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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Remedy for Acne

One of the worst enemy of teenagers is skin problem. For some reason it affects many youth and there is nothing they can do about it than using acne products. This skin care product is not cheap, I tell you and not all teenagers can afford to buy them. I bet they wished there is a home remedy for acne so that they can avail of it anytime they need some. I suffered an acne myself, but not when I was a teenager, instead after I had a kidney transplant. My doctor told me that it is normal that is why he prescribed me with an acne medicine and it did help. The acne on my back and chest disappear in just two weeks! Amazing, isn't it?For the youth sakes, I am wishing the same thing.


jemmin said...

Mix the lemon juice, rose water. One of that lemon, rose water will do. Apply to face and rinse in 30 minutes. Constant that is not only to get rid of acne and pimples, but also reduce the impact of the shell.

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hitokirihoshi said...

hi po!

naku this is also my problem and i can't find real solution sa aking acne sa likod.

sabi nila i'm lucky kasi at least yung pimple or acne ko is in my back. pero siempre problema pa rin po siya hindi po ba.

mabuhay po! i learned that you are also a Filipina.