the need of my six website. This site can help me not only with my wed designs, but also my budget. Web Design Cost is very crucial with my website because I am so particular on certain things. The look of my website is critical not only to the people who visit them, but also to the advertisers where I basically get my extra income. With the website I've found, I don't have to worry about money or budget for that matter because they offer hourly rate, packages, rates, as well as per page cost. How cool is that? They even offer great price on projects. All I need to do is go to their website, and use they web design cost calculator, and walla...I'll know exactly the exact cost of my website designs. I like this site a lot!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bar Exhibition in UK

If you love going to the bar and enjoy drinking with your friends, there is an exhibition coming up in UK. It is called "Licensed Trade International." This show will be held in the Newcastle UK. Tons of beer will be featured such as Heineken, and Coors, not to mention its Local beers brewed by Monks. Wines in the vineyards from UK, and wine from the famous vineyards in Europe will also be featured. I am pretty sure that my Aunt and my Uncle (from UK) will love to attend the show. So, what are you looking for?  Plan to attend this bar exhibition now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Anniversary Gift for Hubby

In just a couple of days, husband and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. This year, we decided to celebrate it by going for a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We normally do it before or after the exact date we are married due to his work schedule. But this year, we would go for a date on the day of our anniversary which only happens once in a blue moon. Anyway, I am thinking of getting him a gift though I know he doesn't want any gift. I thought of buying him a Swiss watch by raymond weil, but our budget is kind of tight these few months. Maybe I'll get this watch next year. For now, I'll just get him few clothing that he really needed badly. A card and his fave chocolate would be a great addition to the said gift he's getting this week :-).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My New Rechargeable Batteries

It is really embarrassing when you are in the middle of taking pictures and suddenly your digital camera goes off because it’s low battery.  I experienced that few times before until I switched to using rechargeable batteries.  What a relief because I do not have to buy batteries, which I can say that costs me a lot of bucks.

With my new rechargeable batteries, I know that they have long lasting battery life.  And I can take pictures on my camera for long period of time without losing power.  There is truly a big difference.  Rechargeable batteries are highly recommended.  And if you want to switch now, find eneloop here.

Musical Film

I was browsing channels on my television then I saw a musical film on TCM.  The main star was my favorite Hollywood actress singing on stage.  She looked very lovely while performing her piece wearing an elegant pink gown.  The musicians behind her lively played their musical instruments, inspired and mesmerized by the moment. 

In the movie, the audience were in awe watching the performers on stage.  The music was very lively and encouraging.  So some folks stood up and danced happily.  When the lovely actress began singing a mellow song, everybody silently listened like they were enchanted.  And they gave her a standing Ovation with a round of applause after an astounding performance.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Samurai Games

Growing up in the 80s is fun. Well, I am in grade school those years and play time is a big deal to me. I always have fun playing with my siblings and friends in our neighborhood. Seems like life is easy during that time. Me, my siblings, and my friends were fascinated with superhero shows back then particularly with the Japanese shows. We loved the group of characters and the theme of the show. We even played pretend based on these. We enjoyed playing karate and ninja games. I cannot find those types of superhero shows on television now. And if lucky, I can find some on the Internet and try to watch them again.

Some people do not enjoy watching superhero shows on television. They rather play online games like samurai. This game requires strategy and tricks. It is the fascination to the Japanese fiction that draws them to enjoy this type of game on the Internet. I do not really know how but sure they are having fun with it. To others, it becomes part of their lifestyle. Playing online games is their way of relaxing and relieving stress from work. And if they really are into it, they get very anxious to come home to play. Because they get to interact with other players too. In some cases, they get to meet new friends from other parts of the world. That sounds interesting. It’s like playing the game with friends beside you.

The Internet has brought us big advantage on connecting family and friends. Networking works on things like  online games. Sometimes you get attached to it that you would like to recommend a game to someone. Well, that’s how it goes. New online games are developed every year and online gamers always watch out for those.

An Entertaining Online Game

I have never been a sports person. I do not even follow sport game series on television. Some of my family and friends are fascinated with ball games. They also play ball games online. Somehow playing online games entertain them. Well, I find it entertaining too. But with my hectic schedules, tapping on the computer just takes a couple of hours. Yeah, right!

A friend told me that he liked playing soccer games online. There’s a particular player he liked named ronaldo, whose character name is from the famous Brazilian soccer player. It’s funny how my friend got hooked on this online game. Whenever we get the chance to get-together, he shows me how he played the game. It is kind of funny to me. Looking at the cartoon players running and kicking the ball is seems hilarious. But he said it’s fun.

There is now way we can stop computer technology and the Internet from growing. We have to admit that this is part of our future now. The Internet has a big influence to our daily lives. Even a toddler knows how to manipulate a keyboard or a touch-screen tablet. So no doubt that in an early age, kids know how to play computer games online.

I do not have any game installed in my computer. I am very picky though. Just because I do no have it, I am not open to getting one. There is a chance I might try playing online games. It is not bad to get to play online games once in a while. It does not have to be constant. Everything has to be in moderation. We have different ways of relieving stress. Playing online games, going to a recreation center, participating in outdoor games, or even just watching television in order to relieve stress is fine.

On Personal Style and Looking Great

Being a girl has lots of privileges.  We can wear purses, high-heeled shoes, sexy sandals, hair bows, and bikinis.  J  In addition, we can put on makeup as we please.  Being in the family of mostly girls, our home is filled with bright colors.  My mother likes buying us pretty clothes.  And because she liked making her nails look neat, she does manicure and pedicure herself.  Unlike my youngest sister, I do not have the talent.  She does her manicure and pedicure using some ideas from nail polish games that she is playing on the Internet.  My sister comes up with nice looking  and stylish nail colors.  In fact, she polished her finger nails with a design inspired by the game as part of her look on their Cheer Dance competition two weeks ago.  She got compliments on that.

Like my sisters, I like to look presentable in public and I try my best incorporate the things I wear.  Of course, it all depends on my mood you know.  Girly online games like nail polish games and graffiti games can be helpful when it comes to personal styling and fashion.  Playing the dress up game can give us important reference on proper get-up.  Though each girl has her own fashion sense, online dress up games can add to the excitement on wearing appropriate clothing in every occasion or season.  Among the girly games that I tried playing online, I like dress up game better.  Some girls may find it boring but it’s not to me. 

Actually, looking great and feeling great with yourself require a simple effort from within.  So far I am making progress with  I think. J  Thanks to some references online.  Positive outlook and self-confidence bring a good result on getting ourselves to looking good.  Still to me, simplicity is beauty.