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Friday, September 7, 2012

On Personal Style and Looking Great

Being a girl has lots of privileges.  We can wear purses, high-heeled shoes, sexy sandals, hair bows, and bikinis.  J  In addition, we can put on makeup as we please.  Being in the family of mostly girls, our home is filled with bright colors.  My mother likes buying us pretty clothes.  And because she liked making her nails look neat, she does manicure and pedicure herself.  Unlike my youngest sister, I do not have the talent.  She does her manicure and pedicure using some ideas from nail polish games that she is playing on the Internet.  My sister comes up with nice looking  and stylish nail colors.  In fact, she polished her finger nails with a design inspired by the game as part of her look on their Cheer Dance competition two weeks ago.  She got compliments on that.

Like my sisters, I like to look presentable in public and I try my best incorporate the things I wear.  Of course, it all depends on my mood you know.  Girly online games like nail polish games and graffiti games can be helpful when it comes to personal styling and fashion.  Playing the dress up game can give us important reference on proper get-up.  Though each girl has her own fashion sense, online dress up games can add to the excitement on wearing appropriate clothing in every occasion or season.  Among the girly games that I tried playing online, I like dress up game better.  Some girls may find it boring but it’s not to me. 

Actually, looking great and feeling great with yourself require a simple effort from within.  So far I am making progress with  I think. J  Thanks to some references online.  Positive outlook and self-confidence bring a good result on getting ourselves to looking good.  Still to me, simplicity is beauty.

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A Mom said...

I cleaned my owned nails too:)