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Friday, February 18, 2011

At Peace Knowing They are Safe and Secure

This morning, I decided to use my new laptop for it's been a week since hubby last used it. It took him half an hour to work on some updates before he can finally do what he wanted to do with the laptop. I was very apologetic for it was my fault why the updates were filing up! Now to avoid that same problem again, I checked for an updates and only found one, thank goodness otherwise I'll be in trouble with hubby this time, lol. As I waited for the updates to be done, I noticed a small icon flashing; I clicked it and it says that I need to install a back up. Not sure what to do I decided to wait for hubby to decide what to do with it. I remember one time we did use a data backup service to make sure that we would not lose important documents, photos and data in our computers in case something happened with our computers. I really think that having this kind of service, we are at peace knowing that those important documents are safe and secure.

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