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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashionable Medical Uniforms

I was just a kid when I was asked what I want to be when I grow up. I simply said, I want to be a nurse. I was fascinated with their uniform. It was so white from head to toe. But that dream changed when I went to college and I am not a nurse. But that didn’t stop me to wear stylish and fashionable cotton medical scrubs. I should check out their site because I am looking for more scrubs to wear at work. My day-to-day job keeps me going and energetic. I always want to accomplish something in a day to make my perfect day very productive. At work, I wear scrubs because it is stylish and comfortable. It’s just perfect for me to keep my keys and pen closer where I can just grab them right away. I got the idea from my friends who work in a nursing home and hospitals. I always like the clothes they wear and they told me that they bought cheap nurse uniforms and they love it because it made them beautiful and sexy. I should check out their website because I am looking for more scrubs to wear at work. I want to feel the same comfort when I’m working. I want to move easy and freely.

My Wish Lists

Out of nowhere, I always thought that Santa Claus is making a list before Christmas eve. He always make the kids happy including the kids at heart. Just like “Santa Claus,” I make my own list to while saving up on the things I want. My current list says, I want an iPad 2, The Best Ebook Readers for Reading Comics, and DSLR but before I can buy them, I need to read reviews and their technical specifications. I always want to get my money’s worth. I found a website where I can Compare Products on Pikimal. Getting ideas and reviews will not hurt. In the end, you will thank yourself for doing a research before buying anything.

Wrting Letters

When I was a youth, I used to write to my friends and family a lot. I would use nice looking Stationery with scent. But after high school, I just stopped writing because I have been very busy with work and school. The only way I can easily communicate with them was through phone calls. Bow, that everything is getting expensive nowadays, I should start writing sure they would like to receive a snail mail again; wouldn't you? I do! Honestly, I miss those times where I received mail from friends and family.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desperate to Lose Weight

I have been very busy lately doing some shopping online. We only have a couple of weeks left before our grand vacation to P.I. And yet, I have never done any packing at all yet. Well, it's not that I am lazy, but I am not done shopping yet. I still need to buy my brother a hair loss treatment and a vitamin for my niece. I am pretty sure I'll be able to find a great deal on weight loss like atro phex. I heard that this product has long been in the market and is very effective and safe. Now, I need to buy it for hubby who is also in need of it. He is very determined to lose weight and I am pretty sure he would try this product without any fuss.

It's Now or Never!

Losing weight is harder that gaining it for sure. No wonder why no matter what I do, my extra weight does not go anywhere but stay in my tummy. Maybe taking lipozene would help. I read on lipozene reviews that this weight loss product can help you lose weight without going to a surgery. I really need to try it otherwise I'll never know if this would also work for me or not. I know I only have a couple of weeks before our trip to my native land, but I am pretty sure it would really help a lot especially eating those foods I've missed most! Oh my, just the thought of it making me drool. I better order lipozene now before it is too late!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chic In Black Monday: Winter Vest

Here is my favorite winter vest which I obviously wear during winter time and whenever the temperature drops down to to 40 ish :-). This vest is not expensive, yet very comfy and I think is chic, too! I like it because it has a hood with fake hair; kind of look like I have a long hair when I wear it, lol! I am just glad I can wear chic clothing without getting overboard with my budget.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why You Need to Keep You Credit in Good Standing

Establishing a good credit history takes time and effort and once you already achieve a good credit standing, you have to do everything possible to maintain it. That is something I have learned over the years. As much as possible, I do everything I can to ensure that my credit standing remains as is because I know it will benefit me in the long run.

Indeed, there are a lot of benefits if you are able to maintain a good credit score and among these benefits are the following: lower interest rates on credit cards and loans and lower insurance and security deposits on utilities and even cell phone service. It’s no wonder then that just like me, a lot of people are trying their best to keep their credit history clean as a whistle. Like me, they are aware that once it gets damaged, it can take years before the credit history can be repaired.

