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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cure for Allergy

If there is one thing we don't want to get from outside home that is free, that would be an allergy. Every year my husband, I and our son suffer from seasonal allergy. The symptoms are different for each of us. Jacob coughs a lot and that makes it hard for him to fall asleep, not to mention that he throws up as if has stomach flu or something. Hubby on the other hand had headache, teary eyes, and sneezes a lot. To me is different, I lose my voice or has laryngitis. This allergy thing is driving us crazy. Prescription medicines do work, but don't really cure or stop it. And so we continue to take medicines till the season change. How I wished we live in Austin so we can avail of the latest invention or cure for allergy by visiting the allergy doctor austin so we don't ave to travel a long way to have our allergy treated. Oh well, I am sure that one of these days, we will find ourselves driving at least 5 hours (one way) on the way to Austin, TX.

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