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Thursday, September 29, 2011

To Play In or Outside the House

This afternoon, a friend of mine son's phone me asking if he could come to our house to play with Jacob since it is the last day of school this week and there is no school tomorrow (Friday) due to teacher's training day. I told him he could come anytime and that J is home watching his fave tv show. About half an hour later, Aaron came and played with Jacob with wii. After few minutes, J decided to ride his bike and Aaron with J's scooter. They we having fun till Hector, J's friend across the street came to join the boys. They played soccer a little bit but Aaron decided he didn't want to play outside anymore. My son was torn between his two friends; one who wants to play outside and the other inside. It is hard to decide, so my son went with Aaron to watch tv. He invited Hector to watch with them inside, but his parents don't want him to go inside our house, and so the poor little boy Hector went home sad. I told him to go back, but he sadly say that he would go home and watch tv himself. Jacob really wanted to ride his bike with Hector but since Aaron doesn't play with J's often...he chose to play with Aaron and then tomorrow he would play again with Hector just like they always do everyday. I am glad Hector is very understanding and patient with my son.

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