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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unplanned Vacation this Summer

Summer time is fast approaching, I can't help but feel sad. I two days, the school is over. How I wish we could see my brother in -law and his family who lives in North Carolina. They wanted to see us again, too but both our family didn't plan anything for this summer together. Spending time together is quite hard for all of us money wise. We live in TX and them in NC. Driving there is not even an option since husband can take some time off to work since we already went to Utah last month. Anyway, despite of that, I still look for the cheapest hotel we can stay to in case we come up with money to spend for the unplanned vacation. It was funny because I found some  nc lawyers, too while I was in searched for hotels and car rental company.

Story Book Parade

Last week, we really enjoyed watching the annual story book parade at my son's school. Each grade have had a theme to present to. This year, the second grader wore something like the "pig kahuna". Most of the kids wore flip flops, modest swim wear and few of them wore sunglasses and brought surf board. I really love the school staff with their theme "itchy, itchy chicken fox." The "Fancy Nancy" is the cutest one though. Anyway, as always the marching band played some using their art tube pac. They band played perfectly. How I wish my son is old enough to join the marching band at his school. It would be fun for him to be part of it, just like his Dad who was in the band when he was a kid.

Happy Birthday, Inang (Mom)

Today is my mother's birthday and I got the chance of talking to her over the phone. She is already 74 year old and still strong and full of energy. I really admire her for being such a hard working person, thoughtful, understanding, giving, and for being selfless. I couldn't ask for a better Mom than her though she is far away from me. I can still feel her love to me and my siblings. 

 With her only grandson, Jacob and youngest granddaughter, Ara.
Anyway, I did talk with my father, too. And I am glad to know that he is doing better now than the last time I hope to him. Both of them sounded happy to hear my voice and vice versa. I miss them both so much; how I wish I could fly right now and to be with them. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy plane tickets, pocket money and some spare money to give or help them with. I really need to save every penny if I have to see them Christmas of next year. To my Mom, I wish you can ready this, just want you to know that I love and miss you and Dad so much.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Worldwide Products and Services Tests and Reviews

Sometimes when you travel overseas, it is very hard to find the products or services you need. Unfortunately you ended up buying the stuff that really didn't meet your need. Most of the time it broke easily because the quality is not as good as the one you have back home. Anyway, worry no more for there is a website you can go to for help. This website called  Toried can help you find the things or services you need without any problem. Toried is a company that tests and reviews products and services. It also collects important information from many sources worldwide to give you the most correct info , thus giving you the top 5 rankings whether of the products and services. Knowing this site, I don't have to worry about which services or products meet my need without worry of wasting my hard earned money.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Great Discount on Office Furniture

Shopping for a new scanner/printer can be overwhelming sometimes. With all the brand name to choose from, choosing the best one not an easy task. We went to two office store/shop before we found the one we think is best for our need and budget. I am glad that hubby put it into work right away. Now, what do we do with the old one? I think my brother can use it in his internet cafe, and that can give him extra income. It's will not be wasted after all. The office store we went to also sell home office desks, other office furniture, office desks. They even offer discount office furniture for a limited time. If we only need an office furniture, we could have bought one for a cheaper price. Oh well, maybe next time...hopefully they offer great discount again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wishing He Would Love Reading

Here is my son, Jacob reading his Book of Mormon. I really like seeing him read his scriptures because this little guy hates to read. I just wished he would read without being told especially his 20 minutes reading time each day on top of his weekly guided reading.

Husband and I read to him, too every morning before Jacob goes to school so far is doing well. I read a lot, too but not the regular books, but online. Hubby reads a lot as well.

File an Actos Lawsuit Now!

Being diabetic is not fun at all. I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes about four years ago and to tell you I am still on a saga. At first, my doctor prescribed me with an oral medication to treat it. It worked for a little while. The, my A!C got out of control that I have to take an insulin which I really didn't want because I hate needles. And so, my husband has to give me a shot at least once a day. Now, my blood glucose is under control now. Hopefully, someday soon, I'll be insulin free. Anyway, for those diabetic who took an actos to control their diabetes and have gotten bad side effect, you can file an actos lawsuit. This is necessary so that the makers of the said medicine takes responsibility for the damage it did to you and your health. You have to act now!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too May Things To Do, So Little Time

I've got a lot of things to do today like laundry, putting away clean clothes that has been sitting in the laundry baskets for weeks now, dust furniture, mop floors, clean bathrooms, change bedding, clean refrigerator, microwave, oven and washing the windows. Just thinking about these chores makes me tired. But I don't have any choice but do them before my in-laws get here on Saturday noon. I still need to go for a walk. Oh man, I can use some hands, but oh well....I don't have to finish all of them today. I still have one more day which would be tomorrow. Hopefully, by tomorrow, all are done so hubby and I can go grocery shopping. Too many things to do, so little time. Oh and I still need to finish some opps/tasks before they expire today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Annual Kidney Check Up

The other day was my annual exam for my kidney transplant. The lady drew 10 tubes of blood from me. I didn't realize that till I counted the tubes and I was like, really? Ten tubes of blood is a lot! Oh, well I guess they need more blood than I thought. I also submitted a 24 hour urine collection. After the lab work is done, I headed to x ray, ekc and sonogram which are normal procedures to check the status of the kidneys. Anyway, with all the things that was going on with me that day, I thought of my Aunt who works at Walmart in Florida. She probably had her blood testing Orlando FL. She said they also did blood tests as one of the requirement before she started her job there. I am glad she passed the blood works and stuffs.