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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

His Funny Responsed

My son used to like going out with us. He enjoyed running errands with us or wherever hubby and I went. But not anymore. He loves to stay home now unless he wanted to buys something for himself such as toys, his fave food or playing with friends or going for a swimming. 

One time hubby and I were craving for an ice cream for dessert after dinner. We told him to get dress so we can go to Braums for some ice cream and also to get some milk since were running out of it. Hubby and I just laughed when we saw him came out of his bedroom. He was wearing his pajamas. And when we asked way was he wearing his jammy, his answer was: because I don't want to go out...just want to stay home; you guys can go! Yup, that is his way of telling us that he wanted to stay home, lol! Good one, my son!

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