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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Very Busy Lately

It's been very busy in our house lately. No time to really update my blogs nor visit other blogs. I apologize for no reciprocating your visits and comments. With the my monthly thing going on, allergy that gave me a horse voice, Jake's after school activity (karate almost everyday), household chores and maintaining six blogs, there is really no time left for myself. To make matters harder, I haven't written or prepared a talk for Sunday. I feel bad for this will be the first that I haven't not anything about it. I just hope that I would be able to give a talk next time they ask me to. I know I still have three days to make it happen, maybe I don't need to panic but do the best I can to make an uplifting and inspiring talk for the congregation with hubby's help and of course with the Holy Ghost.

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