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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waiting Can Be Very Frustrating

Just like every Mom, I get to be very busy at times even though I only have one kid. But unlike many of them, I am busy with doctors appointments and lab works. It isn't easy being Mom especially if you are a stay at home mother with health conditions like myself.  So, when hubby is at work, I get to do a lot of stuffs like household shores, tending to our son's need and my needs as well. One thing I have doing is grocery shopping especially when it is time for check out and loading and unloading the groceries. Sometimes I would have to wait long at the check out counter because the receipt printer is not working. Honestly;y, it is annoying since I still have to deal with the traffic going home from shopping. I just wished they would finish fixing the roads for I really hate driving on detour road or way. I heard that it would take at least one month to finish the road works :-(.

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