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Thursday, October 14, 2010

TeraTrike Recumbent Trike

Every once in awhile when hubby and I go for a walk in the park, we see someone riding a recumbent bike, and as always I feel like buying one for us right then and there. I think that this recumbent trike is fun and easy to ride not to mention the having its three wheels makes it safer. As I watch the video on youtube, I saw that we can ride it anytime and anywhere we want to for it is transportable. We can ride it on the beach, park...anywhere. I really like that it can be adjusted, thus almost everyone in the family can enjoy riding it. It will help you lose weight, too for you will love riding it every time you feel like it. This brand, TerraTrike Rover I think is the best Recumbent Trike you will find in the market today. Someday soon when budget is not an issue anymore, hubby and I would definitely purchase a Terra Trike Rover available.

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☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Naa sd d i ka ani nga opps ces. ako sd. musta naman mo? ako sd uy perto ka busy always as