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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Morning USA

Authored by Alvaro Jordan

Everyone who loves nighttime cartoons knows the first words of, "Good Morning USA" is the beginning of the cartoon, American Dad. It is about Stan Smith and his family, his alien and his job. He is Mr. America and works for the CIA. Until the American Dad cartoon came on, I did not know the CIA could be so much fun. His boss sounds a lot like someone from other shows. Hmmm.. I know who it is, but why ruin it for others. His hot wife is Francine and for some reason her memory of certain events keeps getting erased. It always happens with some type of CIA involvement and when Stan wants her to have only good memories so he does not get in trouble. Then their is his very liberal daughter, Hail! ey. She is the cute, hippie type, always fighting against her conservative father. But we have learned that Hailey has been trained as an operative in waiting when she was just a child. Now Stan has a great son, but he is a skinny geek, still coming into his own in life. He is smart, cute and cannot quite get the girl. The whole family is great. They are funny and they have an alien living with them that Stan rescued from the CIA. Roger the alien lives in the Smith family attic and is a master of changing his looks. I love watching my favorite hero on satellite tv from and I never miss a show.

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