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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Safety First

Safety first is the motto we try to instill with our son's at his very young age. Practicing safety will save his life and the life of those people he come in contact with. Jacob has just learn to ride his bike and he is loving it. Everyday after he is done with his homework, he is allowed to ride his bike with his friend, Hector who is fond of riding bike and scooter. Ever since Jacob learned to ride his bike, he asks us every morning if he could ride his bike to school. Being a our only child and a protective parents, we told him that he couldn't ride his bike yet for he needs more practice not to mention the safety rules on riding a bike. He was disappointed, but understood what we were trying to teach him. And he can ride his bike when we think he is ready.

Hubby is also very protective of us. He doesn't want me to drive on Interstate because he thinks it is very dangerous. I understand him for his reasons. I can still drive running errands, going to church, and shop at the nearby outlet mall when I want to. Part of him being protective is making sure that our cars are running well and both are well maintained. He always check them making sure everything is working well. He check the rzr power steering, break, break pads and everything. I am glad for having such a good husband who looks after our needs and safety. Tell me am I a lucky wife or what?

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