But after you have worked long and hard to achieve a good credit standing, how would you know if the steps you are undertaking are really helping you out and if you are ready to take on a loan or apply for a credit card? Also, how would you know if you are improving or if you need to improve further? The solution would be to find out where you can get free credit score reports. There are plenty of online services that can help you on that regard so you actually have several options to choose from.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins


Here we go!

1. I know my Savior Lives and that He loves me.
2. Honey, please change you work schedule if at all possible.
3. This weather has been great for my son's school the field day today.
4. I don;t think it is a problem.
5. I'm really happy I have the ability to discern people's feelings and needs.
6. I might be cleaning my son's room, or something to that effect.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping early with y son, tomorrow my plans include
laundry, take my son to McDo, and prepare Sunday School lessons and Sunday, I want to to go church prepared physically and spiritually!

We Love Gardening!

Who doesn't love gardening? I think everyone wants to eat organic foods; or even fresh from your own garden veggies and fruits. Hubby and I love gardening. Even when we were living in an apartment before, we still grow herbs and indoor plants. Now that we bought a new house with enough space to grow garden again, we are very excited. We have plants on the front and backyard as well as indoor plants. The hydroponics is a good way to consider when you are a gardener.And for a not so expert on gardening, we can use some help from hydroponics. Their website is very informative and has many products you can use in your garden. I think I'll share this website to my friends and relatives who are garden lovers :-).

Maternity Clothes, Why Do I Still Keep Them?

Last week before the community yard sale starts, hubby and I decided to participate by selling unwanted stuffs we have accumulated for 9 years of marriage. We thought about kitchen stuffs, old clothes, old bikes, VHS tapes, my knick knacks, toys, and old blankets. While going through our closet, I have found my old maternity clothes. I don't know why I still keep them. I can't get pregnant again even though we want to. I had a transplant 5 years ago and getting pregnant would mean risking my new kidneys. So, no pregnancy talk anymore in my house. I guess it's time to get rid of those maternity clothes though they are cute! I wonder if Kelly wouldn't mind wearing used clothes. Asking her wouldn't hurt I supposed :-)!

Trendy Medical Uniforms

I always wanted to be a nurse, but that dream of mine didn't come true due to poverty. My parents couldn't afford the tuition fees and stuffs for the course. My grandmother wanted to support my education if I would take education, which is not my cup of tea; so instead of accepting her offer...I decided to work and study at the same time at my own expense. I took computer programming and completed the basic course. I learned quite a lot from that course, but that dream of mine was still there. It became a wish when I marry my husband. I tell you to this day I still have that dream....and it becomes even stronger when I see nurses wearing medical uniforms they bought at Marcus medical uniforms. I love their uniforms....for they look trendy and fashionable. Not boring compared to the old white uniforms they used to wear back then.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chic In Black Monday: Sandals

Got this sandal this morning at Walgreens while waiting for my prescription medications with hubby. I like it because it is so light, and it's under $8 aside from I think it looks pretty!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Messy Go Round: Spaghetti

My first time to join this meme called 'messy go round.' I am sure every parent has plenty of messes to share with come on and join us :-)! Anyway, my son and hubby love I make sure that once a week I serve some to them. See how messy my son when he eats his favorite food...well, at least one of his fave, lol!

I love this meme for I can share even the messes in my house created by my only son...ooops!

Postcards As An Advertising Medium

Advertising may come in different forms, size, shape and color. Advertising can also be in print, TV, radio and on the world wide web. For large companies and businesses, strategic marketing can take place in the malls or in the community. This can come in the form of free product samples, free taste tests and other promotional events. But for small scale businesses and companies, they resort to the print media since it is cheaper. Companies advertise in magazines, send out flyers and brochures and some in postcard printing postcard printing.

One of the most effective marketing tools is the postcard. Through its colorful prints and powerful design, it may lure and entice prospective clients and customers. It should be created to deliver a message and that through it, a company will be able to build its brand and have positive image to customers; thus leaving a fine impression. Some customers do respond through postcard. Companies may use the back side of the postcard to gain replies from customers. It is through these responses that the companies will know what the customers think of their products and services, making it an important communication tool between the company and the clients.

