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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Night at Jake's School

About two months ago, my son's school prepared fun activity for parents and children. The kids didn't know where to go for there were lots of room activities to enjoy. Anyway, we had free dinner, too! A pizza and soda. This is the day where we met the Filipino family who lives in the same neighborhood. Their son is my son's classmate and friend...what a coincidence? We now have a family friend nearby, yay!

He was playing basketball here, unfortunately, the ring was too high for him.
At the computer room playing educational games (PBS Kids).
Making play dough and being messy with friend and classmate, Aaron.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Need of Tree Service?

Our first house was built in the 1940's in a well established neighborhood in the city of Richardson. It was old but we liked it so much especially that we made it look like a model house when you get inside. We did extensive renovation that costs us more than we thought. Unfortunately, we sold it when we moved to Virginia three years ago. for tree service and they are also satisfied with services they offer. Since NC is rich in vegetation, tree services can be found everywhere. There's the

Talking about old house, the trees in front as well as in the backyard were old and big; they gave us lot of shades during summer time. My husband couldn't cut the branches that laid down and so we hire a tree service company to help remove the branches. They did a good job and the fee is very affordable. In Durham where my brother in-law and his family lies, they hire Durham tree service for tree service and they were also satisfied with services they offer. Since NC is rich in vegetation, tree services can be found everywhere. There's the Raleigh tree service and also the tree service Cary NC. So whether you live in Durham, Cary or Raleigh, tree services are there to help you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Remedy for Acne

One of the worst enemy of teenagers is skin problem. For some reason it affects many youth and there is nothing they can do about it than using acne products. This skin care product is not cheap, I tell you and not all teenagers can afford to buy them. I bet they wished there is a home remedy for acne so that they can avail of it anytime they need some. I suffered an acne myself, but not when I was a teenager, instead after I had a kidney transplant. My doctor told me that it is normal that is why he prescribed me with an acne medicine and it did help. The acne on my back and chest disappear in just two weeks! Amazing, isn't it?For the youth sakes, I am wishing the same thing.

Jake's Fave Filipino Dish

One night, my son asked me to cook this dish (Menudo) for dinner. Since almost all of the ingredients are available, I cooked some for him. He ate a lot and went to bed full. I love the sweet potato in there instead of potato; it is healthier anyway. The picture wasn't good, but the food was :-). Again, we cannot judge the book by its cover...applies to this one, too!

Want some? Come dig in!

Water that is Good for Our Colon

About a month ago, I met a Filipino who lives in the same neighborhood where we now live. She is married to a Filipino and have a son who happened to be a classmate of my son. And that is the reason why we met. Our families have attended a school activity one time and she was the one who recognized me as Pinay....and that was the beginning of our friendship. Every once in awhile we go to each other houses and cook some Filipino foods. I tell you, she is a good cook and I love her dishes. One day while visiting her, I noticed a small machine sitting on her counter top. I asked her what that thing was and she said that it was a water purifier and that is not an ordinary purifier for the water it purifies can help clean a colon and it taste good, too! The water purifier is a little bit pricey, but can help cleanse colon; isn't it great or what? Talking about colon, the said water purifier cleans up water and that why I called the water a natural colon cleansers. We all agreed for it helped cleans their colons. Since it is expensive, we will need to save some bucks so we can buy one for ourselves. $2000 is worth spending especially if this thing will help our bodies clean and healthy...don't you think?

Buying Christmas Gifts Made Easier

Thanks to the modern technology like internet. Shopping has never been easier. Buying Christmas gifts online is even easier for me. I can shop in the comfort of my own home. I don't need to get dress and drive at the mall, thus saving me time, energy and gas. Awesome, isn't it. Before we know it, Christmas is here. Therefore, I need to start shopping for Christmas gifts online now for my family in the Philippines, otherwise it might get there after Christmas. This also reminds me to get birthday gifts for my father and father in-law because their birthdays fall on the month of Christmas.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

FFI we go!

1. One of my strongest beliefs is that we would be reunited with our daughter someday.

2. This pumpkin is huge!

3. The sky is cloudy with a threat of rain and wind and cold, so, I am not sure now whether our plan to go to the Arboretum will going to happen.

