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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Ties, Not for Me!

Even though we haven't enrolled Jake yet at his new school this fall, I already bought him some school uniforms at Target because they are on sale. His uniform by the way is red polo shirt and blue short or pants. Obviously, am more excited than him :-). I bought larger size since he is growing like a weed. He already outgrown his new Nike sandal we bought him three months ago. My goodness, to think that kids shoe and clothes are more expensive than those for adults ones! Soon he will be needing new ties for his Sunday clothes, I asked him about pink ties and what he thinks about wearing one. He responded right away by saying; but Mommy "pink ties are for girls only :-)." I then reply saying, it okay to wear it every once in awhile, sweety. No, he said; not me! Oh well, I can't force him to agree with me, can I? I just think wearing pink tie is kind of cute.


Mama Ko said...

Well give it to me ces hehe just kidding. well blogho the rest of your blogtomorrow. lazy bomb strike again

Carmen Araneta said...

Well, pink is for girls, at least that's what boys think. Maybe it's a good thing.