Putting all these in mind, a postcard must be really well-designed to get the attention of the target marketplace. Postcards should also have the capability of representing an organization the visual components included in the printed material. With these, postcards must be interesting and helpful for the recipients.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Engagement Ring Insurance

I never heard of such insurance before like the engagement ring insurance; have you? It's kind of new to me and hubby. Had we known this type of insurance before, we would probably insured my engagement ring then. But I think it isn't too late yet, right? Hubby bought me a couple of engagement ring; one after we got engaged, and the other one was three months after we are married. Why two if you ask? Well, I didn't ask for the second one; he told me that he wanted to buy me one with a bigger diamond on it. Now, we need to insure both of them in case somebody steal them.

A Surprise Gift for My Parents!

When I think about our trip to the Philippines this summer, I can't help but think of my nieces who are all teenagers now. Indeed, time flies really so fast! When I left P.I. eight years ago, they were still young. Now One of then had already graduated from college and is now working as a Junior Accountant in Manila; two are in college now and one in high school. Since our trip is almost here, I asked them what gifts do they want. They were very shy and told me that anything would be fine. Okay, got what they want. My parents though didn't want anything but vitamins. I guess, I will need to surprise them instead. Hubby and I thought of getting them a brand new TV. So, we are now in search of something with led, just like the samsung led tvs we saw online the other day. ow, as I think about it more, maybe we should buy the tv there instead for it is cheaper there than here, plus how are we going to carry it to the airport? The best thing to do is to buy it there; what do you think?

Mother's Day Contest

I have never joined any kind of contest before because I have no luck in whatever contests I joined. But because I wanted to support RJ's Mama, am joining now. I am not actually hoping to win, but if I do...then lucky me :-)! This contest has simple and easy mechanics, but it is tricky at the same time because of the question :-)! Well I just need to do my "best" I guess, lol.

Here is my answer to the question:

According to my husband, I am the best Mom among all the mothers in the world because I almost gave up my life just to bring my only child/son into the world. How? Although my doctor told me not to get pregnant again because it would be very risky to me and the baby due to my health issues, I did it anyway because I know I am doing the right thing....which is to help Heavenly Father (God) bring one of HIS spirit child into this world. Read more on Life is Good and Beautiful. My son also told me in many occasions that "I am the Best Mom" because I do everything for him. He always appreciate the things I do for him. So, there you go!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Morning USA

Authored by Alvaro Jordan

Everyone who loves nighttime cartoons knows the first words of, "Good Morning USA" is the beginning of the cartoon, American Dad. It is about Stan Smith and his family, his alien and his job. He is Mr. America and works for the CIA. Until the American Dad cartoon came on, I did not know the CIA could be so much fun. His boss sounds a lot like someone from other shows. Hmmm.. I know who it is, but why ruin it for others. His hot wife is Francine and for some reason her memory of certain events keeps getting erased. It always happens with some type of CIA involvement and when Stan wants her to have only good memories so he does not get in trouble. Then their is his very liberal daughter, Hail! ey. She is the cute, hippie type, always fighting against her conservative father. But we have learned that Hailey has been trained as an operative in waiting when she was just a child. Now Stan has a great son, but he is a skinny geek, still coming into his own in life. He is smart, cute and cannot quite get the girl. The whole family is great. They are funny and they have an alien living with them that Stan rescued from the CIA. Roger the alien lives in the Smith family attic and is a master of changing his looks. I love watching my favorite hero on satellite tv from and I never miss a show.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chic In Black Monday: Fashion Jewelry

I bought this fashion jewelry at; I don't normally wear fashion jewelry, but this one looks very pretty. So I got it. I haven't take a picture of it yet, just borrowed the photo online. Will take a shot of it boys are sleeping now and I don't want to wake them up just to get the jewelry in our bedroom, lol. Anyway, my very first share for this meme.

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