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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Surprise Gift for My Parents!

When I think about our trip to the Philippines this summer, I can't help but think of my nieces who are all teenagers now. Indeed, time flies really so fast! When I left P.I. eight years ago, they were still young. Now One of then had already graduated from college and is now working as a Junior Accountant in Manila; two are in college now and one in high school. Since our trip is almost here, I asked them what gifts do they want. They were very shy and told me that anything would be fine. Okay, got what they want. My parents though didn't want anything but vitamins. I guess, I will need to surprise them instead. Hubby and I thought of getting them a brand new TV. So, we are now in search of something with led, just like the samsung led tvs we saw online the other day. ow, as I think about it more, maybe we should buy the tv there instead for it is cheaper there than here, plus how are we going to carry it to the airport? The best thing to do is to buy it there; what do you think?

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