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Saturday, February 12, 2011

GPS for My Car

Three weeks ago a friend of our picked up the television at my house with his brother. The television was huge and heavy and I felt bad that after carrying that heavy television, Daniel's was strained that he needs to go to the emergency room only to find out that he has aneurysm. He was very surprised and stunned! Now is very careful with what he does, eat and everything. I can't blame him. Anyway, on the way to our house he used gps because he has never been to our place before though Gary was with him who had been in my house few times. They got at my house without any problem with the use of gps. I always want to get a gps for our van because I am not yet familiar yet with the city we are in now. So, every time I go to the electronic aisle of the store I make sure I look for gps that is affordable and accurate. I heard that tom tom gps are great! My cousin has one in her van, too and she even suggested that I get myself one! But hubby is very skeptical about it. Oh well, one of these days, I'll buy one whether he likes it or not!

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