4. Knowing that God loves me and my family is comforting to me.

5. I always thought I'd be a nurse, too just like my Aunt.

6. I watched my fave tv show after dinner and then I went outside to look at the full moon.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed early for we will have a busy Saturday , tomorrow my plans include take my son to his primary presentation practice and then go to Dallas Arboretum in the afternoon with our family friend and Sunday, I want to attend church and witness my son at Primary presentation!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She Needs Acne Treatment

I just met a new Filipino friend at my son's school a month ago. Finally, my prayers of meeting a fellow Pinay was answered. Now, I have someone I can talk to and be with when I am bored and homesicked. Believe it or not, she was also praying the same for the thing. Yes, our prayers have been heard. And I thanked God for that. Having a friend is one thing I always wanted ever since I came here in United States. It isn't easy to live in a foreign country, but having a friend made life easier. I really like her for she is very nice and very open, just like me. We have a lot of things in common and we clicked instantly. The only thing I am afraid to tell her is the concern I have with her acne. I would like to suggest that she treat it with some kind of acne products. I actually have an extra medication for acne and would like to give it to her, but I am worried she might get offended. I don't have any idea how to tell her in a way she wouldn't feel bad. Oh well, I think I need to pray for it.

I Need Chromium Supplements

I got messages from one company I write posts for telling me that if I am one of those loggers who don't finish the tasks assigned to them, that their profile would be deactivated. Though I am not one of them, the messages reminded me to finish mine myself. I don't want my profile be gone for good. I never let an assignment expired 'cause if I do, that would mean I am irresponsible person, which I am not. Being a woman with lots of health issue, I am responsible for my health before my doctor. So when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes due to one of the medications I have been taking, I became very careful with what I put into my mouth. Based on number of studies, chromium supplements help treat diabetes, promote weight loss, lower blood lipid levels, and improve body composition. Chromium helped with satiety, too. I like that it helps reduced cravings for fats and sugars. This is good news since I am trying to lose weight, too as well as doing my best to manage my diabetes. From now on, I would take chromium supplements to make myself healthy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

FFI we go!

1. Wow, it's cold outside.

2. Fall season is beautiful.

3. My favorite way to start a day is to say prayer.

4. I was busy cooking and he walked in the door holding a pumpkin.

5. I look out my window and see the beauty of fall.

6. My parents back home is what I've been thinking about lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing some paid posts, tomorrow my plans include taking my son to his karate lesson, then go to pumpkin patch and hay maze with my son and Sunday, I want to go to church and to witness my husband giving his talk!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smoking is Bad for Health

For years, we have been concerned with my father's inability to quit smoking. He can consume at least a pack of cigar in one day. We are worried for his health, but he doesn't seem to care for his health at all. It is frustrating to tell him to stop, but he would always say that "he is fine and that smoking relieves his stress." I bet he would never say no to cigar sampler specials when it is offered to him for it will give him a chance to taste different kind of cigar. Sometimes, I feel guilty when I say that he is old enough to decide to whatever makes him happy. I feel like it is my responsibility to remind him that smoking is bad for his health. What would I do? He is my father and I love him so much! But he wouldn't listen!

My Dream Job

I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I graduated from high school. My parents couldn't afford to send me to college due to poverty. And so I decided to work to support my studies. I was able to finished a vocational course (Basic Computer Programming) and was trained as a Nurse Aid in Malaysia. I still plan to pursue my dream/education and would like to have a career in the field of health care. We all know that there are tons of jobs for health care available and those jobs are in demand wherever you go. My Aunt is a nurse working overseas and she is very happy and satisfied. How I wished that I am also a nurse so I can take care of the sick people in the hospital or wherever my help is needed. Indeed, I really admire these medical staffs who work with sick people. For me they are angles sent from up above. I have been in and out of the hospital many times and I have witnessed how hard they worked to help save lives; these nurses, doctors, and all medical staffs deserve appreciations for the good thing they do for us.

Should I Cash My Gold Jewelry?

I don't know why but I am fascinated with gold jewelry. So when I buy jewelry, I made sure it is made of gold. Hubby on the other hand buys me jewelry made of silver. Later on he realized himself that he married a woman who prefers gold jewelry. Now he never buy me any jewelry at all since I don't wear them but the ones I bought when I was still single. The other week we talked about the gold jewelry in my jewelry box and he made a joke saying that we can make money for gold . As I think about it now, why not? Since Christmas is fast approaching, we need extra money to buy gifts for our loved ones. I haven't talk with hubby about my plan yet. Indeed, I can cash in my cash for gold!

