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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

True Friends Are Hard to Find

It took awhile before I finally get adjusted into the way of life in in United States. I have been living in here for a little over 9 years now and honestly speaking I still miss everything I left behind when I decided to marry now ex boyfriend (now my husband). I miss my family so much. Good thing I can with them over the phone anytime I want to and visit them when time and finances allow me/us. I also miss relatives and friends. Talking about friends, it was really hard to find true for me because I am choosy when it comes to it. I'd rather have few friends I can trust than having many who are not true. I made few good friends where we hang out with every other weekend. We enjoy each other's company; doing simple things that strengthen each other's family and friendship. One of the our close friend and us plan on going to Disney World this summer. are all excited. She asked me to find Disney vacation packages that would suit our budget and need. As I search for great packages, Disney cruise came to my mind. So, when I sat with hubby, he agreed that the cruise would be a great choice. I hope my friend and her family would agree, too. This would be the first time for us and them, hope this plan would materialize for I am very excited.

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