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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish Bedroom Furniture

On Monday two weeks ago, was a Parent/Teacher Conference at my son's school. And so, the school decided that it as a student holiday. The conference ended for a day, indeed. Anyway, it was a new setting to me.......for the previous schools my son had attended, kids still had their normal classes only with substitute teachers with them, while their teachers are busy talking to their parents. I was just curious why? It was totally different!

Well, hubby and Jacob were happy because we got the chance to bond and do things we all enjoy doing. First of all, we went to Chuck E Cheese's to play some games, then ate lunch there at the same time. We have had a blast! Then, when it was time for shopping, we visited a furniture shops for a set of bedroom furniture. We've found the one we like but it was very expensive. So we decided that we would look for a modern bedroom furniture online and maybe we would find the one the fits our needs, lifestyle as well as budget :-).

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Umma said...

Hello Ces.. Im back to blog hopping :) It's been a while I last visited your site here.

Btw, this is my new blog, hope to see you back if you have time.

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