Cure for Allergy

If there is one thing we don't want to get from outside home that is free, that would be an allergy. Every year my husband, I and our son suffer from seasonal allergy. The symptoms are different for each of us. Jacob coughs a lot and that makes it hard for him to fall asleep, not to mention that he throws up as if has stomach flu or something. Hubby on the other hand had headache, teary eyes, and sneezes a lot. To me is different, I lose my voice or has laryngitis. This allergy thing is driving us crazy. Prescription medicines do work, but don't really cure or stop it. And so we continue to take medicines till the season change. How I wished we live in Austin so we can avail of the latest invention or cure for allergy by visiting the allergy doctor austin so we don't ave to travel a long way to have our allergy treated. Oh well, I am sure that one of these days, we will find ourselves driving at least 5 hours (one way) on the way to Austin, TX.

TeraTrike Recumbent Trike

Every once in awhile when hubby and I go for a walk in the park, we see someone riding a recumbent bike, and as always I feel like buying one for us right then and there. I think that this recumbent trike is fun and easy to ride not to mention the having its three wheels makes it safer. As I watch the video on youtube, I saw that we can ride it anytime and anywhere we want to for it is transportable. We can ride it on the beach, park...anywhere. I really like that it can be adjusted, thus almost everyone in the family can enjoy riding it. It will help you lose weight, too for you will love riding it every time you feel like it. This brand, TerraTrike Rover I think is the best Recumbent Trike you will find in the market today. Someday soon when budget is not an issue anymore, hubby and I would definitely purchase a Terra Trike Rover available.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Very Busy Lately

It's been very busy in our house lately. No time to really update my blogs nor visit other blogs. I apologize for no reciprocating your visits and comments. With the my monthly thing going on, allergy that gave me a horse voice, Jake's after school activity (karate almost everyday), household chores and maintaining six blogs, there is really no time left for myself. To make matters harder, I haven't written or prepared a talk for Sunday. I feel bad for this will be the first that I haven't not anything about it. I just hope that I would be able to give a talk next time they ask me to. I know I still have three days to make it happen, maybe I don't need to panic but do the best I can to make an uplifting and inspiring talk for the congregation with hubby's help and of course with the Holy Ghost.

Medical Devices

I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called FSGS after I gave birth to our second child seven years ago; since then I visit hospital and doctor's clinic regularly. I went to dialysis for eight months and was blessed with two baby kidneys. Three days later, the new kidneys were transplanted in me. I was the happiest person that time and I thank God for that. During those critical and stressful times of our lives God has been our constant guide, companion, then the doctors and nurses, and hospital staffs plus the hospital which was equipped with many surgical machines necessary to help save lives. The hospital has everything from electrosurgical generator to ambulatory bp monitor that are mostly made by bovie. Thanks to the modern medical technology medical devices are created for the benefit of those who are sick and in need of serious medical attention and surgeries.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday 9: Hush

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: Hush

1. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?
~~ Bit of both.
2. Do you take compliments well?
~~ Yup, don't you?
3. Are you judgmental?
~~ I try my best not to, but I am just human...I sometimes do.
4. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
~~ Future.
5. What do you hate?
~~ Hypocrites, Dishonest people, reckless drivers.
6. Use three words to describe yourself.
~~ A Woman Simple.
7. Do you celebrate Halloween? Explain:
~~ Yes, like normal Americans do.
8. If you were mixing up a witches brew, what would be in it?
~~ No idea...
9. If you're in a room with two beds, which one do you sleep on?
~~ The that is unoccupied or available.

True Friends Are Hard to Find

It took awhile before I finally get adjusted into the way of life in in United States. I have been living in here for a little over 9 years now and honestly speaking I still miss everything I left behind when I decided to marry now ex boyfriend (now my husband). I miss my family so much. Good thing I can with them over the phone anytime I want to and visit them when time and finances allow me/us. I also miss relatives and friends. Talking about friends, it was really hard to find true for me because I am choosy when it comes to it. I'd rather have few friends I can trust than having many who are not true. I made few good friends where we hang out with every other weekend. We enjoy each other's company; doing simple things that strengthen each other's family and friendship. One of the our close friend and us plan on going to Disney World this summer. are all excited. She asked me to find Disney vacation packages that would suit our budget and need. As I search for great packages, Disney cruise came to my mind. So, when I sat with hubby, he agreed that the cruise would be a great choice. I hope my friend and her family would agree, too. This would be the first time for us and them, hope this plan would materialize for I am very excited.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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