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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Water that is Good for Our Colon

About a month ago, I met a Filipino who lives in the same neighborhood where we now live. She is married to a Filipino and have a son who happened to be a classmate of my son. And that is the reason why we met. Our families have attended a school activity one time and she was the one who recognized me as Pinay....and that was the beginning of our friendship. Every once in awhile we go to each other houses and cook some Filipino foods. I tell you, she is a good cook and I love her dishes. One day while visiting her, I noticed a small machine sitting on her counter top. I asked her what that thing was and she said that it was a water purifier and that is not an ordinary purifier for the water it purifies can help clean a colon and it taste good, too! The water purifier is a little bit pricey, but can help cleanse colon; isn't it great or what? Talking about colon, the said water purifier cleans up water and that why I called the water a natural colon cleansers. We all agreed for it helped cleans their colons. Since it is expensive, we will need to save some bucks so we can buy one for ourselves. $2000 is worth spending especially if this thing will help our bodies clean and healthy...don't you think?

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imriz said...

$2k, that's a lot of dough, i know we have to be very cautious on the water that we drink. big C is terrifying.