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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Contest

I have never joined any kind of contest before because I have no luck in whatever contests I joined. But because I wanted to support RJ's Mama, am joining now. I am not actually hoping to win, but if I do...then lucky me :-)! This contest has simple and easy mechanics, but it is tricky at the same time because of the question :-)! Well I just need to do my "best" I guess, lol.

Here is my answer to the question:

According to my husband, I am the best Mom among all the mothers in the world because I almost gave up my life just to bring my only child/son into the world. How? Although my doctor told me not to get pregnant again because it would be very risky to me and the baby due to my health issues, I did it anyway because I know I am doing the right thing....which is to help Heavenly Father (God) bring one of HIS spirit child into this world. Read more on Life is Good and Beautiful. My son also told me in many occasions that "I am the Best Mom" because I do everything for him. He always appreciate the things I do for him. So, there you go!

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rjs mama said...

sis, where can i grab your badge?